Desperate After Being Dumped by My Girlfriend, I Pushed a Beautiful Girl Who Was About to Be Run Over by a Car and Got Run Over Instead 〜I Never Heard There Was a Way to Return the Favor〜


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[I’ve found someone I like, so I want you to break up with me.]

My childhood friend and girlfriend, Yoshino Sumika, suddenly broke up with me at a family restaurant.

[Is there anything wrong with me?] [I guess it’s because there’s nothing wrong with you.]

Even when I asked her why she didn’t like me anymore, I wasn’t convinced at all, but Sumika just said what she said and left the family restaurant.

At that moment, when I was tormented by the sadness of being dumped by Sumika and was feeling desperate, thinking that I wanted to die, what I saw was a beautiful girl who was about to be hit by a car.

I pushed her away and lost consciousness.


When I woke up, I was on a hospital bed, and I saw a beautiful girl who was leaning against me sleeping, and I could have mistaken her for an angel.

The beautiful girl, Arayashiki Kohime, seemed to be the girl I had saved, and she suddenly said to me,

“Please let me return the favor !”

Thus, I was repaid with a favor from Kohime, who was tens, thousands, or even a billion times prettier and gentler than Sumika, and we began to build the best relationship ever.

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彼女に振られ自暴自棄になった俺は、車に轢かれそうになっていた美少女を突き飛ばして代わりに轢かれました 〜恩返しがあるなんて聞いてない〜
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2 Reviews

New GodlyGodMcGo
May 09, 2024
Status: c16
Decent read. Not a masterpiece, but also not garbage. Just "Alright". Firmly middle-of-the-line story.

So the set-up is: MC gets broken up with, on the same day he saves a random other girl from getting run over by a car running a red light at the cost of taking the hit himself. In return, the girl and her father show a level of gratitude to MC that can only exist in fiction, to a point that it sometimes borders on problematic. Like, it's fine that the dad offers a shit-ton of... more>> money as compensation/gratitude. Unrealistic, but fine. But when the girl says on multiple occasions that MC has a right to demand sex from her because he saved her life? That's the kind of thinking that incels have. I know it's not intended that way, but... still kinda yucky when you notice it. Anyway, MC settles on being friends with this girl, and from there, their relationship gradually develops.

There were a couple things that I noticed that, while relatively minor, still came to my attention so why not mention them? Firstly, I feel like MC's ex-girlfriend is being set up as one of those "regret" trope characters where, they had a good thing going with MC, but they were too blind to realize how great MC was so they threw them away, but then things go wrong without MC and they realize how awesome things were with MC and try to get them back, but now it's too late... Well, those kinds of characters are only ever fun to read about when they're awful people and you can derive some sort of "serves you right" catharsis from their suffering. My only impression of MC's ex is, "teenager." Let's clear up one thing first: the breakup was absolutely MC's fault. Ex GF initiated it, sure, and while the stated reason is because she fell in love with another guy, it's later explained from both hers and the MC himself's perspective that he had an inferiority complex towards her, and so he himself had been putting up walls and distancing himself from his girlfriend. Like, bro, if you're dating someone, you gotta at least give them some attention. Let alone normal couple sh*t like going on dates or making out, this idiot was even refusing something as simple as walking home with her. Is it any wonder she moved on from him and fell for someone else? To be clear, Ex GF is far from perfect. A lot of her behavior is spiteful, bratty and childish... kinda like your typical teenager. Anyway, she rebounded off of MC onto an apparently physically abusive douchebag, so her "comeuppance" or whatever is set in stone.

There were a few other things that caught my eye, but even if they stemmed from a scene in this novel, they were more observations on Japanese culture rather than anything specific to the novel (i.e. Japanese men's weird obsession with panties, the conservative view of women as caretakers even when MC's mom is a single working mother, etc.), so it wouldn't be appropriate to delve into them here. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 25, 2024
Status: c2
This is actually a surprisingly decent read about a dude who basically tried to kill himself on the spur of the moment after being brutally and unceremoniously dumped by a virus masquerading as a human woman.

It probably won't be too much of a spoiler, but I'll tag it anyway

... more>>

After a months long struggle of deciding whether or not he wants revenge on the subhuman scum, he realizes that he does in fact want to get back at it (yes, it, not her). He does so in the best way possible: by proving that he can be happy without it polluting his life.


I'm sure it'll be a good read, but it could drop the ball immensely by showing the virus forgiveness like with what happened in love glasses a few months back, but I'll choose to remain optimistic (against my better judgement) and believe that this won't do an episode length super saiyan transformation scene just to get tr*sh. Also, this doesn't seem to be a harem. Though the operative word here being seem, so it could still be ruined that way as well. <<less
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