Descent of the Demon Master


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He had always wished to live a new, ordinary life. That was his one and only wish.

But the world did not allow him to.

‘I wanted to live ordinarily, but you’re the ones who provoked me first!’

Who was the one who provoked the sleeping lion first?

It’s now time to witness the great Demon Master’s reproval of the modern times!

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08/13/22 Wuxiaworld c68
08/12/22 Wuxiaworld c67
08/11/22 Wuxiaworld c66
08/10/22 Wuxiaworld c65
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08/08/22 Wuxiaworld c63
08/07/22 Wuxiaworld c62
08/06/22 Wuxiaworld c61
08/05/22 Wuxiaworld c60
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08/02/22 Wuxiaworld c57
08/01/22 Wuxiaworld c56
07/31/22 Wuxiaworld c55
07/30/22 Wuxiaworld c54
07/29/22 Wuxiaworld c53
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New LKADity
August 8, 2022
Status: c19
I have an eerie feeling of knowing the story as I read this and it turned out I had read the manhwa version a long time ago, and knowing I will dropped it later so I also stop reading from now on.

TBF it certainly interesing until the point whee

MC' enter mandatory military service arc

and from there or even before that, it felt like slog to continue reading
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