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【The entire world bullies you, hates you, and isolates you, but your world has light because of him. I hate this world! But I love you!】

Xiao Chen is an ordinary person, but the world he lives in is never ordinary.

Various bizarre deaths and spiritual events happen around him. One after another, countless passersby look at him with pity, as if they’re looking at a dead person.

Early passerby: I remember that this Xiao Chen died really tragically, and when he died… blablablabla, and… blablablabla.

Passerby in the middle: ? Why is Xiao Chen still not dead???

Late passerby: WHAT? Why is the Boss in a relationship with Xiao Chen???

Xiao Chen: ????

#Why do people next to me look at me like they’re looking at a dead person?#

#Why is my back and waist sore when I wake up in the morning? Furthermore, why are there red marks on my neck?#

#What do I do if I’m trapped by a ghost? Seeking help online, urgent!#

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Fall in Love with BOSS in Horror Movies
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16 Reviews

Apr 25, 2020
Status: c1
I enjoyed the first two chapters so much I decided to Mtl.

this story is very similar to "Boyfriend's Always Turned Out to Be a Horror Movie Boss" in that the Mc's

... more>>

are both cannon fodder characters in a story that originally bullied or mistreated the ML, but due to the unaware Mc's replacing the cannon fodder, ended up causing the ML to fall obsessively in love with them.


anyway, I'm really enjoying this so far. However the only problem I've had so far is in the second ark.


A group of teens (I think they're teens) are desperately trying to escape the sins of their pasts and - as a result of these sins - their impending doom.

I have no clue as of yet what sins these kids have committed, but there was one girl who just died and apparently her sin was being very promiscuous when she was younger and then...


getting an abortion.

??? How is this a sin punishable by death?

If I remember correctly, she got the abortion whilst she was 6 months pregnant, but I can't be sure because you know - it's hard to understand mtl sometimes lol. Most places ban abortions in late term pregnancies so I can understand how this can be considered horrible. Obviously her decision was already eating away at the girl, but I guess apparently she deserved death too lol. Idk I just thought it was ridiculous.


Aside from that - really enjoying the novel! <<less
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May 02, 2020
Status: Completed
I don't know how to describe it. It's fluffy and cute but at the same time sad and depressing.

MC and ML experience extreme torture both physically and mentally before or after they met.

It's a bit like the novel 'lover always on counter attack'. MC memory always reset. But unlike that novel ML too forget everything but in the middle he will regain it his memory again.

... more>>

ML is a virus and MC is a mutated movie data. It's was unlike any other QT novel, where the protagonists will basically return to their own world and stay their. MC and ML here were bound to jump from movie to movie.

And it's kinda sad, in their second world, the first world of the novel, ML stayed their until the end of life. He discovered the secret of the world after the world end. MC suffered half of his lifetime because ML came to him in the middle but ML suffered a long time after MC died.

The cannibalism town arc made me really depressed. It the plot of that arc made it turn around. It made me laugh because of the plot twist of werewolves.

And the first time they met, the arc with spirit of the glass but they use a pen. It's the second to the last arc, really made me cry.

The last arc, is very light though all the characters in the movie died. It's light compare to the earliest arc. (They killed each other (ʘᗩʘ’)).

HE, ml's hardship finally been rewarded. In the ghost eye arc, ML finally gather enough power to make MC finally unbound the shackles of the world. ヾ (*’O’*) /

BTW, MC is very cute. His every personalities in every world is not the same. ML is very possesive and crazy. If it's not a movie I think ML would bound MC's soul. I think that's what ML trying to do in arc one but he did not find MC's soul, only the end of the world did he realize that MC's soul already reincarnated in other movies.

✧\ (>o<) ノ✧ <<less
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Aug 31, 2020
Status: c31
It’s not to my tastes, the problem is that while I don’t mind the set up or the writing style, it becomes confusing as the arcs continue. It’s a baffling time because in the first arc it seems like they’re in a game/movie world and you’ll see that there are multiple players but turns out... only one girl is supposedly a player? Everyone else is an NPC? Is MC supposed to be an NPC or a player? But then the second world completely drops this plot line and just straightforwardly... more>> proceeds like a horror short story with MC and ML off to the side in their own world.

Both MC and ML aren’t badly written either, it’s just that they completely side step the plot. While the other characters run around trying to save themselves, it cuts to MC and ML just chilling to the side with minimal interaction with the rest of the cast. Rather than quick Transmigration, it just feels like several short stories with the MC having the same name and same mark but different personality. This especially comes through when transitioning from one world to the next, we cut immediately into the next world with 0 exposition.

Overall the story has a very interesting summary and decent start, but it gets confusing pretty quickly. Rather than quick transmigration, I would recommend reading every arc as a short story rather than one whole plot line. Granted, I only read two arcs before dropping so the story could improve later on, however I can’t find the patience to do so and will unfortunately have to stop here. <<less
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Jun 23, 2020
Status: c98
3 words to describe this story

Possesive, repetitive and no plot.

Basically all the chapter between the starting and ending chapter have the same taste. Each chapter is short and ended quite abruptly despite the long explanation on the start and middle.

Although some of these repetititive story has interesting and touching parts but it was tiny proportion compared with the whole story, hence 2 star.
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Apr 25, 2020
Status: c52
It's a horror novel with romance. While it is not very scary, there are gory elements and a bit of mystery to MC and ML's past as well. ML is full-blown yandere. MC is no less devoted to ML. The backstory behind each horror world is sad and horrifying. MC is extremely smart and doesn't shy away from investigating clues even though he is so obviously being protected by ML (who is the BOSS of every horror world). MC and ML do not remember their previous world's at all though... more>> ML gets flashes of their shared past in some instances.

T/L - 10/10

Story - 7/10 <<less
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May 28, 2020
Status: Completed
3 stars (I accidentally pressed 2 stars and couldn't change it QAQ)

It started out interesting but became pretty boring and repetitive. Most arcs followed the same formulaic patterns.

The MC is way too passive and reliant on the ML for my liking. He just have to stand there in the palm of the ML's hands as an observer and the plot will carry on with or without him. The ML pretty much did everything and leads the MC around like a doting father helping his six year old cross the... more>> street.

Because the MC's personality tends to change somewhat with each world, I feel like that the author could have done more for the MC's character (s). But, in most of the worlds, he only alternates between the cold, facial paralysis type or the weak, innocent and pure type who cries quite easily.


My favorite arcs were the Death arc and the Demon Tree arc, simply because the MC was actually somewhat interesting in those arcs and showed some calculative initiative. Sadly, this wasn't the norm.


The ML really carried this story. He may be a stalkerish, creepy, obsessive, apathetic person who kills without batting an eyelash, but his love, dedication and absolute care toward the MC is admirable and pretty darn sexy. Overall, it was an okay read, mostly because of ML. It could have been much, much more if better executed. But, it helped pass the time. <<less
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Jun 07, 2020
Status: c23
The jump to the second arc was very confusing... the story really lost me there and I decided I couldn't follow anymore. As another review mentioned, MC is super passive during the first arc and while I sensed his empathy for ML, I don't believe how his feelings turned romantic. ML is also creepy (sure, he's a ghost who is hell bent on revenge - I can respect that) but his post death love for MC is not sweet at all, just controlling and possessive. Again, that's fine if that... more>> was the overall tone of the story but it's like the author is trying to write it as their romance being all sweet and fluffy... overall, the story of a little all over the place. <<less
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May 20, 2020
Status: Completed
I really like the yandere ML!! Although for those worried ML is mostly just really obsessed and protective of MC for most of the arcs. Only for the last 2 arcs I suspect he shows the other aspects of yanderes (it is never stated whether he does or not).

The writing style though is quite confusing, especially with the scene changes. In the respect I really have to give mad props to the translator, they somehow managed to translate it such that its even more clearer than the original!

Also most arcs... more>> are pretty anticlimactic. MC and ML get together and the ghost encounter events are then totally seperate from them. It's still written but it's happening to another group of characters and doesn't concern the MC at all. It's pretty disappointing when this happens and loses the excitement for me, making me just want the arc to be over quick. <<less
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May 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Update: Changed the rating to 4.

Extremely grateful that someone picked up this amazing novel. Mind you, this is a quick transmigration story where MC and ML will always be in love in each world. This novel consists of 8 arcs. Yup, they're all horror and shrouded in mystery. Some arcs are hands down amazing while some are so-so. I love how the story unfolds as we go so we can also guess about the mystery behind the plot. The author writes the story in a very compelling way so that... more>> we're able to completely immerse into it. Every chapter keeps me wanting to know what's gonna happen next because it's that good. The atmosphere in this novel is eerie yet exciting. I also need to point out that the romance itself doesn't seem forced, which is a good thing. MC and ML are both loyal and love each other to death (like, literal death). MC is just a normal human, while ML is the BOSS. He's either dead or becomes a malevolent spirit and the likes. The fact that their relationship, in a kind of way, is so very twisted -- it's all very interesting to me. Romance between man and ghost! Sometimes I think this kind of romance is way better than the usual human-human romance. It's supernatural, eerie, and intense. This novel just broadens your views on just how much someone is capable of doing for their lover.

However, there's just a teeny tiny bit of dissatisfaction coming from me: sometimes, the timeline shifts from present to past, yet there is no clear indication of this happening. So, it's confusing. Even the change of scenes seems abrupt like it just happened out of nowhere. Especially if you're reading this with MTL, it's way way way more confusing.

My thoughts about the ending:


Sadly, the story ends really abruptly. It's like the author stopped writing about the last arc two-thirds of the way, then decided to pack their stuff and go. Honestly, they could've put more effort into it. I was also expecting some extras, but apparently, nothing. I wish there were more chapters dedicated to their origins and how their world works, since these were barely explained in the middle of each arcs.


As of now, there are only 30 chapters out of 110 chapters translated. Even after MTLing my way through most of the chapters, I can't help wanting to read the translated version. The translations are amazing and the translator's notes are very informative. Love that. <<less
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Apr 29, 2021
Status: c79
Please be aware that *The novel was dropped due to the translator having a busy schedule but they might pick it up again later.*

Note this stories arcs take place in different worlds. I though that it would take place in only one setting but there's different settings for each arc.

It's not bad but it does tend to get kind of repetitive. But it's not unbearable since I kept reading it but I did skip through some parts and arcs. It's good enough to pass the time but I... more>> have read similar books that I enjoyed far more than this one. Regardless it's not a bad story so far, if you like these kinds of stories and haven't read too many of them then I would give it a try.

If you read lots of stories with similar story lines to this you might not find it too interesting since you've essentially read this story dozen of times but if you're really fond of these plots nd don't mind essentially following the same ol' plot then, you'll probably enjoy it.

As far as the characters development goes- well I haven't seen much but it's still pretty early into the book and we haven't gotten to the main plot points in the arcs yet. We have some semblance of why they seem to be stuck in this never ending loop in their life but we don't know very much yet. <<less
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Mar 31, 2021
Status: --
This novel is not really my cup of tea. If I have to say...

• translation is good since it is chrysanthemum

• this novel is NOT focusing on character development of MC, it is more like MC is a observer or act as a third party of the story.

• usual horror BL novels with arches: story will move along with the MC as the lead. But this story: MC moves along with the story with cannon fodders as the leads (which means cannon fodders the ones that make the plot... more>> lines move on)

• If u want to read something like how MC gets stronger or how MC handles the mystery n stuffs. This is not for u.

• However, if u just want horrors. Then, this is okey. Good to past time too.

• Tho I dont mind weak MC, tho I dont mind yandere or ML with extreme possessiveness, I still feel not satisfied with passive MC (not adventurous enough for me) 😂 lol

• most parts of the 2nd arc whenever mentioned MC is when he is flirting with ML lol.. tho I dont mind eating some dog foods uwu.

• the transition between arc to arc is confusing. It's too abrupt

pardon my English 😅 <<less
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Da Xiao Jie
Da Xiao Jie
Jan 05, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a very good infinite flow story with a mix of horror/gore, survival games and bl. If this is your thing, definitely check this out.

At first, you might find this story confusing especially around arc 1-2 but if you keep progressing, all of it will make sense in the end, trust me. You just have to keep reading.

... more>>

The worlds/arcs are actually movies. MC is a NPC/character from the movie. So that’s why there will be a person from real world coming transmigrated into these movies and seems to know the plot. ML is actually a virus who fell in love with MC and he wants to take MC out from these ‘worlds/movies’.


The translation is quite smooth and has little to none grammatical errors so kudos to the translator.

Author’s writing style is more towards foreshadowing and ambiguity. But in the end, the mystery will get solved and you won’t left with questions (if you really pay attention to the story and details)

ML is very possessive and yandere. But it does stated in the description; I hate this world! But I love you! So readers should expect what kind of ML they are getting. Personally, I do like the ML. Contrary to other yandere MLs, this one doesn’t force MC and is actually listen to what MC wants (he will respect MC’s choices and grant his wishes)

MC is sometimes calm and indifferent and sometimes he is soft. But that’s actually quite understandable imo considering that he is actually

a NPC, he is not the protagonist of the movie at all sometimes, he is a canon fodder, the antagonist, or even someone completely unrelated

I find that I actually like all of his characters/ characteristics in each arc. <<less
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May 19, 2020
Status: c39
This is really good. When the first arc was over I was a bit confused about what was going on but it got explained pretty quickly. It was a really near idea too. The MC was apathetic about everyone and everything except the ML. The ML is always a ghost or some type of monster in every arc. This novel is really good and the way they transmigrate is different than most QT novels.
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May 05, 2020
Status: Completed
I love it.

There's no heavy plot drama. It's different from the "transmigration everytime in the infinite horror story setting."

The MC and ML don't have their previous menories in every world. It's like an alternate universe setting where they will always meet and fall in love.

... more>> The MC is never really in danger since the ML will always. Always be with him.

He's a yadereeeee

Especially in the 1st Arc. (I wanna hug him and cheer him up.)

I feel pain for the both of them especially the ML. He's often abused and left alone by everyone but the MC is his only shinning light.

What I like about this novel is that even though it's like a multiverse setting, it was explained why they don't easily retain their memories.






The MC has certain 'marks' on him that once the ML sees, he'll be able to remember their past life.


I'm just really happy about this novel since it's a quick read and it's all fluff in the end. The heart is cured from all of the fluff.

As for the last world, I would've love to see more extras hihi

I'm thankful for the author for giving us such a light and fluffy read. I've also read her author's note and it was very entertaining.

Thank you to you too, translator/s and editor/s-sama. I'll stay tuned to read the translated chapters. Keep fighting *cheers you on* and have a good day ahead! <<less
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Apr 30, 2020
Status: Completed
not very scary and there's gore, so keep that in mind if you have a weak stomach (it's not at My House of Horrors level of gore but there is some). The MC and ML are equally obsessive and the lack of memory is both confusing and intriguing.

some stories are tight, but there are several stories that, despite being horror, completely lack any sense of urgency or tension. I don't generally like amnesia based stories but the mystery behind the memory loss will keep most readers reading despite the flaws.... more>> A decent infinite flow type. 3.5 <<less
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Jun 03, 2021
Status: Completed
Definitely one of my favourite BL novel! I don't know what to write for a review except for recommending people to at least try and read this novel at least once. Personally, although the novel is marked as horror and the plot related to blood, gore, supernatural, etc. I don't think it's THAT scary. So, if you're not good with ghosts but still want to read a novel about them, this novel is a great choice. I never get nightmare after reading it so yeah.

Below is a long paragraph of... more>> me telling my fav. Arc and why I like them.


My two favourite arcs are the first arc (thriller high school) and the sixth arc (ghost eyes). The reason why I like the first arc is that it's what got me hooked to continue reading this novel. But the sixth arc gave me a different feeling from all the other arcs. In this arc, our MC, Xiao Chen, is very lovey-dovey with the ML. I JUST LOVE THE LARGE AMOUNT OF DOG FOOD GIVEN TO US. But what made me really impressed is because the case about a little ghost girl really happened in real life. It was sad that in our world there are people who cheered other people to commit suicide. They even think that the girl deserves to get r*ped. It was nauseating, really. The culprit who r*ped the girl faced retribution of course. However, it's not just that. Ma Yang Yu, the boy who saw the incident happened, was not purely bad. He was a witness in the case but because he was scared he didn't support the girl, hence he was one of the reasons why she lost the case and commit suicide. But once he knew what he did wrong, he tried to make up for it. He wanted to change the statement, but since he's young back then the court didn't allow him to. He carried the guilt with him until the present. If this was any other horror novel, Ma Yang Yu will be that one scum bag who did something wrong but tried to deny it and push the blame. It was also great to be able to see Li Qiaoyi stood up and protect Ma Yang Yu from getting haunted by the ghost. I'm rooting for this couple. Also, Lu Yi Ming, a person who was supposed to get rid of the Ghost King (our ML in this arc), was not brain dead cannon fodder. Once he saw that the ML met Xiao Chen and knew that he couldn't harm them, he steps back and stays away from the couple. At that time, I was like, thank god for not trying to disrupt their world. Lu Yi Ming even got his own ghost boyfriend before he met the main couple. So, to sum it up, the sixth arc got three couples for us to enjoy! Although the other didn't have many scenes it still makes me smile.

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