Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna (Dash-X)


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Long fingers typed on a keyboard.

We aren’t so elderly yet that we simply accept a future that has been decided by someone else. In order to reach a higher stage, we are willing to do anything.

This isn’t a memoir. It’s a new story.

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デジモンアドベンチャー: LAST EVOLUTION 絆
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02/21/20 Onkei’s... v1c1-4
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AliceShiki rated it
September 23, 2020
Status: v1c4
I had some mixed feelings over this novel... But overall this is a good novel and well worth the read if you enjoy digimon.

To begin with, the start is honestly pretty underwhelming. You'll go through the dialogue between characters and feel like you're reading a Screenplay and not an actual novel. There is a real lack of descriptions on character feelings at the start and the way the dialogue constantly jumps around (sometimes with characters completing each other's sentences) feels like the author was definitely trying their best to capture... more>> the scenes exactly as they were depicted in the movie itself... Which just didn't translate well to a novel format, the result of it was really underwhelming.

As the story progresses however, you can see the quality spike, mainly after the end of the first encounter with Eosmon. You start seeing the characters feelings being properly depicted and seeing how they react to the situation with a more in-depth look is definitely a very fresh feeling that you don't quite get in the movie.

The exclusive scenes from the novel are also pretty great and showed a bit more light into what some of the characters were doing at certain points in the story that the movie did not have time to depict.

The author was also to put the "Memorial Story 1: To Sora" in the middle of a chapter, and it honestly felt like that one part was better delivered than it was on the short youtube video that they made.

That said... The story is not without flaws. As said above, the start was pretty bad by itself... Also, this is the debut work of the author... As in, they were still an amateur, and it shows.

I won't spoil anything, but in some scenes you just feel like they weren't able to properly depict how the characters felt... Like, it just felt way too forced, that the development being pushed didn't make sense. Some parts had a pretty terrible delivery when compared to the movie.

There were also a handful of times when physical description of characters or places weren't very good either and you just felt like it could have done better and stuff... Not that this is a serious problem, but it still stood out to me.

So... Is this novel worth reading? Yeah, sure.

Is this better than the movie? Absolutely not. Go watch the movie first, then come back here to see the extra scenes and enjoy going through the movie's storyline again, because that movie is fantastic and the novel honestly can't compare.

Would I recommend reading this if you're not a fan of digimon? No. This is a piece of work made specifically for the dedicated fans. I really don't think you can enjoy it if you aren't already invested in the characters to begin with. I'd recommend watching the new anime (Digimon Adventure:) on Crunchyroll instead if you wanna get into the franchise from a fresh starting point. <<less
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