Dawn Infinity


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Sequel of Terror Infinity

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08/13/19 Dawn Translation c38
07/28/19 Dawn Translation c37
07/23/19 Dawn Translation c36
07/18/19 Dawn Translation c35
07/14/19 Dawn Translation c34
07/09/19 Dawn Translation c33
07/07/19 Dawn Translation c32
07/02/19 Dawn Translation v2c4
06/30/19 Dawn Translation v2c3
06/15/19 Dawn Translation v2c2
06/12/19 Dawn Translation v2c1
06/10/19 Dawn Translation v1c27
06/05/19 Dawn Translation v1c26
06/04/19 Dawn Translation v1c25
06/03/19 Dawn Translation v1c24
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Fan2zz rated it
July 9, 2019
Status: v2c3
An interesting start to a sequel of Terror Infinity. I really like the main character. I hated the character he's supposed to be like from the original, yet this more human and relatable counterpart makes for a very interesting MC and I wish he was in the original instead. Also, team members so far are much more interesting and are getting enhancements to be helpful, unlike Team China from the original at the start where it was only really the MC powering up.

So far it's an excellent sequel and can't... more>> wait to read more. <<less
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Vistarion rated it
May 14, 2019
Status: c7
1-7chap. (4*)

I have read Terror Infinity.

This novel seems quite interesting. However, in the first chapters you can see that the author intends to give his characters a historical advantage. Boxer / IT / Spider wamen. The truth about the world of terror is revealed in the first chapters. What in advance eliminates exploring the world through adventures. The author seems to be a fan of melodramas while getting to know the heroes, the main character defines his origin "I come from nightmares".

The main character seems to know everything from... more>> the very beginning!Overall, it promises to be interesting, but anyone who read TI in advance is able to assess the future course of events.

8-9chp. (3*)

The ubiquitous arrogance of the hero, the attitude of an old man experienced by the killer's life. For some reason, the team members became minions of main character. I am lowering the grade from 4 * to 3 *.

10chap.+ (2*/1*)

I cant read it, fk thys shit. <<less
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Rockflame rated it
June 21, 2019
Status: v2c2
The novel isn't that bad. I like how it's a continuation of TI. I also like the misunderstanding that the Arthur put in, giving readers the expectation of a clash between previous MC versus current MC. Right now I some what like it despite the comments made by others but I'm not going to fully judge it until I read about 100 chapters to fully Get a grip of the novel.
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XanTheInsane rated it
May 22, 2019
Status: c19
Up to chapter 19 I can only describe this series as a poor fanfic of Terror Infinity, and I'm one of the few people that LIKED most of Terror Infinity.

The MC of Dawn is basically another "Deus Exposition Machina" like Xuan from Infinity.

This makes him unrelatable as a character and also makes it look like everyoe else besides him is a moron just so he can look smarter in comparison.
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