Disguising Myself as a Man to Become a Knight!


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Born and raised in a remote village, Sheila entered the Royal Academy dressed as a man to become the knight of her dreams. However, what awaited her there were only characteristic and beautiful aristocrats. She was able to overcome the prejudice and harassment against commoners, and her natural thickheadedness and good-natured attitude allowed her to gradually gain a place in the school.

“What? Only nobles have magical powers? But everyone in our village could use spirit magic.”

If the spirit arts that shook the country to its very foundations and her gender were discovered, she’ll be instantly kicked out! Sheila’s tightrope-walking dormitory life began!

Associated Names
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Dansou Shoujo wa Kishi wo Mezasu!
Male Attire Girl Aims at the Knight!
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Ecirteab rated it
February 21, 2023
Status: c95
If you've read any cross-dressing reverse harem japanese novels or any dense protagonist reverse harem japanese novels, this novel follows the general cliches and trend. However, it's still an enjoyable light hearted read within the confines of its genre.

We follow Sheila's adventures through the knight academy as she strives to become the first female knight while hiding her gender. Along the way, her indomitable spirit and cheerfulness attracts the attention of notable people within the academy.

Sheila as a protagonist is delight. She's been sheltered as a commoner all her life... more>> and stumbles with interacting with aristocrats but she's determined and kind. Her romantic emotional intelligence is negative but she makes up for it with surprising bursts of emotional intuition (as long as it's not matters of the heart). A less extreme Bakarina archetype but a similar charm. Not everyone will like this kind of dense sunshine type but I think Sheila's done well and she's not immune to doubt and stress.

The plot is mostly lighthearted and it's the daily life of Sheila and her friends. It's slow in terms of story progression but fun to just watch Sheila's life and relationships. Don't come into this story expecting intense plot though.

Side characters are pretty much archetypes but not too flat although they don't get super developed.

Romance, like many other Japanese novels of this genre, seems to be less actual romance and more many people just in love with an oblivious Sheila. I thought it was funny but some people might not like this lack of actual romance.

Who I think the actual male lead might be



Sorry, jokes aside, Claushezade seems to me the final man standing just based on the fact he seems to be different to Sheila. It's all just speculation and many times these sort of novels have an open ended romance ending but I think if it's concrete it might be him.


The cons I would say is that sometimes Sheila and the novel gives of 'not like other girls' vibes. It's not the worst but because Sheila is meant to be an overwhelmingly unique experience the novel will be like 'unlike other girls her age, Sheila wasn't blah blah'. The novel thankfully doesn't do it much but something to note.

As an aside, the translation is well done and easy to read. The quality has been consistently good from the beginning considering how annoying all the aristocratic names look to be translated. <<less
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ShinigamiTori rated it
January 11, 2023
Status: c112
Hi! I'm the translator/MTLer for this story. So far, it's a pretty light-hearted story and pretty slow-paced for the romance part. Love the MC and all the cross-dressing in the novel. It's a fun read for the most part. The story really describes the MC's daily life and interaction. MC's motivation to become the first female knight is also admirable.
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Himawari rated it
March 27, 2023
Status: c110
Generally, this is a lighthearted coming-of-age story about a cross dressing girl who wants to become a knight.

Unfortunately, the way the author (and/or the translator) treats a transwoman in the story really sours this for me. She is called Amy, but constantly gets referred to be man and as he, even though she clearly acts as a woman all the time. It seems like the author thinks it's the same as cross dressing. Also, the cross dressing of the main character is constantly used as trope for romantic misunderstandings and... more>> other students being shocked at being attracted to who they perceive as another boy.

All in all, nothing egregious, but over time it really wore my enjoyment of the story down. <<less
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