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Immortal arts, magic weapons, magical powers, and the boundless spiritual qi between heaven and earth vanished into obscurity overnight, and all exorcists turned to mere mortals.

Three hundred years later, the Five Hus traversed the pass, it was a prelude to an era of great turmoil in China. They heralded the end of the world, where thousands of drought fiends stalked the night —— the collapse of the Divine Land is imminent.

Fortunately, within this long, dark night where silence had fallen on all magic, a lone star still glistened brightly on the horizon.

The Heart Lamp appeared, illuminating the vast expanse around it. A sixteen-year-old young man, who will end his life on his twentieth birthday, embarked on a journey to reclaim the spiritual qi of heaven and earth that had been sealed away —— only four years remain.

The road ahead was filled with countless thistles and thorns, and it seemed improbable for him to succeed.


Chen Xing: “The important thing is that I’m the last exorcist in this world, yet the only magic I am capable of is emitting light. What can I do?”

Wait patiently then. When the Dinghai Pearl reappears on earth, the uncertain trajectory of everyone’s fates will be completely disrupted before converging once more.

Chen Xing: “Could I be partnered with a more normal Protector Martial God?”

Isn’t your Protector really skilled in fighting?

Chen Xing: “He is good at fighting, but when he loses it he’ll hit even me……”

There’s nothing that can be done about that, you can only blame yourself for losing yourself to lust.

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Dinghai Fusheng Lu
Epic of Divinity Light [ Donghua ]
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New iruka92 rated it
October 19, 2021
Status: c113
I absolutely enjoyed reading it. This novel certainly hits all the fun, angst and comedy. Can't describe my joy at their characterisation, the fight scenes, angst, romance (IT FRUSTRATES ME TO NO END BUT THE SLOW BURN IS WORTH IT, I PROMISE YOU) and details in between. It's absolutely lovely! I went on a Dinghai blackhole and spent a week reading it up and losing sleep. Xiang Shu, Chen Xing and basically everyone in the series are clowns. I love them and their idiocy. Hilarious and thoroughly written. I thank... more>> the translators for all their hardwork and I dearly wish it would be published in English as well just like MXTX series. <<less
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Elestrea rated it
July 15, 2019
Status: Completed
10/02/2020 - Edited Completed Review: Characters Section


Dinghai is about a journey of a 16-year-old exorcist named Chen Xing whose fate was connected to this rare star. This star brought fortune upon MC, hence why he seemed to be so lucky. Sadly, in four years, it would be gone and since MC's life was connected to it, his life would also be gone along with it.

MC decided to make the most of his life, and following his teacher's advice, began his journey of searching for the whereabouts of his so-called 'Protector'... more>> to help him find the reason why the 'mana' in the world, the source of all magic, disappeared.

But turned out, life was not smooth even for the luckiest human. After trying so hard to find his 'Protector', the said person refused to cooperate with him and left him alone. But, fate really brought them together and they ended up going on a journey to save the world AND falling in love with one another too.


REVIEW Chapter 20 - 15 July 2019

Dinghai Fusheng Records is set in the same universe as Fei Tian's two other novels, 明王幻世录 (Mingwang Huanshi Lu) and 天宝伏妖录 (Tianbao Fuyao Lu) though this is the newest of the three, it is set in the oldest times, so don't worry if you're afraid of missing anything. They're connected by the word 'exorcism', and there are some characters who will reappear in the other novels as well.

Dinghai has a lot of historical and Buddhism references, like A LOT LOT, so prepare yourself for some googling. It is set during the Five Barbarians' Uprising in China around 300AD. Many of the people mentioned were historical figures and the terms mentioned were mostly real (so far I only found one that was completely made up). There are many underlying mysteries that you might've overlooked the first time you read it and a thing that's actually important might've been hidden in just one sentence.

But! No need to be afraid, because while the summary seemed a bit dark and the references seemed to be enormous, Dinghai is a comedy at its core. Even when a chapter ends in a very serious atmosphere, the opening of the next chapter will make you laugh. There's basically no chapter without comedy. The language Fei Tian used is not hard to follow and he actually explained most of the terms himself. I actually find it easier imagining Dinghai as an RPG game because I feel so many RPG vibes from it, the interactions with some characters sometimes remind me of all those quest-giver NPCs. Did I mention they actually make a squad and go on a journey together?

MC is a very naive person, in a way. No, he's not your overly dense protagonist, btw. He believes people so easily and he seems to have accepted his fate of dying soon, which is very sad in my opinion. He's not a s*upid person, by all means, he has learned many things and is actually quite knowledgable, sadly that doesn't include common sense. He has a quite dark past, but I have yet to read until that part so I can't quite say in detail. He's also a VERY funny guy who tends to focus on just the wrong side of things. MC's antics have always made me laugh, especially his interactions with ML. ML's so done with MC.

As for ML, so far he seems to be the 'word-is-gold' and serious type of person. He tends to ignore MC because he thinks MC's so annoying. He's an upright person at his core though! He helps MC most of the time (even though MC is rarely aware) and he has to clean up the mess MC made 'unconsciously'. I think he makes a very great dynamic with MC.

Also, MC and ML bickered a lot, their saltiness level is so high they get back to each other for every small grievance.

It's a very good novel and I'd totally recommend you guys to read this for its comedy AND plot.


REVIEW Completed - 15 November 2019

I CRIED SO HARD IN THE MIDDLE OF READING THIS. While the comedy stayed until the end of the story, starting from Chapter 39, the plot started to escalate. Hammer drop. Everything was a mess and things were NOT looking good for everyone. I was confused, sad, and mad at the same time, to the point I thought the Happy End tag was a lie because it seemed to be impossible at this point. But at the same time, I was deeply attached to it, I couldn't stop reading it at all. I fangirled so hard I literally screamed over it, and I finished reading through everything in less than 3 days. I regret nothing. Actually, I regret ever finishing it. WHY DID IT END SO QUICKLY?

The story itself was amazing! The build-up and the plot were super good and trilling. At first, the objective might seem direct but NO, the plot twist nearly killed me and I truly appreciate the hints that were scattered in many different passages. The actions were superb and I like how Fei Tian described them down to the tiny bits. As some of you may notice, the conclusion to the story sometimes ended up with a lot of plotholes or an unsatisfying final boss. Dinghai has (as far as I can think) none of those. Fei Tian liked to reference a passage that appeared like 20 chapters before, so if you see something and was like "Huh, why is it like this?", keep your eyes open because 20 or so chapters later, you might get an explanation.

My impressions of the characters changed a lot from the start of the novel. MC wasn't naive at all, he just lacked common sense. He was a very deep character; he was very lonely and just needed somebody to accompany him. He thought that by finding his Protector, he would be able to have someone to get rid of his loneliness and stay with him until his time was up, which wasn't long, mind you. He was a 100% scholar and very good at debating LOL

For ML, I... I admit I didn't really like him at first. I thought: MC is already pitiful, why do you keep ignoring him? I'VE NEVER BEEN FACE-SLAPPED SO HARD. As the story unfolded, you would find that ML truly cared a lot for MC, right up from the beginning. He only wanted to find someone who at least had asked him what he truly wanted before shoving some responsibility to him. The reason he had his tempers flared up every so and then was also explained later on, and he also had it rough throughout the entire story... I'M SORRY FOR EVER DOUBTING YOU XIANG SHU I LOVE YOU

Anyway, their developments! They were slow, but progressing steadily. ML cared about MC in a lot of ways, and he was actually a very very very jealous type. His vinegar could drown you. And MC also cared about ML. The problem actually lies in how they expressed it. They always seemed to misunderstand each other's intentions. MC was dead-set on fulfilling his destiny and put the world before him, and ML, more than once, tried to make MC care more about himself than the others. It was maddening to see how they cared so much for each other yet they couldn't be selfish at all. The fact that they never voiced out their intentions with each other out loud (due to very understandable reasons) also contributed to it. When everything was finally out in the open, it was already too late.

To be honest, everything would make so much sense after around Chapter 100, and you would get to know so much more after that. Some hints were actually dropped here and there by Fei Tian, and there was this one big reveal that made me squeal so hard. Before that though, prepare your tissues because things were bad. Like, super bad. There was no angst for the sake of angst, it was just them trying to understand each other but failed hard at doing so at first. Later, they learned to understand each other's gestures and you would actually learn that both of them were just some horny teenagers.

Other than MC and ML, there are lots of supporting characters with fleshed-out characters, each doing things according to their own beliefs and motivation, which is very logical. Some got their happy endings, while some made you cry rivers. Some were hateful, but you wouldn't be able to truly hate them because they were... somehow pitiful.

For those based on historical figures, worry not because some of them didn't end up the same, but some did have the same fate as their historical counterparts, so... best of luck figuring it out.

All in all, Dinghai taught us that all things have consequences, but one bad choice didn't mean the end of the world and could actually lead to a much better ending. This novel is my all-time favorite now, and I don't think it'll change in a long term. Lastly, Xiang Shu is a full-grown lemon tree and nothing can change my mind. Ever. <<less
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namio rated it
August 25, 2019
Status: c120
It's really hard for me to really describe what Dinghai Fusheng Records was to me while reading it.

It's a comedy, definitely. It's rife with situational humor and just occasional absolute absurdity, and our good MC is gifted with a... brain hole. It's a historical fantasy, with details that I'm still eagerly Wikipedia-ing through. It's a hero's adventure, about a steadily growing group on a journey to essentially save the world.

But it's also... more.

One thing that struck out to me the most was the very realistic depiction of how ethnic groups... more>> interact in an era where they still actively fight, dominate and interbreed with each other. Fei Tian Ye Xiang does not shy away from casual racism, family and group us-vs-them mindsets, the messy truth of "coexistence". But they doesn't imply any group is in the black-or-white right or wrong either. There is respect for the ethnic minorities and their culture, in both overall text and the characters; it's such an incredibly refreshing take and I'm absolutely just. Down for it.

But that's just one thing. This novel is still an adventure and a fantasy, with a side dash of idiots falling for each other-- that's still the story we get.

Our intrepid MC, Chen Xing, is the last and thus the Great Exorcist of his generation. He's going to die in 4 years at the ripe old age of 20, so he's going on his first and last journey: find where all the qi of the heavens and earth had gone, and restore it. But every Great Exorcist needs a Protector, and here comes the Heart Lamp to help with that. Here, your Protector is this man.

The man proceeds to rob our MC and run away.

Fate is fate, though. They reunite on a journey to Chang'an, where it turns out the Hot and Strong Death Row Prisoner is the Da Chanyu-- the nomadic supreme ruler over the Wu Hu-- and our hero is the only survivor of a former high ranking and powerful family. After an incident involving a mirror, a dead dog and a dead princess, they go back to the lands beyond the Great Wall, where after several months Chen Xing decides that Xiang Shu has responsibilities beyond being his Protector, and it doesn't look like he wants to be one anyway.

Xiang Shu angrily chases after him. And the plot unfolds from there.

Chen Xing at first appears as a bit of a silly teenager. All that gets dispelled and cleared up, though-- he's a teenager, yes, and silly, yes, but he has a big heart and a clear mind and a loneliness borne of a life isolated with a sick shifu and the seemingly-apparent future of dying young and alone in a strange land. He's constantly thrust into situations in which he is an outsider: a warzone, the homeland plains of peoples whose languages and cultures differ from his, the high rungs of society he never belonged in. But he remains a bright sunshine, working steadily to better himself and maybe save the world for the loved ones who will outlive him.

Xiang Shu is angry, intimidating, powerful-- and hot, Chen Xing would like to add-- but he's also upset that he is constantly thrust into positions of great responsibility without a thought to his own wishes. He does them, though-- makes decisions for his peoples, saves Chen Xing. But along the way, talking and being with Chen Xing, we finally get to see more of Xiang Shu beyond what others see him as, and more of his wishes and thoughts as Xiang Shu. Their romance is slow despite its reciprocal nature; two men with understandable hesitations, two men who in the end put the world beyond themselves.

But don't worry. It's a happy ending :)

I don't know. Fei Tian Ye Xiang is my new favorite author. All this gremlin can do is write overly long reviews and lie down ah o (-- ( <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
March 3, 2020
Status: c44
I. am. speechless.

All characters just...astonish me.

I'm an avid reader of xuanhuan novels but this one is just superb in the shounen ai/yaoi genre.

... more>> The people downstairs explained both Chen Xing and Xiao Xingshu's personalities well but I just can't help but reinforce it.

Our protagonist Chen Xing is blessed by the star Lupiter and has been divided that at the age of 20, he will die. Does our protagonist fret over such a thing? No. He decides to use his last years to go on a journey to find out why all magic/Qi has been silenced as well as explore the world in the process. He's a bright little sun and a bit silly but he's so endearing. And when you compare it to the fact that he, himself knows his time is limited, it is heartbreaking. It makes me want to cry. But never fear, Chen Xing's journey isn't angsty. In fact, it's so hilarious that you don't know whether to laugh or cry at his predicament or his lightheartedness.

Why is it hilarious? Well, that's because our handsome martial lord protector bickers with him like a tsundere in a shoujo manga! I also can't count how many times he wanted to cough up blood when the MC tells him to run away from a fight lmao. This intimidating man who's face radiates the "don't come near me" aura is the famous Da Changyu. Backed by tribes outside the Great Wall and the strength of "one man against 100, 000 men" its no wonder Xing'er is smitten (abeilt probably by his face at first). I would be swept off my feet too! His character is so dynamic and the author does a wonderful contrast that despite how strong Xiao Xingshu is, he is mortal. A human. Meaning he can't pacify and protect everyone.


And trust me people die. Especially when things seem fine and dandy BOOM! Hundred thousands dead and have risen as an undead army. I'm still upset about the doggy.


The world building is also superb. The Hu's and Hans are at odds resulting in thousands of refugees. The various ethnic groups waving their own set of beliefs, hoping to trample over each other before setting their sights on the central plains. And dont forget the blood fueds forced to rear it's head away because the bigger picture is more important. But when crap hits the fan, chaos ensues in the blame game.

Plus the Yao! Oh goodness! The dead rises and the Dark Lord is waiting to step onto the divine land once more and ultimately grant eternal life in death.

As you can see, you have a lot of undercurrents going on.

But fate seems to play a big role in this, to which, the author writes out well. As the mystery unravels and the actions of one result in a consequence of another, the stars slowly align and everything falls into place. It's like little cogs in a wheel of a clock. A clock that will definitely signal the end.

As fancy as I tried to make it sound, the best highlights is the nicknames or silly fanarts that the translators post.


Ai, even the dead gang can't be swayed back to reincarnate by the fusheng duckhai melody


Thanks for coming to my Ted talk, now go read it!


Adieu and enjoi! I'm off to read the raws! <<less
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yuukine rated it
April 11, 2020
Status: c62
Current rating: 5/5

"We are but mere lodgers while alive; we only return to our true home in death." Chen Xing murmured, "What you buried was just a layer of skin that was being exploited by someone else. His yin and yang souls had returned to the heavens the moment he died."
"Look, the stars are eternal." Chen Xing looked up. The dark prison transformed into an endless night sky. "Every single one of us is a creature within this river."

Out of all Feitian's books, this one stuck the... more>> most for the sheer complexity of characters and extremely well done story that is balanced with enough humor and angst.

This book is first in line of Exorcist series so far, and the next one is Tianbao Fuyao Lu, that is set centuries after, and the last one is not yet translated.

Story is easy to follow, and translators are doing their best with all the references and historical events. Before this book I knew nothing of Mongols or their tribes, but at least now I have some insight.

This is a story of the last exorcist in the world, Chen Xing, who has only one heart lamp left, that will help him save the world from Mara - the last evil. He is protected by the planet of Iuppiter, which gives him some extreme good luck in life in order to reach his goal. But he is very well aware that his planet will disappear when he's 20, meaning he has only 4 years left to find his Protector and save the world.

His feelings will hit you all over the place, sometimes you will expect them, sometimes he'll just randomly smack you in the face with the brick.

His Heart lamp chose the protector. That protector is a person Chen Xing got out of prison - Xiang Shu - and is the only one that can help him. But Xiang Shu has more responsibilities and duties to take care of than follow a crazy story about end of the world and demons/yao and abnormal creatures.

Until he sees for himself and finds even more similarities with the death of his father from his past. And so, Xiang Shu is split in two.

All in all, this is only temporary review since I have not finished it yet, but when I do, i'll do this book a justice and write on properly.

It deserves only the best.

As some who has been spoiled almost to the end of the book, I have to say that I love what i've heard.


✭ Characters: 5 - very detailed, well developed, have wonderful amount of personality traits

✭ Side characters: 4.5 - detailed, you get attached even to those who appear for a while

✭ Story: 5 - logical, easy to follow, uses history as background but easily read, especially with all the notes from translators

✭ emotional impact: 5 - if you don't cry reading this, I have no words

✭ humor: 5 - it has some extreme good humor as I fall down laughing every time. <<less
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Catzun rated it
October 19, 2019
Status: c22
I am honestly in raptures over how great this novel is, especially with the quality translation. &Lt;3

I am in complete adoration over this sweetly angsty plot. I would sincerely recommend 10/10 this novel to everyone; to those who want to read a well-written and well thought-out plot with great tl.

Seriously, I'm crying! I love the translator to bits, and that fan MV she translated - I am absolutely gutted in the best way!
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Severe rated it
December 1, 2020
Status: Completed
First of all, it is a mystery why there is just a couple of reviews on such a good novel.

To be honest, being the person who reads every bl novel out there, I didn't expect much from it. But. But. But! It really was included onto "worth reading" bookshelf. I even wanted to place it on "masterpiece" level, but didn't like the ending - it was too abrupt, not in a mood with overall novel pace.

The whole writing and translation style is awesome. I mean it.

The characters are well developed... more>> and it is interesting to follow the quest lines.

Mild spoilers below.

At the beginning I thought the novel was a bit too brutal (like killing too many characters), but then it turned over and... I don't know... Kill at least someone? Too much of a good happy ending with noone is being hurt in the process.


Anyway, the novel is great. I totally recommend it to everyone. <<less
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ssissi rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: c98
I absolutely adore Dinghai Fusheng! The romance is a subtle but organic development. I love both the ML and MC, together or apart. The storyline is grand but understandable with minimal tangents to the storyline which is great. Conclusion: This novel is sort of magical with two loving MC and ML.
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Moon1111 rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: c103
wow this was a nice surprise. *Claps* for Fei Tian Ye Xiang after reading this. I remember at the time of reading this I was in a bit of a hole and this novel managed to breath some light back into my soul after discovering it. Fei Tian really knows a thing or two about life and you come away from reading this feeling a little bit better about yourself and the world. Thank you to Chen Xing, Xiang Shu, Feng Qianjun, Xiao Shan, Xie An, Tuoba Yan and the... more>> great translation team for this journey.

I am a sucker for fantasy sacrifice for love novels and this is one of the better BL ones in how the story and characters were fleshed out. <<less
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Lovelywuju17 rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: c99
I have a feeling the author really clowning every mary sue character lmao. And I can't help it that I'm not a big fan of wuxia/magic/tao or what kind of stuff. But, this is an exception. The characters, plot, world-building, romance, angst, comedy were just GOLDEN. I'm in love with this novel. I can't put it in words, it's just a 5 star for all. But all I can advise for a new reader is everything is connected. I just love this novel so much.
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isolis rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: c107
This is one of the best novels I've read. All of the characters are so well written. The MC Chen Xing, is especially loveable. He's simultaneously smart and a bit of an air head. He's adorable and his heart is so full of warmth, he is the figuratively and literally the light in a world gone dark. Not to mention he's hilarious! The supporting cast are all quirky and so well fleshed out too. I'd honestly be surprised if there's anyone out there who's read this novel and didnt end... more>> up loving pretty much all the characters standing by MC's side.

The storyline is very compelling -- I love the world-building in this. Also the adversaries the MC faces are nothing to scoff at-- from the demon king to fate itself, you really feel the struggles Chen Xiang faces. The romance between Chen Xing and Xiang Shu is definitely a slow burn, but it's so real. I love the way they bicker but then will do anything to save the other.

I came across this novel because I watched Tian Bao Fu Yao Lu first. Knowing what comes after this novel definitely changes the experience, but I'm so glad I decided to read this. This novel is such a gem. <<less
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Melmeltheo rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: c105
Great plot and great story as expected from author Fei Tian.

MC is hillarious and focus on strange things. ML is half Han half Hu, a great Chanyu. I love how this novel gives different vibes and new perspective for me, as other Chinese novels usually just throw Hu people to become their enemy without giving their reasons or backgrounds.

I also love Xiao Shan, his interaction with MC is so funny and like a mom and son. I like it when MC tied Xiao Shan like a melon to him🤣🤣

This novel... more>> is a gem and I absolutely recommend it. The translator team also very hardworking on the terms, they give so much explanation with history education 😆 Great job to author and translation team Chicken Gege 👍 <<less
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Lazydinosaur rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: c105
Excellent Storyline! with good slow burn!!!!!! Sweet fluffy parts makes me scream into my pillow at 1am. Bickering couple troupe which is awesome and funny at the same time. XS is such a tsundere & CX is just a dumb (but also smart) ball of light. The comic relief scenes are the best not only that....... the plot is well written with in complex/ depth side characters! THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY TO CHANGE THE FATE OF THE STARS! [There is a DongHua of this PLZ CHECK IT OUT] WORTH... more>> READING plz read it <<less
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Cheeeerio rated it
May 23, 2021
Status: c99
This is sooo slow burn (but with a reason) and it just hits different. In most novels, I don’t genuinely ship the main characters, I just accept them as a pair. But with this novel, the interactions were so cute I was about to scream.
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CarmenLongo rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel seems magnificent to me. The author knows how to take you on a trip to different settings. I love the MC, although I love the ML there are some things that do not convince me of his attitude.
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darcyreads rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: c101 part1
This story is a gem with all my favorite tropes!

The setting and characters are so rich and full. Not to mention there's so much romance and URST. Its a slow burn, but the best kind that teases you. I also can't help but love the MC and his comedic attitude literally had me laughing, (also the ML is just a big jar of vinegar).

I also love watch the main CP grow as they overcome their biases. Even the side characters are all important and only add to the story.

The... more>> translation is excellent too 👌

If you're hesitating reading this, don't! Perhaps it'll light your heart up the way it did mine ✨ <<less
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hejikkk rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: c61 part1
The plot is very progressive, and the comedy is solid. The premise of the novel is also fairly unique for xuanhuan/wuxia. Characters are pretty cool as well, and I like the MC.

There aren't too many flaws in it I suppose, but I just never really got into it. Might be my own situation, as I read this a while back when I was in a sort of depressive state haha, and it was a speed read too (and since the plot progresses really quickly, it quickly became confusing and hard... more>> to keep up). Still, reviews are supposed to be subjective, so this is my take on it. <<less
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LadyBlue98 rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Wonderful, I feel that this novel made me admire Fei Tan to the point of becoming my favorite author.
I hope you can read it and feel the same as me. It is an amazing journey.
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