Devouring Heaven Sword God


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The Heavenly Emperor of a generation was betrayed by his closest friends. With the Devouring Heavens Sword Technique that he obtained in the Taixu Secret Realm, he reincarnated thousands of years later. Cultivating the Devouring Heavens Technique, he devoured all kinds of spirits, he defied the heavens. He reigned supreme over the nine firmaments after extinguishing ancient gods and killing sages. Treading on the corpses of his enemies, he became a Supreme Sword God!

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Heaven-Devouring Sword God
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February 16, 2019
Status: --
Seems okay so far. Nothing new, but nothing offensive either. Typical story stuff - a reincarnated soul ends up in the body of a formerly "useless" adopted son and then strives to take revenge using a new cultivation technique. On the plus side, the plot doesn't drag too much - although predictable, the events take place fairly quickly. Our main character's body has some kind of birth secret which is a little frustrating (if your character is going to be reincarnated, then there is no reason to give the body... more>> a mysterious past). The cultivation system seems to all be there, but I'm still a little foggy about the details. It gets a little confusing having to juggle between the "true" cultivation level the character has, what everyone else thinks he has, and the grade of people's "spiritual root" (which seems to be inherent, but not for our MC?). That's all so far.

I can only guess that this story gets worse as it goes on, or becomes generic and or repetitive because at this point there is not much to warrant the number of low ratings it has. <<less
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