Define The Relationship


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Carlyle’s family has always been in control of things, especially marriage and love. One day Carlyle was diagnosed as an insensitive person. Carlyle was told to have s*x with anyone but Omegas. He was then introduced to Ash Jones. Surprisingly, Carlyle and Ash had kissed each other 6 years before on New Year’s Eve.

“I’m doing this because of Nick’s request. You don’t have to worry, I won’t fall for someone like you, anyway.”

Ash obviously can’t remember Carlyle. Ash seems to have someone he can’t forget. At the place where they met each other officially, Carlyle made Ash angry with his statement. Even though Carlyle is sure of himself that he won’t like Ash, he starts to give his heart to Ash eventually.

Whilst to Ash, Carlyle is just his s*x partner.

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디파인 더 릴레이션십
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6 Reviews

May 04, 2022
Status: Completed
This is soooo good!!!
Excellent character and relationship development. I will protect Karlyle with my life. Ash Jones is the sexiest man EVER. Top Tier smut!!!

[Edited after finishing the side stories]
The way the author wrote Karlyle's (mc) struggles to depart from the role that society and his family (as*hole grandfather) have put on his shoulders as the one whose only purpose is to eventually mate with a suitable omega to breed a dominant alpha, because anything else is a failure for an alpha in the Frost family, inevitably stemming... more>> serious intimate issues, was a very pleasant surprise.

Yes, it has smut. TOP TIER SMUT!!!!!😌😌😌😌 Yes, I know that I already said that in the first few sentences, and I could really do a 10 page essay about their ruts but I am just gonna say is mind blowingly good!!!!!!! Yet, it is also highly introspective. The best part of the book is actually their monologues. I have also laughed a lot. Karlyle is just babey. 😍💞 And then, there is Ash. Ash Jones. Heterochromia has never been sexier!!😌 The man exudes s*x appeal as if it was carbon dioxide coming from his lungs in every breath😅, and is addicted to give nape kisses. Everything about him just makes me weak on the knees.

"Ash Jones loves beautiful things. He has seen countless beautiful things in his life. And the man's smile that Ash witnessed that day was by far the most beautiful of all he had seen. He couldn't take his eyes off it."

What? An ABO story with a romantic alpha and realistic descriptions of a relationship? YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!

I love this book!!! Despite being mostly a very romantic book with insanely high dosages of smut, Define the Relationship doesn't pretend that everything will magically be perfect as soon as you confess your love (and subsequently also find you are indeed loved back). We all have baggage. In the side stories, the author explores what happens after saying I love you in a relationship. Ash has issues with trust in prior relationships. Karlyle has deep rooted insecurities that make him look down on himself often and spiral out of control because of his habit of just silently accept everything. It is wonderful because it explores how daunting can be to realize that you need to constantly work on a relationship. And how hard it is grasp how to do it.

And yet, their love is so beautiful!😍


"Ever since he realized that Karlyle looked down on himself, he tried for him not to think that way.. Either way, it was the assumption that broke Ash's heart. Because he wouldn't want anyone other than Karlyle. As if it had slowly penetrated into his life, Karlyle had eroded all the elements that made up the human being called Ash. The act of burying his nose in his soft and smooth neck and inhaling his body, like the gentle scent of flowers, of melting his hard and cold hands with his own warmth, and of making them white because of him. Seeing a smile was now something Ash had to do without missing a day.."


On a very important side note, I dont think I've read a better proposal. *Sobs intensely*

I love Ash and Karlyle to pieces!!!💖💖💖

Just read it, please. Read it for a great omegaverse story that focuses on building a relationship!! <<less
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Jul 02, 2022
Status: Completed
English isn't my first language, so I've translated this.

Excellent character development throughout the volumes and side stories, because it's not only the individual growth of the MC and Ash, it's also of their relationship. The author gives that realism to the relationship even after the "I love you". I think what I love most about this work is Karlyle's monologues and introspection, you feel like you can be in his shoes, feel what he feels and immerse yourself in it. I loved it.

Top tier smut btw
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Oct 01, 2022
Status: Completed
now this is what you call 'classic romance novel'. Everything screams authentic dramatization of feelings, character development is spot on. Definitely the only 's*x friends' story i'll approved of. I'm not even the slightest bit disgusted on the ABO setup of the novel. Usually I am, given the numerous plotless smut kr novels adapted out there. Regarding this one, it falls between smut and boy's love, because, don't get me started with the proper treatment of the ML to the MC, but their dynamic really makes you think yeah, 'define... more>> this relationship'. I think we all know the answer lol. And the way the making love scenes are described, is making your stomach churn inside. (Freaking hot, by the way)

the slow pacing won't make you bored at all. Honestly the main couple's interaction makes you want for more. The teases, the bond, and the small details just when they were together. The seme is very keen in uke's gestures and sharp enough to interpret correctly what it means, while the uke is the type that observe the seme's gestures and question what it means.

the conflict is realistic, with the typical push and pull scenario. Thing is, it's self realization done right. No unnecessary dialogues, mature and with depth. And it didn't drag on, drama is not over the top to the point that it's cringe.

you definitely can't call this yaoi. I mean, this masterpiece right here. I think the standard of a good read is the one who prick your heart and leads you in a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The one you can picture in your head and the one where they make you think they deserved a good fight for their happy ending. Wonderful. <<less
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Aug 27, 2022
Status: c2 part2
Thank you for translating it, it’s one of my favourite ABO's, I really like that MC seems like a stereotypical cool CEO type but he’s actually really shy and insecure. At the same time he’s a bottom and not a tsundere. Really really rare type of character.
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Aug 19, 2023
Status: Completed
Ahh I liked this so much! MC, Carlyle, is super adorable. You can tell that the author has put a lot of thought into his character. Even though the story contains some angst, bear with it a little and the following sweetness will make you feel that it was worth it.

The spicy scenes are very descriptive so it's better to read this where someone can't look over your shoulder. 😂 The story has a happy ending and is straightforward with maybe some curves along the way.

Of note: The plot was ~4... more>> stars but the spice 😏 <<less
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Jan 15, 2023
Status: Completed
Probably one of my favorite ABO novel hands down. The slowburn, the angst, ugh. I love everything about it <3 I just wish we get more wooing from Ash but it's still good.
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