Deep Sea Embers


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On that day, the fog blocked everything.

On that day, he became the captain of a ghost ship.

On that day, he stepped through the thick fog and confronted a completely subverted and fragmented world— the old order had vanished, strange phenomena dominated the endless seas beyond civilized society, and isolated island city-states and fleets of ships challenged the sea that had become the last ember of lights for the civilized world. All of this while the shadows of the old days were still stirring in the deep sea, waiting to devour this world that was about to die.

But for the new captain of the ghost ship Vanished, there was only one question he had to consider first — Who knows how to steer this ship?!

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New Ayane rated it
June 20, 2024
Status: c666
Neat worldbuilding and mysteries. This is one of those stories whose quality is made apparent by the comment section on the chapters. Every so often some random commenter theorizes a wall of text, or there's a comment chain pointing out subtle hints or intricacies in the story. This is also one of the rare series that (as of CH666 at least) consistently puts in a good dash of good humor every so often. One moment I appreciated was having a chapter end with characters on land discussing the terror of... more>> Alice Guillotine, and the next chapter begins with a goofy Alice on the ship.

In all fairness I don't like that some characters have a formulaic interaction with MC (i.e. MC and Shirley's interactions are mainly repetitions of the "do your homework" gag. MC and Nina is just Nina hugging him smiling), and I'm not a fan that overall every new character follows the scared of MC before realizing otherwise and ending up in warm sappy relationship with him.

The mystery plots are also a bit loose. I don't always feel completely "satisfied" with how everything is resolved. There are also issues such as the story making a huge deal about a key revelation

the nun's mu*der occurring earlier than expected

, but the revelation doesn't have any significance.

However, this is a good enough series that I don't care about the flaws. I'm excited to read the rest. <<less
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New Alixiron rated it
May 31, 2024
Status: c666

  1. Completely unique world building which is gradually unveiled.
  2. Morally good protagonist who also doesn't hold back against evildoers.
  3. All characters are generally competent and not nerfed to make MC look better.
  4. Misunderstandings do not linger for long because MC is really good at communicating.
  5. Has pretty good horror every so often.

  1. Chapters can be a bit repetitive and overtly descriptive.
  2. Mysteries are sometimes layered way too much before finally getting resolved.
Overall recommend reading especially if you got tired of reading template isekai/xianxias.
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hypersniper159 rated it
August 28, 2022
Status: c229
So I read the raws so maybe my understanding is a bit off. My thoughts at chapter 35:

The characters... I trust the author to make them interesting mainly because not everything revolves around the MC, not every chapter is about the MC and we see other characters interacting with one another. For me, it shows that the author is thinking about the side characters. which is a spectacular start for a novel. In turn...

The plot; I can tell it will be a slower-paced novel. In terms of making a plot... more>> line, only two main events happened so far, 35 chapters in. okay maybe 3. The author spends time asking the reader questions, tbh I think the author asks too many questions since they all kinda imply one another but that's fine.

As for the worldbuilding..., it's odd. It's a mystery so ofc there are hidden things but it feels like everything besides the mystery is forgotten about. If the mystery was only about characters' past, there would be no worldbuilding, But still, the world is interesting.

Sep. 3, 22- c100- so I read the raws to chapter 100, the plot accelerated like no tomorrow and I think it is amazing. The world building, I don't see how it's different and the characters are a tad disappointing, I didn't realize it back then, but the MC is always there which kinds dims the side characters out. It's not bad, by any means, but still disappointing.

11/19/22- c229- So a lot of people are comparing this to LotM. I have read LotM 3 times and I don't think they are comparable for a few reasons.

1) The way they use Eldritch horror is way different.

LotM focuses on things that should be seen and known while DSE focuses on it being indescribable.

2) This isn't a mystery compared to LotM. LotM is very much plot focuses and doesn't favor its characters, and this story does really favor its characters, a lot. However, the characters are blank slates so the author can draw whatever they want on them. In LotM they are not entirely blank, but it wasn't the focus at all. The characters shine the most at the very end of the story, but even then its a super dim light.

3) The way they use the magic system in the world building. The magic system is inherent and will be a plot point like LotM. They both use eldritch horror, however they differ with a) how much they focus on it, b) when it will be discovered c) its impacts. Another difference is

4) the exposition- DSE has raw and 'weird' exposition while in LotM its Klein figuring out everything. Finally,

5) the pacing of the plot, aka "action beats", this is a way slower novel, but much easier to read, while LotM is fast and isn't always the clearest. <<less
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WinByDying rated it
June 6, 2023
Status: c1
This novel makes you care about and/or enjoy the various characters playing a role in the story. That on its own makes this novel one of the best on this site. Plenty of other good things about it, just dive in!

Harem vibes, seriously? Don't project. The relationships don't feel romantic, Duncan gives an impression more like a mix of babysitter, employer and dad.
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Demonlord1413 rated it
May 16, 2023
Status: c117
The novel is good, but I can't help but notice the lack of a male side character. Most pov is the MC and a bunch of female characters. While they are male ones like Morris, goat head and dog... But I feel like they're just extra. It really giving the harem vibe right now.
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rhianirory rated it
January 16, 2023
Status: c500
its an interesting concept in a world with a lot of potential and space to make it into something great. I don't mind the sometimes slow pace because the world-building and mysteries have been fun to explore.

... more>>

i like that this MC knows he's powerful and makes the conscious choice to retain as much of his humanity as he can while learning more about himself and his place in this world.

i also love that half his crew so far isn't even human; goat head, doll, demon dog, flame/ piece of the sun, etc.

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Pootischu rated it
October 8, 2023
Status: c430
This is not the tale of Duncan Abnomar, Captain of the Vanished. This is the story of mankind's final stand against the onslaught of the harbingers of end-time, of humanity's indomitable will to preserve their dying embers of a civilization.

Let's talk about other epic stories you've read in novelupdates: LotM, ORV, SCOG, EER, TCF. You have the emotional investment in the MC, in their journey to be powerful and save the world, and rarely you see the effort of anyone else to achieve the same goal. The main characters always... more>> struggle alone. In itself, this is not a bad narrative at all; you get to feel for them, to feel as strong, as resilient, as hopeful as them. By making all the characters work as hard as them, the MC ceases to be special.

Deep Sea Embers managed to showcase the divine power of the MC while not undermining what can a normal, hard-working citizen can do; in fact, what drives me in writing this review is how impeccably written is the story of side characters. We get to see how each crew have their own power, how the authority and religious government actually works towards the well-being of mankind, how each and every civilian is ready to sacrifice themselves to pass the torch of civilization. The story, while having comedic tone sometimes, is pretty full of despair; the world is dying, the remaining outpost of humanity is slowly being corrupted and destroyed by otherworldly being outside and inside (cultists), the border between reality and alternate reality is collapsing, and the sun is burning out. But in despair can we see how powerful the conviction of every and any human is.

In their despair, each citizen is capable, willing, and proud to use their body to halt the advances of supernatural forces. The priests and military, stereotypically corrupt and useless in another novels, actually put the best interest of all before their own, not hesitating to self-destruct their ships, buildings, vehicles, and even islands to prevent contamination spread. The brave explorer of the sea, realizing they have been dead 6 years prior and are merely echo of the past, shut themselves as not to corrupt their families and died once again. The ghosts of the loyal Queen's Guard shall never falter to purge any evil in their beloved city state. All of these are beautifully written, with expressive and exhaustive details.

The ultimate fantasy of modern era, humanity's union against common foe and the sacrifice of each and every being, will never be realized in our world. That's why you should read DSE. <<less
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thabuckshot rated it
October 9, 2022
Status: c60
It's good. Very similar to Lord of the mystery. The setting is steampunk and love craft, my kind of flavor. It's an Isekai, but different enough to be interesting.
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ShanaZeren rated it
May 5, 2023
Status: c434
My first written review in the years I've been a lurker here. THIS BOOK IS SO AWESOME! It's a slow burn, but the long build up never fails to give us a SUPER AWESOME SATISFYING ARC FINALE. Granted, Frost arc is still only arc 2, and the future arcs could fail BUT I HOPE IT DOESN'T. In addition, what makes this book amazing are the Captain, his Ship, and his Crew. They're such a merry and badass bunch 😂 It's fun to read their dynamics. Subspace god/pirate ghost... more>> captain/teacher plus hilariously dumb puppet, sun girl, dog-swinging girl, not-scholarly scholar, strong abnormal human (?) inquisitor, talking goathead, and maybe zombie gatekeeper 😂😂 Chaos foe The Vanished. <<less
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scottyps10 rated it
October 21, 2022
Status: c70
Recently came across this by accident and it is seriously starting to look like it could become a rival to Lord of Mysteries. I don't say that lightly. Think of LOM's world of victorian steampunk and eldritch occultism, except in this case the "cataclysm" has more of a focus on marine elements. It's got the mysteries, occultism, horror, and great characters so far.

Former middle school teacher Zhou Ming "transmigrates" into Duncan Abnomar, the captain of an ancient and legendary ghost ship Vanished. Similar to the Sefirah Castle in LOM, so... more>> far its seeming like the Vanished ship will be acting as a hub and personal domain for the MC as he explores. There's also a lot of introspection by the main character and world building with lore, an aspect I loved about LOM.

I already read all the availably translated chapters, and I gotta say, the writing and translation quality is honestly pretty amazing compared to other webnovels. It's looking like the author is setting this story up to be a very long one, so it's still very early on with only 70 chapters translated so far. Hoping this one will retain its quality as the story progresses. <<less
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Queen77 rated it
February 28, 2023
Status: --

Readers only like this because of its similarity to LOTM. It's a novel centered around mysteries and tension and I guess foreshadowing and comedy (which may have been added to make it different from Lotm[because obviously readers will compare this novel to it anyway] ? And it also just doesn't fit)

The MC does not know that he's terrifying and powerful to the outside world and he's also a bit kind (it's a very typical character setting for authors who just want an MC who's likeable) but this MC, really... more>> doesn't draw any lines which is risky since he has to watch how he acts so that that goat head on his goat does not notice that he's not the original owner.

He comes into terms with his new identity but still doesn't know who this identity is and is curious however he gets his 2nd mate or new 'lacky' a powerful doll. Overall the author knows how to set the pace but it gets a bit uninteresting.

Its suitable to read on your free time, while you're waiting for the next chapters of your favorite novel.

Overall, I think 3.9 is okay
It's not bad. <<less
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FrenchVanilla2020 rated it
February 23, 2023
Status: c190
I’ve been looking for novels that’s like Lord of mysteries and I found this. I don’t want to compare both of them because both have different charm that makes me hooked and continue reading.

Deep Sea Embers is a good novel. The only thing that that slightly tips me off is that there’s a lack of male character? I mean there’s only been 200chap translated but most of the characters the MC meet are females. Other than the father of another female character, which isn’t relevant. I know my problem isn’t... more>> relevant but I get the feeling it’s gonna end up as harem and I hope I’m wrong. (I hate harem. Each of our own I guess)

Hopefully, there’ll be some good ratio and diversity with female and male side characters. Or I might assume this planet has lost majority of their male population lol. <<less
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Takuan rated it
May 12, 2024
Status: c644
As an avid reader of light novels, I approached “Deep Sea Embers” with a sense of anticipation, lured by the promise of an underwater adventure teeming with mystery and lore. Unfortunately, the novel struggles to deliver on its premise, leaving the reader adrift in a sea of unfulfilled potential.

The world’s magic is introduced but remains confusing throughout the novel. The narrative is filled with repetitive language, making the reading experience tedious. Although the characters have some interesting moments, they’re not enough to save the plot, which lacks excitement and clear... more>> purpose. In the end, the novel doesn’t quite capture the thrilling depths it aims for, resulting in a rather shallow story.

In conclusion, “Deep Sea Embers” might serve as a passable time-killer for those willing to overlook its flaws. However, for readers seeking a deep dive into a richly crafted world, this novel may just leave them gasping for air. <<less
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chicken_person rated it
November 28, 2023
Status: c481
I'm a sucker for cosmic horror / mystery with comedy aspects, so this is right up my alley. Even though it's not perfect, I still give it 5/5 stars.

The part that really sticks out to me about this story is the worldbuilding. The entire world feels incredibly unique, the pantheon is very distinct and involved in the world's happenings, and there's actually a compelling reason for the world's technology being focused on steam power and gas/oil lighting and not advancing further.

The mystery aspects draw me in and feel well written... more>> to me. The author clearly drew a lot of inspiration from SCP for parts of it, but I don't see it as a detriment, and they managed to do so while not making a carbon copy of SCP by any means.

That being said, there are a few things that bug me a little about this story, and I think it's fair to bring them up.

One thing is that I feel like the supporting characters are more compelling and unique before they join the protagonist's camp. Something feels like it's lost about them, and they tend to become "yes men" towards whatever the protagonist wants to do.

The other main thing that comes to mind is that I don't see the need for the main character to be a transmigrator. I don't think that it actually adds much to the plot or the character. I dunno, it feels to me like something included more because transmigrator stories are popular than because it's necessary to the story.

Even though I talked about them for a while there, those negatives I see with the story don't detract much from the great worldbuilding and cosmic horror aspects. I highly recommend giving it a read. <<less
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yugmodnar rated it
March 21, 2023
Status: c219
The story style is a mix of I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey and Lord of the Mysteries. If you'd like a (mostly) slice of life novel with horror elements this is really great. It's also very predictable so I wouldn’t recommend this if that’s a dealbreaker for you.

I only hope that the protagonist becomes more proactive about exploring the mysteries of the world. The author has a good balance between plot progression and character interactions but it can get a little monotonous occasionally.
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King Simp
King Simp rated it
February 14, 2023
Status: c182
I started reading this novel after I finished Lord of Mysteries as an "timefiller" until the next book of Lord of the Mysterie is getting published.

But after roughly 40 chapter my perception of this novel changed, its not any kind of cheap counterfeit of the typical mysterie novel but it rather tries to come up with its own gimmics (which works quite well).

For example the MC is not the most insane calculator in the world who knows exactly what he has to say to get a certain response, in a... more>> way the MC is more "humane" in this novel and he response and questions like a normal humanbeing would do it. T

The worldbuilding is also really well done, with a lot of longterm secrets to explore the mysterious world. You also have a good ballance between godlike creatures, gods and some other forces which didnt got explained that much till know.

The character are all written very good and it seems like that they all work for their own goal and are not just a stepping stone for the MC.

Sorry for the bad quality Im not writing comments that often <<less
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albreo rated it
September 19, 2022
Status: c43

This one is a rare genuine novel. The story is mainly focused on MC's speculation regarding all the occult occurrences around him and exploration of the vast boundless sea. Less fighting, more questions. Why he was here? What are gods above and below? Where all the technological advancements go?

The world-building is fantastic and very detailed. The writing is great and doesn't feel like an info dump at all when there's so much lore to keep track of. All of his companions are weird in the head and inclined toward comedic... more>> nature which might not be suitable in the long run, we will see.

The translation is top-notch. <<less
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Sunfei rated it
April 17, 2024
Status: c300
I would say that this novel is really good. The atmosphere, the tension, and the mystery is all well done. But why 4 stars you might ask? Well there are 2 things that bother me.

The first thing is almost all important character is female. I don't mean it will be a harem because I can't see this will be going to that direction. But it just bother me, I'm not being misogynist, I would say the same thing if it's the opposite.

The second is, no important character has died so... more>> far. Maybe it's fine if this a lighthearted novel, but this isn't. I would pick lotm for comparison because this novel possess a lot of similarities. So, for comparison there are 3 important character in lotm that died in the first arc, but this novel? There are zero, I've reached 300 chapter and there are zero character that was killed. This makes the novel less serious and intense. <<less
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victime4 rated it
November 15, 2023
Status: c251
This story is redundant when it requires it to be concise and brief, and conversely when it requires it to be extensive and well explained. 200 chapters for a single arc in which after solving some mysteries, 10 more are generated.

Mysteries. What this story is about. They are interesting. The problem is that the protagonist spends all his time developing theory after theory continuously. Over and over again. Most of the story is the protagonist thinking about theories about world issues. And since the world is the craziest thing ever... more>> imagined, there is little chance that you will solve things, you will have to wait for history to give you several clues. In short, solving the mysteries is not rewarding, but frustrating, because trying to solve them yourself makes your head hurt and watching how the cast of characters solve them makes you despair of waiting, all for an anticlimactic ending. Maybe it bothers me so much because the protagonist has no goal other than solving mysteries.

Aside from the mysteries, the story has some slice of life moments, which, personally, are my favorites.

In short, it is an interesting story told very slowly and sometimes poorly told. <<less
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bakaemon rated it
September 9, 2023
Status: c401
It is even more approachable and still hold that impeccable quality compare to Lord of the Mysteries. But unlike that more popular title, this novel doesn't focus on the weak to strong aspect and power scaling, since we are actually following a perspective of a godlike entity. However, the primary anticipant of mystery, exploration didn't get lost unlike LotM. It's actually the soul of this story. It's about unraveling the world that is tethering on the abyss of chaos and madness, the triumph and resilient of humanity in the dark... more>> time of eldritch monstrosities, otherworldly temptations. Yet, the comedic undertones still managed to make me chuckled, in a way similar to one particular title "I'm Really A Demon God's Lackey" did.

A genuine solid 5/5. It ensnared me from beginning to end with that exquisite English grammar and vocabulary, and the unmatched detailed description that makes the world alive. <<less
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orchid5642 rated it
April 2, 2023
Status: c230
Straight 5

it give lotm vibes. But it's just the vibe because there's so many different that make it stand up indiferently.

there's many part of this story that I really like.. The ghost ship is so cool and so does our ghost captain.

the humour is good, the storyline is better than most novel out there, and the best part is this does have filler so far with a very satisfying end of actions.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BrokenFrog rated it
November 6, 2022
Status: c83
Like everyone else, I also find it similar to Lord of Mysteries. From what I've read so far this series seems to have a good worldbuilding and nice occult/cosmic horror/mystery setting. There is a bit of comedic undertone but it does not feel that out of place and the translation quality is fine
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