Detective From the Future


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Police officer Han Bin, accidentally got a future police badge.

He has learned the criminal investigation skills in the future, solved many strange cases and upheld justice, becoming a legend of the police

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jon95 rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c686
This might only be my personal preference but I like this novel and have been following it since the MTL started.

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The MC has a nice character (the writer may have exaggerated a bit trying to make him look perfect, Ideal police officer liked by both his superiors, coworkers and victims, but at least he didn't end up looking like an arrogant dumb*ss who think themselves the greatest geniuses in the world but are actually a peace of tr*sh without the plot armor like many others)

The plot is interesting, sometimes boring since it's a novel with a normal world sittings this inevitable, personally I'd have loved if the writer were to gradually integrate some Si-fic elements into the novel, maybe some supernatural criminals since he already added some to the MC, of course this will make it more complicated and requires more work and skills.

the cons:

-the usual racism stuff

-the criminals are weak and they all give up and confess once caught and faced with the evidence, they all do the same which is totally illogical as in real life most criminal don't confess or give up easily, they always look for a way out or leave thing to the chance.

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MianaXenia rated it
November 15, 2021
Status: c33
So far it’s been pretty good.

MC gets the cheat system but so far it doesn’t appear much other than for status checks, shop and post crime rewards.

It’s pretty “Chinese” where some phrases are better understood in Chinese than in English, but it doesn’t disrupt the flow too much


The interrogations are fairly good. I think it’s pretty realistic. Tho the process is streamlined since MC has facial detecting skills so he knows of there’s a lie

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