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The dead broke small streamer Zong Qi received a random message one day.

[Congratulations! You have received Alpha access to the system, Horror Film Director. Signing actors with potential, come and shoot the film that fits you the best!]

Zong Qi: ? tr*sh commercial, deleted

That night, he got pulled onto the set of a horror film and was informed that if he didn’t shoot it… He’ll die.

He was lucky that the actors were all working as hard as they could, and the director only needed to stand around and watch the show.

But because he had been given way too much, Zong Qi didn’t hesitate at all before making his own changes.

Under his false identity was an ‘evil mastermind’ that fought with the actors on everything.

The immoral things he’s done on set include but aren’t limited to–

Personally putting makeup on the ghost, teaching actors how to mess and change the script, switching ‘sides’ at crucial times…

People as arrogant as him usually don’t have good endings when their identities were revealed.

What Zong Qi didn’t expect was that instead of the actors joining up for revenge, an unlucky bastard’s whose plans had been spoilt by him countless times appeared instead.

The man took off his glasses, revealing a pair of closed eyes, his face beautiful and cold.

The brush dipped in paint hooked past the young man’s neck, full of danger.

“You dirtied my brush.”

He smirked, drawling, “As punishment, I’ll dirty you.”

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Huyền nghi phiến đạo diễn
Phim kinh dị đạo diễn
Xuányí Piàn Dǎoyǎn
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Kassandra rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: Completed
The article was mainly about the romance of two people and the system.

There are two kinds of system, one of them is the all-powerful Director system. They literally mean what it was, they are the one who directs the horror movie. Though the movie is real, and the actors would really die.

The other is the Actor system. They are the people who acts in the horror movie. They were given a character card for the movie they were in. For example, if your sexuality is straight, and you got the... more>> gay character card, you need to really act like a gay person.

Because there were like segments in the movie, Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3. When you're acting your given character, it shows you the percentage of your acting, to show you if you've really immersed yourself to the character you're given. If you didn't reach 80% of characterization at the Act 2 (?), you'll die.

That was the settings of the article. The novel actually started a bit slow, like you'll maybe get bored a bit but it really paced itself up later.

And another thing, there is a required requirement before you can get the Director system. You need to be an S-level actor. There are grades of actor, the lowest was grade was E-level, and the highest is S-level.

Zong Qi, our main character, was precisely the ordinary person who inexplicably got the Director system.

Yu Chenxue, the male lead, was the number 1 S-level actor, codenamed, Artist.

That's all I'm gonna say about the two main characters.

Moving on, I really like how the side characters in the article didn't just become 'side characters' or stepping stone to the main leads.

They really characterized themselves throughout the story.

Ningzhou, the ever clueless and ignorant friend.

Xiao Hong, the first ever signed artist.

Araki, the 'mother' and goddess.

Anna, the powerful newbie artist.

I did my best to make the description about them vague as possible, to not spoil anything. I also didn't add some characters because it'll reveal something.

I also like how the system in the article was quite human. We don't want a bad system on us. It was quite user friendly.

Rating this 5/5, suitable for light read, and for people who are looking for a mixed romance and horror, with a comedic undertone.

Bye, QiQi! Continue doing movies, maybe I'll see them one day.

You really planted yourself, Chenxue. (Is this considered spoiler abt their relationship?) <<less
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tanni103 rated it
January 26, 2022
Status: c97
Tbh I expected a bit more from the director system that the MC got. But the dungeons were quite interesting and I especially liked his ghost employees hehe. The supernatural incidents in real life are also very good.

And the ML... I am a real fan of such gentle looking ones but inside indifferent and cold. But I dont really feel that they suit each other. They seem more like forced together through protagonist halo. Just my opinion. And how they comfirmed their relationship was also puzzling for me.

Now about the... more>> part that bugged me most.


When he invited other artists aka. players into the dungeon, the plot, the set and the people and ghosts are already available and enough to scare the sh*t out of them. What is the point in having the director system? He just adds a bit more scare point and boom that was it. Though he gets to arrange his own plot in a dungeon at some point, it was a typical cliché plot that couldnt be more cliché...


This con point probably stems from my high expectations of the director system which is quite the fresh idea, but wasnt implemented like I hoped. But when you ignore the "director" part it is an interesting read.

Even though the pros outweight the cons, I will put this novel on hold for now.
4 stars for me. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AX-Skye rated it
May 13, 2022
Status: Completed
actual rating 4.5/5 bump it to 5 cause I'm nice

It was pretty good, but the summery doesnt really match the plot, like "switching side at crucial moments" ??

Yeah- I dont think that ever happened

The romance is pretty good.

Good characters as well, just the summery is a bit misleading thats all.
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