Developing Superpowers in Another World


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Tu Ran accidentally transmigrated into a different world where technology coexists with supernatural beings, two worlds on the brink of merging. Before transmigrating, she was a quiet and gentle girl.

After transmigrating, she carried a machine gun, tossed grenades, chased after aliens that were running amok, and was even called a heartless female demon.

In this world, Tu Ran just wants to survive, but her original identity doesn’t allow it. While everyone else avoids the aliens, their “s**cide squad” has to mingle with them on the Threshold every day. A slight misstep could turn them into food for the aliens…

As she keeps surviving, Tu Ran accidentally discovers that the inner cores of these aliens are extraordinary. Eating them grants her certain abilities of the aliens.

And this secret hasn’t been discovered by other humans from the different world yet! Hehehe, Tu Ran is ecstatic. Since that’s the case, she’ll temporarily stay in this other world and develop superpowers.


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New Maisike rated it
June 27, 2024
Status: Completed
I read it to the end with MTL and can definelty say it's a fun novel. It has no CP which means no romance. The first arc is quite serious and the second one is world travel. Won't spoil too much, but at the end everything kinda makes sense and loose ends are tied nicely.

Basically the story is about our protagonist, who transmigrates into another sci-fi word, which has gate (s) to another ancient alien world. The two words are connected, and has luck would have it, she literly transmigrates... more>> into moment where the original dies in another world and has to figure out how the hell she will survive, thrust into fight with alien and now with humans, due to now having any previous memories. After all, every pioneer, which she is, are questioned quite throughly after coming out of another world due to parasitic aliens being one of species there. Thanks to that, we follow along her survival journey, where she fights aliens and starts a coup on corrupt government. You know, normal things that happen in transmigations. 😂 If you are bored and like sci-fi themes, why not give this novel a try. Dw, no bad endings here. <<less
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