Depths of the Otherworldly Labyrinth (WN)


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An ordinary kid by the name of Aikawa Kanami winds up in a fantasy world operated by RPG video game rules—but this isn’t good news. He awakes in the bowels of a gargantuan death trap called the Dungeon. Narrowly escaping thanks to his grit, cunning, and newfound arsenal of magic spells and skills, he wants nothing more than to get back home to Earth and the invalid sister who needs him. His only lead? It’s said that whoever makes it to the hundredth and final level can have any wish granted. In his desperation, Kanami cooks up the most efficient means of clearing the Dungeon and lies his way into a partnership of expediency with an aspiring swordfighter who’s rubbish with the blade but unbelievably skilled at magic. Kanami’s cool determination, however, is soon put to the test when he and his new comrade are faced with a surprise boss fight. How far will he go in order to emerge victorious?

Associated Names
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Aim for the Deepest Part of the Different World Labyrinth
DUNGEON DIVE: Aim for the Deepest Level
Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou
Let's Aim for the Deepest Part of the Otherworldly Labyrinth
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BlackHat88 rated it
February 19, 2016
Status: --
I'm at ch6 atm

Seems quite promising, doesn't look like the dumb harem stuff we usually get with game like setup so far. The story looks more mature and maybe darker as well. Let's hope it stays good.
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dannykim1130 rated it
April 23, 2022
Status: c100
Originally a light novel reader here whose coming back to read the wn, hoping that it gets past the 4th volume in terms of content (around chapter 100 of the web novel). Unlike the ln translations, reaper scans are a great translation site, so the quality is guaranteed. To make sure the content wasn't too different, I read the wn MTL translations for this review.

The first 65 chapters are quite enjoyable; character motivations are clear, the plot is enjoyable, and for the most part, the story feels grounded. The author... more>> clearly has a vision for this novel, and executes it decently. The whole novel has an air of mystery around it, both in terms of why he's here and the nature of his abilities. The story is more mature; it does get darker as the chapters increase but has enough of a balance with more heart felt moments that it doesn't feel too dark. Overall, It has an interesting premise and plot progression, a solid 8/10.

However, at around chapter 65-70, the story takes a sudden and major dark turn; the setting and characters as we know it gets completely flipped over. This is where that mind control tag comes in, and it isn't pretty.


The protagonist and party loses, and characters we know either gets killed off or become guinea pig pawns by being mind broken and transplanted with fake memories. Chapter 71 starts with the main character believing that the person who mind broke him is his savior. The MC is in a completely new kingdom, with a completely different cast around him and motivations. The MC and the other mind broken characters have drastically different personalities, and coupled with a new setting, feels like a different light novel


The problem with this sudden turn is that it was not executed and built up well, and is an extreme turn off because 1) the turn has several themes which are extremely unappealing 2) it does not get resolved anytime soon, and we are left with that setting for the forseeable future 3) the focus of the story shifts away from what originally made the story appealing into something else, with the original motivations of the characters messed up. This part is where I suspect a lot of readers will drop the novel. In essence, the story gut punches you at chapter 70 and if you manage to stomach that, leaves you blue balled for at least another 50 chapters. Given the 16 ln releases and some 600 chapters, it must have been damn good at making it up to the reader, hence why I'll track this in hopes of getting past that hump.

All in all, I'll leave this as a 4/5 as that's the quality of what it is right now and in hopes of generating enough interest to keep this translation going. However, I leave this warning about chapter 70 so people know what to expect before getting slapped by it. <<less
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Zahawk rated it
November 1, 2022
Status: c53
MC has fallen in love with a 3yr old... because she has a perfect body and a youthful personality? Ok then...

Honestly read any other novel and you can understand the thought process of the MC, this novel? Not to mention the above but he flips out over nothing multiple times a minute at points in the story, his main driving force is so weak that he constantly forgets about it and puts it off despite its urgency not to mention his goal and everything he’s working towards is based... more>> on a rumour made up by the locals to inspire interest in the dungeon clearing...

despite this train wreck of a MC the author has at least created a varied cast and complex enough back stories and world building to hook in the reader, with the predictable drag of a plot to clear the 100floors and next to no focus on combat and scenery for most of those floors the only plot worth sticking around for is the world building and varied side characters as the main dungeon clearing has been bland at best...

overall? I’d say give it a read, it’s only 53 chaps so far, and actually pretty good! if you disregard the MC and anything he does... <<less
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