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Yuto Lennix, a former DEA investigator was arrested by a false accusation of killing his own partner. The FBI agents gave him a special deal, to look for a particular criminal hiding in the same prison. By the time he was detained in the Schelger Prison, he got to meet his cellmate, d*ck Burnford, who didn’t show signs of being kind and welcoming upon his arrival. Will he ever be in good terms with his inmates, especially to Dick?

Volume 1: Deadlock

Volume 2: Deadheat

Volume 3: Deadshot

Deadlock Side Story – Tooiyoake

Deadlock Side Story – Tsuyoki Mono, Nanji no Na wa Onna

DEADLOCK Side Story – Love begets love

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Yuki Chan
Yuki Chan rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: c4
It's good. The plot is pretty smooth, though the way he was accused seemed a little ruff around the edges, but that might be because they didn't go into much detail. Chapter 4 is my favorite chapter so far. I wonder if the translator dropped this.

I found out that the manga is way ahead of this, so I went ahead and read it. It's fun to compare the novel and the manga. Plus it really changed the way I saw characters in a good way.

... more>>

The main character is a handsome jappness-American, so after he shaves... dead meat.

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sjoohhhy09 rated it
October 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Do you wish? Do you dream?
Perhaps those were the very things they shared, and the very things that brought them together.

Yuto Lennix, a former DEA officer detained under false accusation of mu*dering of his partner was offered a deal by the FBI to look for Corvus; the leader of a terrorist organization hiding in prison. There, he met D!ck Burnford, a man of few words. Under his cold and aloof persona, resided a desire for revenge. Though, as opposed to his own desires, he'd unknowingly long for warmth and light in midst of the darkness in his heart.

To put it simply, the portrayal of prison wasn't particularly realistic. But the author did not shy away from fleshing out its unvarnished truths; racism, gangs, r*pe, and many more. Every waking day, your heart fills with worry and fear on how to survive among the fly bunch of inmates, their acts impulsive and rash, relentless and impetuous. Will you lick the crumbs off their soles? Will you fight? Will you lay bare? There was no fantasy in prison, even if you did nothing, reality would still shake you awake, just as it did for Yuto.

Though, amongst the rusty watered-down cells, he'd slowly find love, comfort and friendship. Perhaps it was because of the sliver of morning light that caressed D!ck's blonde hair through the palm-sized grated window. Perhaps it was the circumstances he faced, perhaps it was kindness, perhaps the way he craved for touch— for whatever reason his heart couldn't help falling in love with D!ck Burnford. He made him felt something he's never felt, he made his heart pound and thoughts hazy— even just for a brief second, he wished to love him. At the end of it all, his curiosity was finally answered, he'd soon know who D!ck Burnford truly was.

After Volume 1, the plot just continues expanding and surprising me more. Every chapter, sequence of actions and new hints as well as discoveries come to light. It had my heart pumping with excitement and wanting more (it was a whole rollercoaster ride). The plot was beautifully woven and well thought of. Every character was fleshed out nicely. They felt real; each had their own ideas, personalities, aspirations and beliefs. I even felt sympathy and pain towards someone you'd categorize as bad in this novel. I do have to say, it gets very politic heavy and might not be suitable for some people as it glides through a series of terrorism, government, military and corporate corruption.

Though their romance wasn't frequently shown throughout the volumes, it still flowed like a river. Arguably with rocks. Due to the limited time and opportunities for communication, they frequently have misunderstandings, although these were only because they were reluctant to make the first move. Although they truly loved one other, they had both been hesitant to be open with one another. Their paths would briefly intersect before continuing to diverge, and they had no idea when it would do so again. They were unable to express themselves because they were afraid that their paths might never meet again and that their lives would separate, forming their own separate journeys.

For Yuto, loving D!ck was like a distant dream, an everlasting wish. He'd spend every night wishing that he himself would never forget the nights he spent with D!ck. He wished that whatever future brings, however the world changes, D!ck would still stay the same; keeping him dear and loving him. He wished he would never say goodbye. He wished he could convey this feeling of frustration in words.

A simple "I love you" came out like a careless whisper, inevitably drowning in the wind. As when tomorrow comes, and whence they would no longer need each other and would start walking down their own paths— Yuto wanted D!ck to know that yes, he truly loved him.

To live in your dreams or to live in reality?

To hold on or to let go?

Maybe these are the things we will also ask ourselves one day

This novel was an amazing experience, definitely one of my personal favorites. Please consider reading this if you're looking for something exciting, nerve-wracking— but also sweet like candy that can keep you up all night

Thank you for reading!


p.s this novel won't have an ending as sad as I described it, in fact it's a HE!😹 I just love f*cking with ppl, thx again <3

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Po Yun
Po Yun
September 20, 2023
Status: v2c9
A very hard novel to rate, so I won't, but I have quite a bit to say about it.

The story is brilliant in volume one. It's by no means perfect, but I didn't expect perfection, so it's a very enjoyable experience. I like both main characters, although I would still die on the hill that "Dick" is a very unfortunate name for a BL main lead :|. But he's my favorite among the two! I went into this book expecting an overbearing, abusive love interest (because of the tag) and... more>> came out of this book, feeling my heart being plugged piece by piece from just how gentle this man is. Their interactions and how the relationship was developed are believable. They have great chemistry and they don't have those overly-orchestrated, outrageously sweet love-defying moment, which kind of makes their relationship feels more grounded and realistic, and I just naturally root for them.

This story also brought up a lot of serious topics for discussion, like America's f*ck up prison systems, racism, and even the novel theme to me, is a social commentary on its own. And those parts sure weren't perfectly executed, but it still has the ball to bring it up and stick with it.

The problem comes with the second volume. The story although filled with some heavy themes and includes organizations like the FBI, CIA, and DEA while also, heavily bent on the police investigating and crime-solving aspects, the writing turns out to not be able to hold up its narrative. First and foremost, volume 2 started a bit draggy and my favorite character (aka Mr Dick) did not have a lot of screen time, so I had to bite my tongue through a lot of parts. Secondly, Yuto, the POV character makes me feel a bit frustrated because he's someone who to put it nicely, would definitely not be able to survive as an intelligence agent. Although I would say he's not a badly written character at all, had it not been for his brain-demanding job.

Overall, I still think this is an enjoyable read so long as you aren't so strict about logic being tight.

Oh, and this book has a very almost melancholic undertone, which I love!

P.S. I might change my mind later when I read to the part that has more (again, unfortunate name) Dick. <<less
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Minkyboodle rated it
July 5, 2023
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this story. It was well translated. The setting was new for me amd the story was really compelling. The characters had some good depth.
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dee_ism rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: --
I've read the volume 1 manga years ago and now I'm thrilled that the novel is completely translated now. Thanks a billion to the amazing translator 💙

This story is a bit dark but beautiful with a very engaging plot. I'm happy that they got together at the end and found their peace..
Very recommended!
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Shio rated it
January 31, 2022
Status: c12
I can't believe they translated this series again.

This is one of the novel that I tried to find really hard around 4-5 years ago, but gave up due to it being published somewhere and the translator dropped it.

It's romance x crime x action x sexy time. Definitely not the most realistic potrayal of prison, but still good enough for you to gush out with joy. If you like this I would also recommend another title by the same author, S. Both are great with police x mafia dynamic.
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amethystically rated it
January 17, 2018
Status: v1c1
The plot is... not very believable, and I'm not sure if prison wardens in the U.S. is as useless as this series made them out to be, but the ride was still fun, and the BLCD was good, too. Good for those who enjoy FBI vs CIA intrigue.
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xanthenicole rated it
August 27, 2023
Status: v2c1
Great series so far, I've only read the 1st volume at this point. Engaging story. I can't wait to read the rest. Well translated as much as I can tell from reading and not knowing Japanese.

I'm wondering if all of the side stories have been translated, too. I read the 4-volume manga series English publication by June, which ... more>>

left me hanging as to Yuto & Dick's true ending together.

to read the original books. That is why I'm here reading these volumes. I wish I had known about the novels and read them first. 😔 Not that the manga are bad in any way. The art is beautifully done by Yuh Takashina. I just think the novels express more details or depth than the manga, well 🤔, perhaps it is more accurate to say the details and depths are expressed differently in the manga and novel versions, and each can definitely be appreciated from their individual lenses. Both lenses are wonderful in their own ways and expressions. I would recommend reading both. I digress, however. My question remains about the other 6 volumes after these 3 and the other stories in the series that sensei noted in her afterward. Are those included here? If not, have they been translated into English by anyone? And where can I find them if they have? This is a really good series that I would love and hope to read in its entirety.

Lastly, thank you to the translator (s) who worked so hard on this series and shared it here. I am deeply grateful for your hard work and sharing ❤️🙏❤️. I doubt the novels will be officially published in English anytime soon if ever. So, again, thank you. 😊 <<less
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PearlySkies rated it
May 25, 2022
Status: v3c7
I love this novel so much. I found the manga a couple years ago and desperately searched for the novel but it didn’t have a translation yet. I’m so grateful to the translators for picking it up!!

The drama is just the right amount of melodramatic. The romance is perfectly cheesy. And the plot is like a rollercoaster of emotions. Perfect if you like police/crime dramas. Beware for themes of racial prejudice, gang violence, and r*pe!
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