Disabled Prince and Silly Princess: Substitutive Bride and Genius Doctor- the Seventh Miss


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It’s said that the prince of virtue had almighty martial arts. It’s said that the prince of virtue had the most handsome appearance in the world. It’s said that the prince of virtue was brilliant. But all was legend! A fire ruined his wonderful appearance and his legs. Even the talented bride under their marriage agreement were replaced furtively. Ye Liu-li was his bad-luck substitutive princess. She went a long way to graduate from Medical University and had her internship with pain and joy. Who knew that in order to save a su*cide patient, she fell off the building and crossed time into a “chessman” of prime minister. She had also been married to the disabled prince replacing her elder sister. On the wedding night, when most other couples were having their romantic night, she was thrilled. It didn’t matter. Revenge never came too late. She would never let go of any of them who entrapped her or harmed her.

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RabiezMonkey rated it
June 9, 2019
Status: c956
The best romance-comedy novels I ever read here in NU. I like the other novels too, but this one is totally different!

Female lead, is very intelligence, fun with her daily antics, open-minded, cheerful, and kind-hearted.

Male lead is kind of white lotus... lol... only in front of his wang fei will very doting and obedient. Sometimes can be s*upid too that it will makeme laugh till I cry... Enough to make his subordinates to slack-jaw-ed. His past was pitiful but he never give up. All his efforts is dedicated for the... more>> poor, so they can live well everyday. Really is a wise king.

This novel is full of comedy. Written so well indeed. I hope that translator won't stop and drop it... Let's support the author too cause this work is really worth to be praised.

5 stars...! <<less
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shiroibara17 rated it
June 17, 2019
Status: c9
I don’t understand the low ratings, it isn’t that bad actually. I like that the female lead isn’t some over powered doctor right now and it is pretty realistic when concerning modern medicine. She doesn’t heal with just a wave of her hand and she doesn’t have access to modern medicine through a cheat. The male lead isn’t romantic currently (duh) but he isn’t as cold and heartless like in most novels. He also isn’t too overpowered it seems and his injuries aren’t fake or for show; which is a... more>> plus in my book. There are mistakes in the translation but they don’t ruin the pacing of the story. I much rather prefer this than say to the typical op female doctor stories (they can get repetitive). <<less
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honeybunny55 rated it
September 3, 2019
Status: c177
The title "s*upid Princess" is probably more accurate than "Silly Princess" because god damn is the MC a s*upid idiot.

This is a story where the heroine doesn't have a golden finger but is still quite medically knowledgeable. It's too bad I guess in this story, doctors only have skills but have no brains? It's amazing that she is supposed to be this very hard working, accomplished doctor, but the moment she gets dropped into ancient times it's like her brains must have been fried along the way? Why are there... more>> so many stories like this? The heroine is supposed to be interesting but just ends up acting like an absolute idiot the entire time.

I think this is supposed to be comedy, but it isn't funny. I swear to god, the humor in these cnovels is just absurd to me. I've read some cnovels that are funny, but for the most part, when I see 'comedy' and 'shameless protagonist' I can pretty much just assume that the heroine is a s*upid idiot that acts like a f*cking mentally handicapped person the entire time. Because, according to these cnovel authors, s*upid people is being shameless, right????


I think one of the most ridiculous things I read was when the MC decides to go up behind a mountain because "all assassins are always found bleeding out behind the mountains - it's what's written in all those novels, right!? so it must be true!!" and goes. Of course, she finds someone then saves them, but they're a sh*t person and threaten her the entire time. And then of course she even fires their signal flare so they can get taken away. And guess who this person is??? HER HUSBAND'S ENEMY'S SUBORDINATE. She already knows the plans and that there are grievances between her husband and the Crown Prince but still does s*upid sh*t like this like what is this logic??? Does she think everything will go as a novel will?? Is she s*upid???? What is logic???? Is this supposed to be funny and make me laugh and part of the comedy???? I don't understand.

The ML isn't much better either imo. He just blames the MC for everything because she's "an insult to him" because she's the switched bride of the Ye Family. Even if she's good to him and tries to appease him, he still treats her like sh*t not because she's a bad person, but just because she's surnamed Ye. It's really s*upid and I dislike it. He didn't even like the original bride, just said he'd treat her well because she's his future bride, and yes I can understand that having a replacement bride switched on him sucks, but is it Ye Liuli's fault???? No, but let's blame it all on her anyways! wOw suCh lOgiC, muCh LoGicAl!


God I swear I keep picking stories out where the heroines are just total idiots. Who relates to these types of people? Who even wants to read about these types of people? I want to read a story where the heroine isn't a total idiot, please. This story sounds like the MC is going to get revenge on the people who did her dirty, but like... I can't imagine her being able to get back at anybody with the pitiful amount of brains she has, unless everybody around her has the brain of a fish.

Anyways, infuriating read, and now I understand why the ratings are so low. I usually try not to read anything under 4 stars because almost everything I've read under 4 stars ended up being utter tr*sh and just made me mad. I should have known better. <<less
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dalilt rated it
August 11, 2019
Status: c14
Female lead is quite intelligent and know where she stands at the moment.

She certainly knows her medical stuff and knows how to make them. There is no magical panacea cures all.

At 14 chapters in it's not enough to know how the relationship between the female and male lead will be, but it looks to be interesting setting
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