Divine Exchanged System


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Upon waking, Wang Shan finds himself in Room 888, the most luxurious accommodation in Cloud City, typically reserved for the wealthiest. Despite his complaints about the “”subpar”” room, five stunning women are waiting to inform him of his first-place assurance in an upcoming test due to his powerful father’s influence.

A stranger to this world from the 21st century, Wang Shan learns that martial prowess is paramount, categorized into nine realms. Today, he must take the One-star Cultivator test, despite his supposed lack of innate talent. His father’s status as the ruler and a formidable Two-star Expert guarantees his victory, but the arrival of the gifted Zhang Bao poses a deadly challenge.

As Wang Shan bathes, he hears a voice in his mind: “”System binding, binding successful.”” A powerful trading system allows him to trade anything he touches, enabling him to instantly advance his cultivation. With newfound power, Wang Shan contemplates his next move. Will he overcome the threats and rise to greatness with the help of his mysterious system?

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