Defeated By Love


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Many years later, on a rainy night. Shu Nian met Xie Ruhe again.

The man was sitting in a wheelchair, half of his face was covered by shadows and he had a set of peach blossom eyes with deep double eyelids. He obviously had a passionate face but his expression was as cold as ice.

Shu Nian held her umbrella and called out to him in uncertainty. Then, she said. “Did you not bring an umbrella? How about I—”

Xie Ruhe’s eyes drooped, he didn’t finish listening to her and went straight into the light rain.

Later, Shu Nian came out of the bakery holding a kraft paper bag. In a blink of an eye, the rain had turned heavy, pounding on the concrete floor.

Xie Ruhe appeared from nowhere, holding an umbrella as he stood beside her. Seeing her look over to him, he asked. “Do you have an umbrella?”

Shu Nian nodded and took out an umbrella from her bag. The next moment, Xie Ruhe stretched out his hand to close his umbrella and blankly said: “Mine is broken.”


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7 Reviews

Feb 21, 2021
Status: Completed
I unexpectedly stumbled on this gem and I'm happy that I could read it all.

The synopsis of the story leaves you with a feeling of an old cliche where the leads had separated and met again, found love again, but this story while using that trope is so much more.

There were times I was bawling my eyes out. It's such a bittersweet story to read. You fall in love with the characters, read about their life and grow to experience their feelings, empathising with them, feeling injustice for them.

Both the... more>> leads are very beautiful people. I have only seen very few such strong FLs as the one in this story. So broken but still working towards improvement. The ML is definitely a very good man. I can only hope there are more people like him who can help their loved ones, accept everything about them and help them move on.

While there are wonderful characters all around, there are some (one) very tr*shy people, who very much reflect the thinking of our society. Blaming and shaming the victims. It makes it so hard for you to read, but at the same time makes everything much more relatable and true.

Please if you get the chance, read the story. It's a really slow read but for a very good reason. You find yourself immersed in this world even before you yourself realise it.

A gem for sure. <<less
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Apr 26, 2021
Status: Completed
What a beautiful read.

It brings out lots of emotions and it is really raw and real. It is not an easy read, the development is slow paced but it is what makes the story so fascinating.

I just couldn’t stop reading.

... more>> The characters are flawed but at the same time, they are absolutely beautifully written.

This is not a fairytale style story of love. It is about two childhood friends who loved each other deeply, but due to life circumstances they lost contact and encountered really harsh life situations and sort of overcome them by themselves, but later on, they meet again and support each other wholeheartedly to improve their circumstances and eventually fall in love.

MC is incredibly strong, she is ultimately herself, she does not pretend and she is always looking towards improving herself and looks as the world as good. She is stubborn, extremely rational and honest. She is a really unique MC.

ML is amazing, he is extremely loyal and caring and he loves her a lot. He is always capable on putting her first and accommodating her needs. He knows when to be patient, when to be flirty, when to just be present and not overwhelm her.

The side characters also add a nice touch to the story, specially their families. Although there’s a disgusting character, everyone else has flaws but are relatable.

I love how it’s all about MC and ML and their journey. At the first half, she is his light and later on, he is her light. They only care about each other and that is what makes it beautiful.

I highly recommend you read it.

This author is amazing. I loved ‘Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide It’ and I’ve reread it countless times. <<less
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Jul 20, 2021
Status: Completed

Flashbacks paint the story of an unlikely friendship developing between two thirteen year olds- the gloomy poor student and a bright girl who is serious and sincere to a fault. Neither had a best friend before the other. No one really understands their friendship.


Ten years later is where the bulk of the story is set. Long separated with little knowledge of where their lives have led, our leads meet at a time when both are shadowed by past traumas.


Strangely although this story is about love healing you, in this case the author focused more on how it can motivate you to want to heal. A much more realistic if still sometimes flawed in execution interpretation of that trope.


The world and secondary characters are very well developed.

My only personal gripe was there were a couple of weakly deployed antagonists. Felt like canon fodder instead of people. They had a purpose to the story, and only one self annihilated but his arc and the things one Lead used to destroy him seemed way too overwrought. Although the dissection of what led to his downfall and other extreme behaviors was well done. After the fact.


The flashbacks to their childhood building up to the reveals of the various experiences they've lived was what elevated this story from a sweet comedy of two odd ducks falling in love to something just a bit more.

More heartfelt. More engaging. More tragic. More hopeful. More thoughtful. Just more of everything that makes a romance good.


their traumas could be triggering due to descriptions of violence, loss, PTSD, torture, abduction, etc.


Highly recommend this story.
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Aug 13, 2021
Status: c23
I gave this a go but have to stop. FL is terribly boring as a main character. She has few emotions save for anxiety, no reactions and just overall flat. As the saying goes, a boring character makes for a boring narrative. And ML is a stereotype of every stereotypical ML in Cnovels.
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Aug 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Actually like the first 10 chapter or more, the novel is really boring. But when it reach middle, it let me completely hooked. My most favorite things in this novel is when ML try to comfort FL. The words that ML said really let me hooked. The words he said isnt reasonable but it makes sense. I mean it really broaden my horizon that someone could comfort with that words. Kudos for the author. This is one of the ML not reasonable but makes sense words :

ML : So you... more>> will leave alone to hospital?

FL : *clenched her hand and feel depress and dont want to be alone but feel that she will burden ML cause of her ilness*

ML : So you will leave me alone at home?

FL : Huh? (๏ ̄๏) <<less
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Jun 28, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a good read. Modern, slow pacing bit more of a drama.

Both the FL and ML had a bad experience. ML can't walk due to a car accident and FL was a survivor of abduction and suffered torture for a week

From highschool till they met again. It was a gradual progress from them and very realistic as to how coming from their perspective would choose to fall in love knowing the FL mental condition. It's just few chapters, so finish it. It's a good one
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Aug 20, 2023
Status: Completed
MTLed the rest of the chapters because I couldn't wait anymore. Huhu. But, I want to thank translator-nim for their efforts.

This was definitely heavier than her other novels as both of the leads were victims of life. It was heartbreaking, tragic, and sad. But, what I loved about this was they both persevered to become better through each other's support and company. It was a long journey of healing, but it was all worth it.

I cried when they finally and genuinely became happy because they both deserved all the happiness... more>> in the world. <<less
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