Did Not Say Anything About My Feelings


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When I did not love you, I was frank and open, but when I fell in love with you, I did not say anything about my feelings.

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Chattyxx rated it
February 17, 2021
Status: Completed
So I'm the translator for this novel, and I know that the synopsis given is very vague and it's hard to even know what the story is about. So this review is for me to give a little more details about the story without spoiling anything. I also want to give a few 'warnings'!

So this novel's setting is a talent show that's similar to Produce 101, where there are around 100 trainees and a few will be picked to debut! So the male lead is the top trainee, the trainee... more>> that always ranks first etc., and the main character is someone who was at the bottom ranks at first and slowly works his way up. It's not the typical 'hardworking protagonist' story as the MC does not want to be in the show at first.

For the 'smut' tag, that comes a bit further into the story. I won't give any spoilers, but please take note that this is not a super 'pure' story, like it's not an immediate fluff everywhere sort of story. It's a more mature, and the MC is quite realistic about certain things.

Anyway, I hope that everyone enjoys the story! And please do tell me if there are glaring errors in my translation! <<less
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Chiaroscuro rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: Completed
3.5 -4 stars

The premise lure me in. YWY3 just aired lol.

Ok first thing, The pacing is a mess. This novel makes me feel like it's on fast forward but when MC and ML interacted it's on slowmo. Maybe bcz the author gloss over a lot of things but put lots of details when they both interacted. But you'll get used to it I guess

... more>> MC: is kind of unmotivated because he got nothing to lose/nothing tied him. Not OP, just good at dancing but bad at singing.

ML: Cold OP center, rich af with tons of resources.

Huge spoiler

MC is someone without strength, ML is someone with shitload of resources. MC got motivated during the show and wanted to debut so he and ML is doing the unspoken rules. MC had bf but didn't have s*x so his first time is quite tragic but the s*x gets better overtime.

MC and ML are originally gay. They both secretly attracted to eo before it developed to mutual likings to love.
MC will be bullied and ML will help him. Mc's ex bf is a famous same company actor. They will break the FWB rules before properly being in relationship. They will debut tgt. ML will help MC debut.


Smut chp 37++

It's entertaining and sweet enough but other than mc&ML everything is just blurry background for me. It's a good enough novel to pass time. <<less
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Ainslee rated it
September 16, 2021
Status: c17
MTL Completed, readability 70%.

I don't want this to end, lol.

I want to read their romance everyday nonstop. Am I too rotten? 😃 The story was very simple but addicting, their interaction had a taste of budding first love.

One thing I have strong aversion of is the debut group name. Unless the MTL translated into wrong word, it should be WEEK. It's easy to mispronounced the word into WEAK. At least give them a cool BB name author. Was it to late to revise the novel.

ᕙ (⇀‸↼‶) ᕗ
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