Demon God


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In this world, orphans or just anyone without any hope for this world can apply to become a “walking target”. Their sole purpose is to be a practicing dummy for the students of the sect who train to become “Demon Hunters”. These students need “walking targets” to test their training on living, walking beings of flesh and blood.
In exchange, they will be provided with food & shelter.
Their existence value is lower than a slave, but if they manage to survive a few years they can receive a life long pension.

Xiao Han is such a “walking target”. One time he witnessed a powerful Demon Hunter disposing a demon. When the demon died, a fragment of the demon that managed to escape entered Xiao Han’s heart. No one saw that, and even Xiao Han himself only felt some discomfort for an instant.

But that thing in his heart soon gave Xiao Han visions, and the first one is of a cultivation method which allows Xiao Han to absorb damage to enhance his body. A perfect cultivation method for a “walking target”.

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December 4, 2016
Status: c11
Its the common reincarnation theme with a interesting twist. Its too early to make a concrete judgement so I'll leave it at a 4 for now. There are some problematic elements early on. First is the sadomasochistic tendencies the MC is developing, I'm hoping this wont stick, I don't wanna read about an MC who moans in pleasure when he's hit, its really off putting. Another thing is the flawed logic of the MC. MC beats up like 10+ disciples that should've been a higher level than him at once.... more>> An elder takes notice let's him take the inner disciple exam, MC decides to hide his strength and barely passes. WHAT? Then is surprised at the average treatment he gets (pills, resources, etc). So the MC sacrificed better resources and protection from jealous discples for no real reason other than "avoiding trouble" with said disciples. 3 reasons this made me angry. 1 I'm positive the MC will get bullied since he was an ex-punching bag turned disciple (cliche arrogant and prideful cultivator's bound to "teach him a lesson"). 2 He beat up multiple people at a much higher level than average but he shows a barely average talent on purpose, won't he easily be discovered by? 3 He put himself at a loss, he could've risen up quickly and had more resources. But its only the beginning so I'm hoping this won't repeat. <<less
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sk8late rated it
August 18, 2016
Status: --
Interesting story so far premise is relatively unique, their are plenty of characters who start of as a punching bag but this one it kind of by choice.

It is very early so can't be sure yet what it is like but the chapters out so far seem promising
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