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A new urban legend of [Mobile Phone + Horror] with a mix of combat and magic.

Kanzaki Mitsuya is a high school student who enjoys video games. On one particular day of his boring life, a strange email arrives on his mobile phone. It is an invitation to the game known as [Innovate]. Out of boredom, Mitusya decides to register and participate in the game…

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Related Series
High School DxD (Shared Universe)
Dog God of the Fallen -SLASHDØG- (Shared Universe)
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01/23/19 zxzxzx v1c5
01/23/19 zxzxzx v1c4
11/12/18 zxzxzx v1c3
11/05/18 zxzxzx v1c2
10/08/18 zxzxzx v1c1
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