Died Before the Wedding


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I thought that if I walk with you, it would be for a lifetime. But I don’t know how far the end of a lifetime really is.

I thought it was at least far enough to share until we are both old. But I died before the wedding.

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dee_ism rated it
September 22, 2022
Status: --
Death is inevitable. And the story is overall bittersweet since we got to know their story from the start and how they're now try to accept their parting.

I found myself smile and cry at the same time. I'm happy and sad about how the ML try so hard to live a good life with his fond memories of MC ;___;
Their love is so beautiful and I hope they do meet on their next life.
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LeniSnow rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: --
I'm trying to make myself extra sad so I feel like this will be more sad if the ML died instead of MC because ML is the giving and affectionate type in contrast to sensible and mature MC (but that's what makes them complement each other, one needs to act like an anchor to the other) so if he is gone you'll notice it greatly, no one to nag him, no one to give him milk at night, no one to spout his future plans for them, no one to... more>> call him to make sure he is safe, no one to set alarms for his medicine when he is sick, no one to care for him like ML does anymore. MC and his circumstances makes him seems like a career focused mature so if the ML died it'll be more interesting to see him break down and have a taste of his own medicine, where if he message, no one will reply back. Make him wallow in regret and appreciate the past he can't return to and then I'll cry with him and have puffy eyes the whole day. But if I think about it, this is sadder because I know for sure ML won't be able to move on in a lifetime so if it's vice versa I feel like the mature MC would be hit harder (because the cold ones usually are the most affectionate inside) but will be able to move on in years time sine he is mature and have parents who can persuade him. I feel like he can even get married. This is written more for acceptance, although tragedy it tells you that no matter what happens you need to move on not only for you but the people around you, tbh it's more for other people, I personally believe that it's way tragic to be force to live so it earns it's tragedy tag, people have different pain tolerance. But personally I would prefer ML to die in this situation just to get even. <<less
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wasthequeen rated it
September 8, 2022
Status: Completed
It is so good in the sense that usual tragedy ones would make to feel inexplicable sadness but instead this one made to feel calm almost in a good way. It made me accept death was inevitable and the acceptance of that fact is the way of life. And it all happened within 11 chapters without the compromise of both the leads emotions and also showed their maturity.
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Xian-laoshi rated it
September 14, 2022
Status: c11
This short novel brings a mixture of heartache and sweetness — like having a genuine smile admist tears.

In summary, MC died due to a car accident. The story was mostly narrated in his perceptive and also told between the present, with ML finding ways on how to cope with the sudden loss as MC became a spirit watching over him, and their youthful, bright eight years of past, back when they first met in college — from their first confession, kiss, intimacy, and fight.

Seriously, I don't know if I should... more>> laugh or cry, so I did both while reading it.

PS. The first tears I shed for this novel are due to their pets. <<less
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wuseyun rated it
September 9, 2022
Status: c12

Got exactly what I wanted, abuse

not very good at writing reviews but damn this made me cry so much might as well


... more>>

ML does try to commit KYS (no idea how to censor it I'm sorry) around ch.8 or 9, he does not actually die


to summarize the story without spoiling anything the MC dies and the story is told in combo of flashback of him and ML's past and the present with ML grieving. Then in around ch. 10 it switches to ML pov and the past in his perspective.

their relationship is pretty cute, the only abuse is MC dying and ML's response to it <<less
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aayat rated it
November 29, 2022
Status: --
Its painful, but beautiful.

In the start, every word made me wanna weep, but halfway through, I was just too sad to even cry.

at one point... I had same thoughts as Xie. meet anyway u can, but I know, I wont have same thoughts had I been Lin
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gif or gif
gif or gif rated it
October 8, 2022
Status: --
Like the others said, this novel's premise was handled well and ended on a good note. I liked that it wasn't left open-ended and that it actually gave resolution. A bonus point for not dragging the suffering for very long. If you wanna cry for a bit and think about a life, read this.

Overall, this novel did not betray me and it will rent-free in my head for as long as I am able to.
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hunhanakame rated it
October 6, 2023
Status: c12 (extra)
I was hooked by the title. The title alone managed to invoke sadness within my heart. Then I decided to read it. I don't regret it. It was painful, but beautiful.

11 chapters + 1 extra. Within these length, the author manages to make me fall in love and wish for the MC and ML's happiness.

Right when you stepped in to read the first chapter, you're punched with the realization that there's no miracle. The life and death separation has occured.

But knowing that the other half is no longer alive doesn't... more>> make this less sad. In fact reading how precious, beautiful, and pure their love was makes the inevitable event more unbearable.

You're choked up because such kind of love should never face such cruel fate. But you can't help but acknowledge that they were blessed to have experience a love like that.

Even though the story is from the MC's POV, I feel like I'm drifting in the wave of the ML's emotions. All his actions, all his changes, I feel like if it were to happen to me I would probably be like him.

This story manages to make me cry my heart out. Tears are still falling while I'm writing this. I'm gonna have a headache and a wounded heart for the time being. But if I went back in time I would not hesitate to choose to read this again.

Something so simple can actually touched my heart this deeply.

It's comical whenever I remind myself that this is fiction, Lin Chu and Xie Chenmin aren't real. But I still can't help but wish, sincerely, that in the next life they would be together and given the chance to grow old together. <<less
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oobl.moob rated it
July 28, 2023
Status: c12
So so sad. The love between Xie Chenmin and Lin Chu is the kind of love everyone hopes to experience in their lives. It was so pure and hopeful which makes it even more heartbreaking that their relationship was so tragically cut short. Props to the author and especially the translator for giving us such a beautiful story that reminds us to cherish the love we have in our lives while it's still there and teaches that even if it's lost, we can still experience love in what's left behind.... more>>

I can't believe that there was a chance that Lin Chu could have survived, but the driver chose to injure him again just to reduce the amount of money he'd have to pay. As if a little bit of money is worth taking someone's life 😐

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