Deserted Island Survival Notes


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YeZheng and Frank, alongside with other students from the school, travel to the Mediterranean and the Bahamas for summer camp. As they ponder around the cruise, a sudden breakdown happens… A story of romance and love, but at the same time the cruelty of survival…

Addon by a reader: The synopsis above is a little misleading since basically the entire story is just about YeZheng and her daily survival in a new environment (and her merman ofc whom I adore). Those students and the circumstances prior to her encountering the merman and his world are completely irrelevant. I could be wrong but it seems she somehow ended up in a completely different world altogether (never explained how or anything) since she never encounters another human and the plants and stuff are weird

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Huang Dao Sheng Cun Shou Ji
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FlufflyLittleRabbit rated it
December 3, 2019
Status: Completed
Five star for this story! I happened to finished reading this novel many months ago and I really love the cuteness of the mermaid male lead here and the interaction of the couple! 🥰 There are only few chapters so I won't spoil the story. You can give a try to read and please don't be discourage upon seeing the rating of this story because this is really good story--although the summary here seems not like catchy.

Thank you translator for translating this novel!
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