Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)


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Suzuki, an adult programmer, suddenly notices that he’s been thrown into a different world while wearing a casual clothes at level 1. He gained high levels and treasures after using the 3 times use-disposable-magic, Meteor Shower, at once. After that he intends to do different world “sightseeing tours”?

He meets 3 beast girls, beautiful purple and black haired sisters, and an eccentric blonde haired elf girl along with various people during his trip. Although there are occasional fighting with demons and demon lords, this is a heartwarming fantasy story at heart.

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Death Marching to the Parallel World Rhapsody
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July 9, 2016
Status: v14c14
MC is a transported person, but he is not the only one, and there are people who reincarnated too

The novel is slow paced, and not too heavy

At first, you'll be like "Oh, this MC gonna kill demon lords", but then you'll be like "What kind of food will the MC make?"

A novel that needs 5+ chapters to search for ingredients and 1 to 2 chapters to kill demon lords
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neogamer rated it
July 4, 2016
Status: v14c12
Satou is so OP he makes even Xianxia MCs look weak. Also its official he will be forever cursed with lolis. Though he has a few non-lolis but its a matter of time til lolification it seems. Also read the comments as they are just as amusing as the series. Satou 2016.
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BlackRevenant rated it
June 24, 2016
Status: --
Overall, a good read, I really enjoyed this Web novel. The simple fact that the MC is so powerful but has no desire to be the center of attention like most novels of this type. No he is not the Hero. No he does not want to be the Hero. And he is more than willing to keep it that way. Slice of life, and his desire to just "be" while seeing this new world he is stuck in. Too bad it has some goddammit annoying ass loli c*ckblocking mind... more>> controlling f*cking tag alongs. Basically I got fed up with these types of characters hindering the MC, and some events that happen later is vol7 I think? MC suddenly gets a title and some stalkers.

Dunno if it keeps going, but I've had enough of the loli and I really can't stomach anymore.

Rev <<less
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Dream Seeker rated it
June 24, 2016
Status: v12
When the sugar rush dies down, then you realize this isn't a healthy treat. While the initial beginning of this novel were quite promising with compelling plot was along slice of adventures, but he becomes nothing less then garbage as the story goes on. It shouldn't be taken lightly when I say no the author has no concept of character development. Indeed the characters here are worst then tropes as they seem to have no personality which is sad, because at the beginning there was something, but like I said... more>> now there's nothing. This kinda disappoint read, so I not sure I could recommend this one, but the quality and quantity of the translation is something you not want to pass. So maybe give this one a try <<less
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June 18, 2016
Status: v12c7
I liked how the main character was overpowered but he never shows it and pretends to be extremely weak, which is fine but it just gets so boring. Don't even mention the parts where he pretends to be another person and they all start talking about business only. Then the fact that the Main character is so naive and doesn't want to kill anyone. This would have been a good novel but the MC just screwed it up.
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May 30, 2016
Status: v2c3
Wanted to like this and had high hopes since I saw that it was picked up as a manga too but had to drop at V2C3. Had potential with typical transworld, OP stuff but I have to agree with the other negative reviews that the OP-ness and skill leveling makes no sense whatsoever. Character development is really poor, characters just fade in and fade out and side characters do nothing to advance the plot. Not worth reading : (
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May 16, 2016
Status: v13c32
I've been following this series since the translation started more or less, and only just read some of the reviews people have left... and geez its disappointing. First off, I'll give an overview of the main contents.

MC is OP. Typical japanese setting right? WRONG. This MC isn't just "OP". Other isekai MCs are OP as in, they're top tier strong and only a handful of ultra OP genius types like other heroes or maous can compete with them. Satou in Death March however, is sooooo ridiculously OP that among... more>> the heroines, its almost common knowledge that he could just create his own super advanced country without breaking a sweat if he felt like it, among other feats. Demon lords are lv 100ish typically, for some of the old and powerful ones. Satou is lv300+.

This is NOT a story about fighting and struggling to overcome hardships with comrades. This is NOT a shounen story where the MC powers up to protect his allies in a certain death situation. This is NOT a serious story where main characters could get killed by some random evil guy for hype. This is a relaxed story of a guy who is God-tier OP, who is journeying and exploring the alternate world as a merchant and a traveler, along with some s*aves and other companions. He views most of the heroines as daughters since they're lolis, but he isn't the dense typical japanese protagonist either. He frequents the red light districts and brothels (though these aren't explicitly mentioned later on and only implied most of the time) and even picks up on the feelings of most heroines.

As you might imagine, there is indeed a lot of plot, and even if he is OP through the roof, he is a calm and intelligent MC that doesn't just resort to overpowering his enemies and violence. He is a noble who is trying to remain as modest as possible. He conceals his heroic actions of killing demon lords as a separate masked hero persona, and so on. He wants to, as much as possible, live a carefree happy life with those that are important to him.

Do NOT bother with this series if you are looking for the ecchi 18+ type harems (since all relations are with minor unnamed characters and not explicitly stated) or if you're looking for those shounen fighting style series. There is fighting, and Satou often has a major boss fight at the end of every volume, but its not like he is ever actually stressed or put under genuine threat (yet at least). Yes, it can seem boring, but the series is in its essence laid back and casual. Its meant to be healing and fun, not a thriller/suspense/fighting type where you can't wait for the hero and the maou to clash in the next volume or something. Its fun and casual. Thats where Death March wins by a mile. 5/5 my rating. <<less
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April 27, 2016
Status: --
A very nice novel to read if you want to waste time. A slice of life novel where its main plot is just the not so normal everyday life of the character.

Although its not a heartwarming story, its a lighthearted story for you to enjoy.

As part of the plot there is an epic Action not because of a blood boiling fight but due to his OPness. There will be Fluffiness and Harem but unlike most MC he is not DENSE. He just ignore them because he adheres to his own... more>> sense of morality and what I enjoy the most is the insights and perspective of other characters. There's not much of a conversation but the novel presents the point of view of other characters that allow us to know them more though not so much its very enjoyable.

In a nutshell, a novel with a normal weekdays and action pack weekends that has fluffiness every night and a happy morning, a problematic noon that made a tiring afternoon to be relieved by a midnight tryst.

= the slice of life <<less
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Ryu kang Ye
Ryu kang Ye rated it
March 12, 2016
Status: --
This novel is best fluffy romance Adventure etc but so Freaking sad and angry I feel really bored readi this Slice of like no motivation MC no goal or something just like a freaking merchant and tour guide no seriousness DAFUQ no one can par him no danger scene that where MC gonna get serious just freaking slice of like SO bored no Improvement And the thing that I must hate is 10volume still hiding his power im thinking some powerfull demon or enemy will attack him and... more>> inflict even some Hatred into his heart so that he will get a little serious but got nothing like Reading the story like there is no enjoyment or comedy just BLANK ALL no Motivation no hype no comedy Sigh if u want this kind of character and story then you may read it but if u like xianxa wuxia story u may not like this one since theres not HYPE and comedy just plain blank story T_T I hope he utleast got serious soon <<less
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libon23 rated it
February 19, 2016
Status: --
i dont know why but I dont feel bored when im reading this Novel :P, its a really good novel & I just hope the MC will be more brutal or somethin like that :D maybe have some goal or dream like becoming a king or somethin like that :P. Overall its a very refreshing novel. I do recommend this to people who's tired of reading xianxia's/wuxia's novels.
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SlashCrit rated it
February 15, 2016
Status: --
One of the most light-hearted epic stories I look forward to reading everyday, can also be called the adventures of God on earth. Have no complaints!
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ninthlite rated it
September 1, 2015
Status: --
It is a fun read as the main character's philosophy is pretty relaxed. The character can instantly become god in every skill, however the novel does not fully become a disgusting wish fulfillment novel. However so far after 200 or so chapters there is 0 character development from anyone, but I guess that is expected from a jap novel. Since this is a more of a slice of life fantasy novel I expected at least some development to keep it interesting, however the author chose instead to introduce scenes where... more>> the MC can display how godly he is to keep from stagnating.

For example three beast s*ave girls are introduced in the first few chapters, couple hundred chapters later they still have barely said anything of meaning in any single chapter. All they do is know how to say thanks, ask for food, be cute background objects. <<less
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AZureERuza rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: v18
some says death march is just a bunch of smackdab nonsense and its why we should stay away from it,

though by my opinion that nonsense-ness is the selling point of DM. Plus, everyone should give the LN a try because the storywriting is much more organized and its worth your penny (if you even have it of course)

ive been keeping track of the WN since it first translated and the translator group is awesome no comment.

Manga, not so much when you know pretty much everything. Its just to... more>> check which part is different and other discrepancies.

for LN, its more for my bookshelf collection

all in all, this is all purely on my opinion and maybe you do not have as much free time as I do, falling deeper

into the abyss, wasting my life away rereading this eldritch incarnation to have a deeper understanding of it

that is outside of normal human comprehension, though, most of us on this website is pretty immune to plotholes and OP MCs already. As Gumball once said, "when the world gave you lemon, you just have to make lemonade". Also, ptsd stays with you forever <<less
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May 10, 2020
Status: Completed
Decent story. Most of the main characters are at least likable. But entirely predictable, self-insert wish fulfillment type of isekai, but inevitably doesn't go any where interesting. Satou literally ... more>>

works to become divine to marry Aze, the high elf, but the conclusion to that arc comes literally at the end with just a couple paragraphs.

All in all, not terrible, not great. <<less
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Aislinger rated it
November 16, 2019
Status: c40
I would give it 4.5/5 if I could because that would represent my actual enjoyment of the novel
For me it was a smooth reading, all in go (took me about a week I think?)
Off the top of my head, I found the story compelling, most of the characters likable, the world and its systems well built and constructed upon as the story went on, the slice of life bits are ok despite not being my jam, I liked the "political" parts played in the first half and... more>> I missed them since the plot moved away from the courts of Shiga.
Oh, and despite the fact that he's broken OP from the very beginning, he is still gated in his OPness by some obstacles he will have to overcome

But that said..

If you're not bothered by how ludicrous the power the MC has in terms of completely breaking the world around him and every shred of common sense you could try to apply to problem solving

Casually putting the moon in his storage to solve a world crisis comes to mind

i still find the novel comes with a series of issues, and for me they were mostly revolving around the MC himself and how he awkwardly interacts with his girls and his surroundings.

Some might only have the brain cells to distinguish between an alpha male and a beta male with no inbetweens, in that case, the MC definitely is of the beta category, and honestly, I think the worst kind at that

Among the things we like or dislike about characters are the relation between how they act and how solid the reasoning behind the act was, and how relatable the choices and reasoning in themselves were
Some of them are or might be the consequence of a cultural difference

But I still find it hard to stand by the assumption that you only want ONE girl so you won't touch anybody else, but going to brothels is fine. If it's a relief service it doesn't count as sex?

some are straight up all over the place or self serving logic
The MC contradicting himself every other chapter, giving a different meaning to his own words to his convenience and purposefully playing dead to the feelings of people that love him, all the while bringing the topic of well being of the very same people comes off at the very least as alienating to some people, sometimes causing active damage to his or the girls circumstances
EX #1

He only likes girls older than him, but gets turned on by anything from his physical age onward, stops himself with the Aze almighty plot shield, then girls older than him physically appear "oh but you're still younger that my ACTUAL hidden age considering the time before my reincarnation" then there's plenty of girls around his age "oh but I'm actually into girls AT LEAST 1000 years older than me, F off, this is just bending your words to justify your choices, just say you don't want to

EX #2

"I don't want to get involved" then proceeds to get involved anyways in the most roundabout and most annoying to deal with way he possibly can, you might think he's not getting involved for the sole purpose of finding a way to make the problem harder to solve, especially in cases where it's obvious he will have to face the problem sooner or later

EX#3 (and this one could be long)

He seemingly believe he can skip around with an harem of girls that by the last chapters is entirely composed of superpowered soldiers who are also nobles, recognized as genius spell casters or warriors (and it's all on him for trying is hardest to divert the attention from himself and shoving it all to the girls) and leading/important figures of some sort, and expecting that NO ONE will try to snatch them through some political plot or pressing offers even if he doesn't CLAIM them as his, whatever the mean
As a result, Zena who was offered to him multiple times as a bride for favorable terms, ends up being used in a political ploy against him so he still has to take her as bride, without any advantage, and the girl ends up feeling used as a pawn (thankfully she didn't seem to feel like she was unwanted, which would have been even worse)
Karina's feelings (regardless if one likes her or not) end up hurt God knows how many times just cause he can't be honest with her, Sera is hurt, even more so because the feeling of being unattractive to the MC is worsened by her inferiority complex, Liza is hurt because she just wants to be useful as his spear, and yet it's only thanks to Heiron that she regains some motivation, the list could go on forever and the only development I see so far is the forming of his Knightly order at LEAST locks down the offers from military groups and such


If you didn't read the spoilers, let it suffice that he even straight lied to the one request his "true loved" made, even if it was an offer I think any man on heaven or earth would have taken, "because so"
The conclusion of this in my opinion is that some characters "routes" or developments are completely halted by the lack of a clear response from the MC, since some of them are so hung up on their love that they simply can't move on with half assed answers like "if you're still unmarried in 10 years, I will marry you" while the MC is basically hoping they give up on him in that time and is "worried" that they aren't
Not taking responsibilities of this sort, while being absolutely human, is a terrible fit for this MC that is supposedly primarily worried about having the best life along with his girls, all the while acting selfishly out of mere convenience

Let's not even get started on his 54 fake identities when the only entities in this universe that don't know who he really is are apparently the most arrogant Gods, everyone else and their mothers know fully well

Overall, I think the story and universe are just that good, and I got to like so many characters that despite a flaw I consider very big in the MC and character building this novel is still very worth reading <<less
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Lazy Lord
Lazy Lord rated it
September 1, 2019
Status: --
I've been reading this novel for a while and I can say that its a good way to pass time if you don't have anything else to read.

It's the typical isekai novel where MC gets transported to another world with awesome cheats and get to meet lots of girls (most of them turn into harem members).

The disappointing part about this novel is that it's plot is going nowhere. It already have over 600+ chapters and it's still ongoing. The MC turned so overpowered that he can easily travel worlds (though... more>> with some requirements) and beat up any enemies that comes his way. He can create holy swords like making bread and learn skills too damn fast I can't even remember half of them. By the way, the MC is also an hypocrite who goes in a roundabout way to take care of things he can easily do. (In my own opinion)

Overall it's not particularly good or bad, just don't expect anything from it cause it's mostly slice of life kind of novel. <<less
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August 28, 2019
Status: v10c1
I don't write reviews often since very few novels I've read seem like they need an objective review: They're stories to read to pass time and enjoy yourself. It's not like you're paid to read through them... drop them if you don't like them.

On with the short and simple review.
Firstly, I quite often see reviews like "The MC is boring. Most of the story is just him and his companions travelling around and living life normally. Where's the intense action? He's an MC!!" To that, I kindly remind, this... more>> is a slice of life novel. The Genres for this novel are action, adventure, fantasy, harem, and slice of life. If we were to split them up a bit, however, it would be this:

Directive Genre: Action, Adventure
Descriptive Genre: Fantasy
Life Style Genre: Harem, Slice of Life

While the story is an action/adventure story, for action, that doesn't mean that the MC has to constantly be doing something crazy like fighting, scheming or training. It just means that the novel will include (Include, not constantly having) things like fights and fast-paced content. Meanwhile, adventure means the MC is travelling rather than being in one location constantly.

Secondly, I've seen some reviews like: "He has a harem yet he isn't touching any of the women??" This is a result of not understanding the 'Harem' genre properly- 'Harem' purely means one man having multiple women attracted to him. Nothing to do with s*x or sexual activities furthermore, 'Harem' doesn't require the man to be interested in any of the woman involved. He could be completely aromantic or asexual and it would still be a harem.

Thirdly, I've seen a review which talks about how bad the game system is. While I do agree with this, the only reference to 'Game' in the tags or genres of the story, is 'Game Elements' which purely means the MC has to have a status screen.. nothing else. If we had the tags 'Reincarnated into a game world' or 'Transported into a game world' then the game system would matter... however, that system isn't the focus of the novel at all, so you shouldn't pay much thought to it.

There are a few other reviews which have questionable points, but going into each and everyone would take too long, so I'll just do a quick TLDR.

As for my personal opinion on it?

It's a very long novel (I myself am only at Volume 10, Chapter 1) which I read on and off. I've been reading it for a while now. I believe I started it in 2016, however, I didn't add it to my reading list until much later. It's not a novel I'd be able to read start to finish in one go, I'd need to read some other novels to fresh things up a bit every so often. However, it is a novel I personally enjoy reading.


It's a slice of life novel with Action/Adventure aspects. Focus only on what the tags and genres describe. If a tag isn't featured for something, that probably isn't an important aspect of the novel. If you don't like it, feel free to drop it- You're not being paid to read this novel after all... (Unless you are, in which case have fun reading 17 volumes :D) <<less
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jkmj rated it
July 8, 2019
Status: v9c17
Wow, I'm not really one who can/would read walls of texts without being bored and falling asleep. I always sleep early even when having fun playing games and watching stuff. Still, I can't believe this one actually entertained me and forced me to stay awake even past midnight!

I first encountered Death March as an anime and it intrigued me because it's strange thinking that the MC is already OP at the start, unlike other stories where the MC starts from one (1) or zero (0) and then they gradually empower... more>> themselves etc "hard work will give rewards" and all that mainstream stuff. Like the usual story stuff where the MC is weak, got almost defeated, and then simply by just thinking about his friends, family and whatnot, he somehow got more power and as expected he defeated the opponent. Then that will repeat itself again and again and again with almost no end to the number of opponents who are stronger than the MC. But here, the MC became OP in just the opening with no one seemingly capable of eliminating him! How unorthodox!

Then later on it shows how the MC try things out with his crazy abilities, how he hide his identity and abilities, how he try to have fun with everything new to him without worrying too much about everyone else not related to him. It's all just about what would an average and simple guy will do when suddenly thrown into another world with cheat like abilities. It's just crazy, much more hilarious are some people's reaction when they encounter his abnormal capabilities and how unbelievable he is. No serious stuff like saving the world or everyone in it, which is too much of a hassle). He might have done it but that is not his goal nor is he even trying to do so (I'm still at vol.9).

Next his companions, the MC is not that into romantic relationships from what I can see and I think that's fine. If he did get into one at the start or something then that may somewhat destroy his carefree adventure life and limit what he can do, so I'm cool with him not getting too deep into that because if he did, the story might get too focused with the girls (non-s*aves) and romance rather than his adventure. I don't really consider this a harem because he himself purposely tells them that he won't get into a romantic/sexual relationship with them. If he did but with only one (1) or maybe two (2) of them then that is still not a harem in my opinion. Anyway, the MC is simply helping and raising his companions so that they won't get back to their past unfortunate situation and so I consider it as fascinating.

The action and fight scenes are entertaining and fun for me because that's the kind of battles that I want, where the MC mows down or toys with his opponents who are so s*upid they don't know who they are going-up against. It's hilarious. What more is that the MC is not someone who will boast and is not egoistic therefore if his opponents did lose and survive, none of them will really bear grudges on him, or at least have one that is justified. And so that will be it and none of them will try to avenge their loss by taking it out on to the people close to him.

All-in-all, 5 stars. It is one heck of a story and I love it. After this I might try out the LN version for more.

For those who didn't like this because of the lack of action, romance, plot/goal, or any excessive stuff like that then go read something else. This one is for those who just want the points like OP MC, cheating in life, enviable foods, and a slow but relaxing adventure. Real life is too serious and annoying so I'm tired of stories trying to put in too much logic and realistic stuff in their world. Luckily, this story is not that focused about those. <<less
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AceMin rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: v16c41
This doesn't really get a 5 but better than a 4 star. The series is pretty simple. Satou the main character becomes and OP and tries to live a life in a new world. I think what this series is different is Satou wants to live a life of comfort rather than going defeat demon kings like many Isekai's series. This is a bold move that could make readers dislike but this one works. The series usually follow other plots and poor Satou's is drag into some of these plots.... more>> People are complaining of Satou being bland which they're not completely wrong but its what makes Satou different from other Isekai's protagonist. <<less
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March 19, 2018
Status: --
Great other world with a game system novel that somehow turns into a bad cooking novel. Read it, it’s enjoyable. Then stop reading when it’s not. It’s endless, won’t have regrets unless you don’t stop reading at some point.
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