Divine Path to Supremacy


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In this world, the Divine Path reigns supreme. Here, anyone can grasp at the chance of becoming a god.

By choosing the divine path of Thunder, one can become a Thunder God.

By choosing the divine path of the Mountains, one can become a Mountain God.

Gods then forge their own divine realms, bastions of their power.

Li Cang, however, found himself a stranger in this land, penniless and ostracized from the Divine Path.

So, he combined formations such as the Tai Chi and Eight Divinatory diagrams from his past life and opened up a low-dimensional Divine Realm of his own. Thus, becoming the first person to create a divine realm before becoming a god!

Associated Names
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The Supreme Godly Way
The Supreme Way
Vô Thượng Thần Đồ
无上神途 (Wú Shàng Shén Tú)
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New Bluedream rated it
June 16, 2024
Status: Completed
The manhua is really misleading. You would assume that the genre is school life, but it is not... There are some clues at the beginning. It is really like two different stories and the manhua really only focused on one aspect. ... more>>

freshmen competition



if you read it, the MC barely goes to school, actually most of the school life happens before school officially starts and ends with the freshmen competition. He doesn't attend classes and the teacher just give him a book to learn. MC is just there to grab initial resources. The actual theme which is focused on after the competition is Earth Invasion as MC goes around to destroy other worlds.


By the way, MC is a World Creator (as the intro) so you can guess is temper towards fighting and killing people is quite... so it is not rosy and sunshine.

interdimensional battle


There isn't much romance at all.


Although MC is with someone (s?), more for dual cultivation than actual romance. And the femal lead (s) doesn't do much anyway.


Actually, what is funny is that in the manhua

the character that MC was supposed to get as female lead got removed... LOL.


MC is quite OP

compared with others at his level due to his status as World Creator.


MC has a background that is revealed later on...I am not going to spoil it. <<less
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