Demon King’s Political Marriage


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Legend says, that there is a great demon, who is the human kind’s public enemy. He is the galaxy federations’ nightmare as he wanted to conquer the whole universe. On the first day, he completely took out the human fleet, plunging them into disorder. On the second day, he declared that he will wipe out the whole federation. On the third day, he declared——that the hero who shot him in their previous battle must marry him, or else, he will destroy everything.

The galaxy federation president and the council members had a long meeting after that. They decided to dispatch a soldier, Wu Xing Yun, and marries him off to the arrogant demon. Wu Xing Yun was once a hero who fought for the nebula, and henceforth, he was tasked—— for the sake human race and the universe’s peace, to eliminate mistresses, settle his matters with the mother-in-law, and fix the man’s crooked ways.

Wu Xing Yun was very perplexed when he asked his commanding officer: “Sir, why did it have to be this way?”

Commanding Officer: “Soldier, bear in mind, that this mission of yours, is for the sake of the universe and mankind’s happiness. You must hold on to your husband, and fight other mistresses! Do you have the confidence to accomplish this task?”

Wu Xing Yun, stood straight, saluted, and instinctively replied: “Sir, yes sir! I will accomplish this task!”

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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
December 11, 2018
Status: Completed
I am very delighted to be the first to post a review.

first thing first. This is not a polygamy story it is definitely a 1v1. The fact that the MC stayed true to his beliefs are a relief and sometimes irritating, but you'll realize that that's how he grew up and understand things, that's how his character was molded. The ML is also a great character, dont judge first by a few chapters ... more>>

dont judge by the early chapters on how he quickly fell in love with the MC (but consideding the timeline he didnt really fell that quick)


the reaso why MC was chosen as bride


he's the ml's lover from 2000 years ago, he was swallowed by a blacl hole on a fight int he current time and came to the past where earth was breaking and found the young ml


give this story a shot, I MTL'd it till the end, that's how much effort I put when I like a story

also this has

s*xy scenes but not detailed



I dont wanna put the tag MPREG (laboratory uterus) because the translated chapters are still few

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agathe rated it
February 2, 2019
Status: c77
Despite a very very poor title, this story is pretty amazing. The main character is a « good soldier « that lives by one old army motto « thinking is already desobeing ». He’s a elite warriors that take pride in his country and abide by the law and the orders he’s given with blind faith in the goodness of the decisions that are made for him. That makes him a little bit stupid when it comes to assessing his own feeling, or even worse, making important decisions. He’s intelligent,... more>> but outside of combat proficiency he’s not so « autonomous, and he’s happy with it.

for all of that, he will accept to wed the ultimate enemy of the Federation. Someone he will « never » understand, forgive, let even -love - as he has been the nemesis of mankind for no less than 2000 years. But it’s an order, énd for the good of all, he sill sacrifice.... little does he know that this will be the beginning of making him a full fledge « human « with a working heart and brain... and that will be immensely good to read.

So there we are, no rape, (thanks god), no adsurd relationship development (yeah he’s not the kind to fraternize with the enemy, which is really goo) but after a slow start there will be quite a lot of action, intrigues, slowly revealing some quite heavy policical background. It never has time to get boring as the story develope in an ever changing universe (think : there is a lot more than space op in there,). Slow discovery, and puzzle bits, will slowly but surely bring our « simple » guy, to learn so much about that very famous enemy and the very dirty secrets of his own « country ». with all hope that love will grow to infinity and beyond, despite and maybe thanks to that harsh environment

It is deep, very entertaining, and quite believable as far as humans interactions are involved (i can’t say about the science, it still sci fi ;)). There is food for the brain and for the heart.

it is not « light « by any mean, which is very satisfactory in my humble opinion, so çf you care for a good plot, by all mean, please read this.

Many thanks for the great translation that brought it our side of the world :) <<less
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Jwel rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: Completed
I love the story. At first my impression on ML is not good but once you read the story behind his hatred and what happened before war, you will love him. He acts like a bastard infront of the fedaration but it is just to fool them. He is a nice guy with a broken heart. He only love one person that is why his behavior with the MC is complicated but it will be better, I dont want to give a spolier. Dont worry he never like Ouyang :p

The... more>> MC is really good, I love his attitude and his righteousness. He is not a damsel in distress.

I really enjoyed the story on how earth was abandoned. I cried couple of times in this novel. <<less
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