Dark Blood Age


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A mysterious natural phenomenon caused the Earth to be plunged into darkness. The world turned into an endless bloody chaos and mankind is on the brink of extinction…

Chu Yun Sheng, an ordinary white-collar worker, discovered his family heirloom book shining a bizarre light by accident. Out of curiosity, he tried to study the heirloom book.

After a long research, he still only understood a few symbols written in the ancient book. However, he was shocked when he figured out what messages the ancient book tried to tell him: the sun will disappear, and humanity is doomed…

He tried to spread the message, but no one believed him; his family and friends even tried to take him to see the psychiatrist. Eventually, he gave up telling anyone, but prepared for the apocalypse in secret.

Until one day– the sun really disappeared…

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Dark Blood Times
World of Darkness - The century of blood
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keklel rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: c500

The MC drifts from place to place falling into trap after trap like someone constantly slipping on banana peels. New plot lines keep opening up whilst old ones are left hanging. New questions continually pop up while previous questions go unanswered. MC was given the task to find the 5 pieces of the map from the first few chapters, after 500 chapters of not minding his own business he still hasn't found the 4th piece and decided to concentrate on revenge instead. Most of the setting (99%+) is wasted as the MC keeps going to new mysterious places and f**king about while everyone he cares about gets murdered. You could say the author is just making sh*t up as he goes along. And you'd be right.

The author's exact thoughts at the time of writing the MC:

"How can I write someone to be as miserable and helpless as possible?"

Here's the story in a nutshell:

Oh look here is a random village that I don't need to enter but I will do so for the lulz
Oh noes random people are getting chased by monsters I must protect them even though I've repeatedly said that I'm a selfish bastard but actually I'm a nice guy
Oh look, a power struggle between random strangers. Must... not... get... involved [gets involved anyways]
[100 chapters later]
Wow I just found about the existence of aliens maybe I should keep my book a secret
[reveals he has the book to all the aliens]
[LITERALLY 400 chapters later]
[1000 chapters later the aliens are stronger than ever and he is still a weak sh*t]

So the premise of the story is that the MC has a magical book that NOBODY knows exists because it's f**king thousands of years old and everybody thinks it's a pile of junk. Also nobody could read it. Otherwise they would've taken it away from him already. The magical book contains magical spells and cultivation methods and deadly strong fighting techniques that can destroy entire armies with a single attack. The book tells the MC that the world will plunge into darkness in 2012 and a new age will begin that lets him use magic.

Of course the MC is a blabbering idiot and tells everyone about 2012 by POSTING IT ON PUBLIC INTERNET FORUMS.

The problem with this is that the MC states that he's incredibly selfish and cold and will place his own interests over other people's, and yet his actions show the exact opposite. Let's think about this. If it's true and NOBODY ELSE on the internet predicted the darkness then it means it's either:
1. Top secret information that the government does not want anybody to know
2. Information that even the government does not know

Regardless of whether if it's 1 or 2, the government as described in the story would obviously arrest and torture the MC and everyone who has ever had the misfortune of being in contact with him to find out how he came across the information. The MC's actions do not make any sense. Even Jesus reincarnate wouldn't go blabbering on about the darkness since NOBODY would believe it, and it would bring trouble to him later on because he would get arrested. Thus posting about it on the internet forums is the worst decision in every possible situation.

There are a few more really dumb things that the MC does, like creating and wearing flashy looking armor that is instantly recognizable from miles away that NOBODY ELSE is wearing, using flashy fire and ice spells to kill bugs IN FRONT OF EVERYONE and so on. I'm actually surprised that the MC does not get found out by the aliens sooner.

So after doing all these incredibly stupid things the MC doesn't go into hiding and instead tells his real name to everyone that he comes across, which I think was pretty dumb.

I've noticed that a certain mental illness, which I'll call "Revenge Disease" from now on, tends to afflict mostly MCs from Chinese webnovels. To use this MC as an example. Saving his family becomes his number 1 priority after the darkness descends. Then his colleague from work gets murdered by a bunch of thugs AND FROM THEN ON REVENGE BECOMES HIS SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT MISSION IN HIS LIFE AND HE SPENDS LIKE 50 CHAPTERS TRACKING DOWN HIS FRIEND'S KILLER TO GET REVENGE.

So here's the thing. The thugs who killed his friend did not do so because they were deliberately targeting him. They didn't know who he was, they just randomly picked out a guy to sacrifice to save their own skin. In other words, if he let it go, then they would have just left him alone and nobody would have been any wiser. Even if he just left the group to travel on his own it would have been fine. Instead he attacks the group of thugs immediately and for the following WEEKS AND MONTHS he does nothing but constantly attack the thugs to get revenge for his friend. All the other important long term goals such as SAVING HIS FAMILY just get tossed aside like garbage. It's like: "Saving my family? pfft, who cares about that. Revenge is more important." This is what I call "Revenge Disease".

So, as you can see, already at this point the MC has shifted his goal from protecting his family to avenging his dead friend which neither benefits him nor anyone that he cares about in any way shape or form.

After completing the revenge the MC goes into the city to find that it's cruel and evil with normal people literally treated like garbage and left to starve to death. In order to survive, his sister was going to eat poisonous food which had an over 50% chance of causing death and survivors are usually left with permanent damage. The MC had 2 options: 1. Take them out of the city and protect them with his own strength, since by now he is able to control the bugs so escaping from danger should not have been a problem at all. 2. Leave his only family in the hands of corrupt officials who look upon them as if they're worms. The MC naturally chooses the latter and of course the government kills his family after they find out that he has the book. MC is totally shocked by this revelation 400 CHAPTERS LATER as if he had no idea that the government would do such a thing when it has been doing such things right from the start of the story and the MC knows it from repeatedly getting scammed by the government (on multiple occasions he almost dies from the government literally shooting nukes at him).

It's almost a running joke through the novel that every time he makes an agreement with the government (e.g "I kill the bugs and you help me get back"), the government breaks the agreement as soon as physically possible. The MC knows this and still keeps falling for the same thing over and over. I just don't understand how this guy thinks. He says he's not the smartest guy in the world but the way he acts is dumber than a 3 year old. A 3 year old would at least learn not to fall for the same trick over and over but this guy just doesn't learn.

I don't understand the Psychology tag as there is barely any psychology in this (compared to say, Dungeon Defense, which has a pretty decent amount). I mean sure, it does describe character motivations, but these are one-time disposable characters and never mentioned again, and most if not all of the characters are just selfish assholes. It's like the author created the world to be as insane and as edgy as possible so pretty much everyone has a slave mentality. Actually most of the character conversations revolve around their petty inter-tribal struggles which have literally nothing to do with the MC nor the main plot, and yet these conversations tend to span multiple chapters. The author apparently thinks this is a good way to keep things interesting, I beg to differ.

The entire webnovel is basically just the MC falling for other people's schemes repeatedly. It's not fun or interesting because you get a sense that the MC does not control his own fate, he has no agency, he feels like a puppet in the hands of aliens who control everything, manipulating him in order to make his life as miserable as possible. That's basically what this entire story is about.

The writing is 3rd rate. If you compare it to Death Knight (written by Protector of Time) it's complete garbage. There is nothing quotable, humans from different countries, even aliens, all talk the same way. Obvious things are expressed in a roundabout and awkward manner. Descriptions are imprecise, for example objects are often described as "huge" without any comparison to other objects of known size nor are measurements given to inform the reader about how big the object actually is.

Novel spends a lot of time explaining how the powers work even though that is totally irrelevant to the story and he doesn't do it well anyway, explaining things in a confusing manner.

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April 12, 2017
Status: c100
In all honesty, after reading keklel's super long review, my excitement in reading this novel dampened quite a bit.

Of course I went ahead and read the already translated chapters (toughly thirty). This is what I came up with.

The MC is a bit... Like every other typical Chinese novel MC. But when you first read it, it isn't that noticable. You might think he's a nice guy, a stupid guy or just a bit weird and a loner who looks at the world with fish eyes.

With these few... more>> chapters I haven't quite reached the despair that keklel felt when he read five hundred chapters, and I really hope it doesn't turn out as bad at his extremely long and detailed review said... But then again it was an extremely long and detailed review. It was most likely 99.999% accurate.


So I went and read a little more and honestly? Keklel is getting closer to being right but at the same time the MC isn't that bad. The action is pretty good. I like the fact that the MC is somewhat kind (even though I think he is an idiot). Though he has an issue with revenge....

It doesn't really hold my interest... But try it. It's your choice. I'm just afraid to reach five hundred and end up like Keklel... <<less
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52webnovel1000 rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c186
When I read the novel at the beginning I thought it was just a regular Chinese apocalypse web novel with xianxia elements.

Then I was wrong.

MC was indeed getting stronger and stronger in the first few hundred chapters, he was the most powerful human being in the story.

... more>> However, instead of writing a story explaining how strong MC was, the author wrote a story explaining even though MC was strong but he still couldn't protect anyone. power can not dominate anything in this novel.

MC was not stupid, but he was too kind and The secondary characters were smart as hell.

There were a lot of sci-fi story references in this novel "starship troopers" "Starcraft" "space odyssey black monolith" etc..

Edit 1: some ideas inside this novel really fascinate me, you will truly understand the story only when you read up to 800 chapters or so.

The first idea I encountered in this novel was Déjà vu phenomenon,

The sentences like

Chu yunsheng felt one day he might return to this place again.... in volume one,

when I first read ii thought MC was simply trying to express his feeling. then when it came to volume 9, holyFxx it just blew my mind.


MC was actually living in a simulation called "node". the "node" was set up by an unknown super-intelligent aliens civilization to simulate the progress of the universe and there were more than just one simulation, every time the other simulation ended... the entire universe in the particular node would be wiped out, Deja Vu happened when the memories of the other MC who existed in the other node/simulations is dead.


I thought this story was already interesting enough at the beginning, but then the later volumes (after volume 8) really took the story to another level. the reason why Kekel was confused was probably has something to do with

the return of the memory made MC looked like what he did was contradicting himself.


One more thing might be misleading was

MC's family members were not killed by anyone, However, all his family members committed the suicide due to the huge pressure from the aliens, half of city was demolished because people tried to protect MC's family


You think the story plot ends here?

No.. it goes even deeper....


the simulation went wrong, the "bugs" appeared and the creatures inside the simulation obtained the knowledge they should not have obtained. the alien who invented the simulation got scared and decide to "pull the plug" to kill all the simulations, it was called the great devil or the great darkness by all the creatures inside the simulation. however shutting down the simulation was a slow process, hence they need to send aliens into the simulations to slow down the simulation progress by destroying the "Bug" which spreading the knowledge.


a lot of questions, I mean tons of questions will raise when reading this novel, I could not even figure out some of them myself.....

good luck to whoever reading this novel... it was a riddle... very difficult to solve and the author would never tell you the answer...

the story was very good even without solving the riddle.

Sometimes I wondered did I just read a completely different book, or did kekel misunderstood everything..... <<less
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Slayerwolfx2 rated it
September 20, 2017
Status: c153
Dammn, kekel got everything right.... However the novel so far isnt that bad.

I am at chapter 153, which is the most recent one and I have to agree, the MC is an idiot, that indeed has a revenge disease, but its still quite enjoyable reading it for now, I dont know about later. Watching the MC trying to survive in that apocalyptic world is interesting even if his decisions are quite contradicting with his selfishness, maybe he is too kindhearted?
... more>>

like he did gave food to strangers, as long as they were kids, look weak and famished and he did try to get revenge for his friend, which the only person that he could trust at that time and could be considered a mental support for him, helped a woman give birth, protect/help strangers and so on, but he is an idiot cause of all that, as for the traps, the only one I remember him falling for is the one on the supermarket.

Another person that would be a good candidate for being the MC, is the guy at the fog city, that used humans as a bait to kill monsters. Now thats being selfish. MC you should learn a little from him...

at least, he is shown to be kind, loving person that wont ignore others in need, if he can help them, even if thats not minding his own business. It makes this dark novel a little more light.

well, other than that, the novel is actually pretty awesome, even if in the translation the beginning is confusing af.
all the fights are amazing, actually, his personality doesnt bother me a bit, if anything else it makes things more interesting, like how he tries to adapt to the changed world and yes, he has yet to adapt and yes

it gets kinda disappointing, if the gov indeed kills his family.
edit: whatever, that was a d*ck move gov, I wouldn't even recomend it if I were in your place.
when you think how he could have avoided all this trouble if he got his family out of the city and not bother with its problems, like the swarm of enemies or the grey-cloaked man, looking at the bigger picture. like, after he got the map from there, just take your family and scram, dont draw more attention to yourself, even a dog can think of this great idea. like, hide them just how you did to yourelf inside a monster, just remember to put them a shield or forge them an armor for safety reasons, or if you cant find monsters to tame. stuff them into a dead monster and carry them while you are in a Golden shell monster, the armor will hide their life signals either ways.


but overall, his idiotic personality brings light to this dark novel, adds a warm feeling in that cold world and excitement that results from the mistakes of his, trying to look cold but is actually kind personality.

edit: actually, more fights = more chances to show how baddass he is.
who cares about getting more attention that makes it more dangerous?
or fighting battles where he is uncertain of his survival, just because
he doesnt want to chicken out.
I mean, that would be boring, to hide and not do anything, like a turtle.
Even if he succeeds by doing that, my review would be a lot worse than now, since thats not interesting at all.

edit2: I actually might have more complaints if the translator didnt work so hard for this novel, like he has pictures of various stuff in every chapter, in order to make various imprecise descriptions more easy to understand. It even has its own wiki :) on the translator's site

edit3: actually, this novel worths 5/5 for me before and when I reach the chapters Keklel has, then I will change my review accordingly. I'm writting this cause previously, I had rated it as 4/5 since I had some thoughts for this novel by reading kelkel's riview and forgot where I was and how awesome the novel currently is. <<less
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Hitexh rated it
November 14, 2017
Status: c170
I can see why this gem is underrated. The story is good, the only problem is the MC character. He always play safe and doesnt want to lead others. Too kind to his useless friend and family (burden in my opinion, until they die). I feel like im not in control of my own mans, eventhough im the strongest and richest.

Well, at least the threat to mankind is what makes this story keep challenging.
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Darkmek rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: c100

imo, this novel is the most rational and logical monster apocalyptic (maybe not).

Not only that, MC is the strongest human (yeah, but monsters are much stronger) and fxcking onmipotent (limitless dimention pocket, super weapon and armor, onlyone who know qi cultivation method, can absorp qi from dead monster etc.)

Also, when campared with everyone, MC can even became a bodhisattva in orther words MC is very kind hearted tsundere.

only frustrated point is MC kills too few trash humans? And that made me mad, why not farm easily acpuired qi from them (a good MC has to copy leylin who can do everythings for eternal life. Sadly, this MC do not has AI chip)

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Dembed rated it
May 14, 2018
Status: c189
Hello, this is my first ever review, but I think this story deserves more attention, those why I am here.

I do not understand why there are so many bad ratings.

This story is one of the best apocalypse stories I read (at least until where I am at).

You are able to relate to the MC himself, able to follow his mental progress, be it a breakdown or a new found hope or a reason to live on. There were only 1-2 moments where I thought that the author is making unnecessary... more>> drama. That was only Before the last Flame bird fight in Fog city at Volume 2.

Yes the MC gets stronger over time, but never really OP. It is always a constant struggle, not a single encounter is easy. For me, this aspect was like a new fresh air from the rest of all the stories in this community.

I will update my opinion later when I deem it is necessary.

But I still encourage everyone to try out this Novel, pls do not let yourself be scared away from some grammar mistakes at the beginning till midway. This is a fan translation project and if you find some mistakes pls do join Discord to point them out pls. <<less
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YouSayWhaaT rated it
June 14, 2018
Status: c332
I don't understand the score of this novel I really don't. I started reading it simply because I had nothing to read but when I saw the score and some of the reviews I was hesitant, but I gave it a chance anyway and it really surprised me in a good way.

The settings of the story is apocalyptic with an MC that is actually a NORMAL twenty-something year old man with no training, no superhuman knowledge or character or anything like that. He is just a normal guy who happens... more>> to have a book he doesn't understand at the start. This is why I don't really agree with Kekel's review. I think he is used to novels where the MC is said to be ordinary but then comes out to be a cool-headed, intelligent etc.
The MC of this novel starts out ordinary and build up his character along the way through experience. For example he did go into a trap one time but he learned from it and was more cautious afterwards.

In my opinion he doesn't get sidetracked at all. He has a clear goal in mind which is to survive and try to get stronger and he works towards that. He does say he is cold hearted and won't help strangers and he really doesn't unless there is mutual advantage (strangers having vehicles/knowledge) or maybe his humanity just kicks in and he has the impulse to save a little kid which is understandable.

The author always manages to surprise me, the novel never goes as I think it will go. In those intense moments it never goes the cliche route. What I like the most about this novel is the depth. Its like the translator says, a puzzle, and you get pieces of it step by step. There is a lot of foreshadowing and the plot has a lot of potential.

Regarding the translation itself is good as well, I believe the translator should have more confidence in his work.

I give this novel a 5 as of ch332 as I truly believe it deserves it. <<less
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Wuxtor rated it
June 6, 2018
Status: c324
The beginning of the story was somewhat within my predictions. Your typical MC. But by chapter 300...i love this novel not because of your typical trashy MC thing, but how he reacted and went through in the story.

... more>>

The mental illness that one of reviewer didn't study English enough to grasp the clues indicating the developing mental illness. The hint is in his actions and thoughts... The story actually became heartbreaking and tragic. Again, someone said something like MC just gets tossed from place to place. The reason why MC is in this situation is because he was essentially not powerful enough to change his situations which look like they could easily kill him if he makes a single or few missteps. Ever heard of a situation where you and your group of mentally stunted but loyal siblings struggling through a forest to survive with one mission? Now imagine when they fought to live to complete their father's mission. And when your younger brother dies in front of you that you've been close with him since his birth.


Some people hate Hawaiian pizza because the taste was off but usually its pineapple that was improperly cooked. That analogy is here. For those who understand this should read this novel. If you don't get it, just don't bother reading this novel until you comprehended the initial stage into Dao of Reading.


Chapter 390

Looking back at previous chapters. This novel literally should deserve a higher rating but it's not your typical so called trashy novels that people are used to. It is closer to Korean style in terms of reasons. First, the MC is not your completely rational logical guy who does by pragmatic things. This is literally an ordinary guy who went through tribulations and still in hell.


For example, he wandered places, looking for puzzles but he clearly could not stay in one place for too long due to alien races. Try imagining yourself in that apocalypse, even with rational mindset, you wouldn't even have more than 0.00005 something% survival and that's already good given the apocalypse and its harsh environment especially lack of sun, and constant invaders as well as lack of resources. THS GUY gives a bad review because he didn't do literature classes otherwise he would not just blatantly slander something he didn't understand. Like a layman giving a review on an art piece. If you really really want to understand, read the novel from beginning and dont skim it like that guy with his review. Rubbish layman


THS GUY gives a bad review because he didn't do literature classes otherwise he would not just blatantly slander something he didn't understand. Like a layman giving a review on an art piece. If you really really want to understand, read the novel from beginning and dont skim it like that guy with his review or treat it as trashy novel. Rubbish layman. And QI probably hated the translator since they have an army of bots to dislike novels that they are not translating. <<less
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Throwawayaccount rated it
June 26, 2018
Status: c360
I don't use novel update for finding novels because I don't trust the rating system here, and this novel is a clear example of that.

A friend of mine recommended this novel to me because I like to read Chinese wuxia/wuxia novels.

Apocalyptic novel isn't really my thing, so I hesitated when my friend mentioned it.

But when I started to read it? Oh boy, I can guarantee that no one will able to stop reading it, if they are able to read towards the end of volume 2. You just want to... more>> read more and find out more as the story goes.

The begining of the novel was pretty confusing to me, maybe it was the first apocalyptic novel. But when I got used to the terms, the whole story is fascinating to read.

I don't have much to say because I have never shared my opinions before. The reason why I leave a review here is that I think both author and translator deserve a good review and rating. <<less
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ILsunny rated it
June 24, 2018
Status: c359
This is so good. It has depth and soul. The feel is real.

Keklel review is just a kid crying why MC no op?! I got fooled by it. But gave this a try a year later. Gosh thank goodness.

This is an apocalyptic novel where the MC struggle is realistic and yes you will feel his despair and sadness.

But if you just want a comedian MC strolling down the lawn mowing everything with his magic stick this is not for you. It is gory bloody full of disgusting but honest human... more>> traits like cannabalism, rape etc.

It is the anticipating glimmer of hope in the silver lining that not all humans are rotten apples which truely makes a glaring contrast that gives you the pleasure of relief and suspends that deep down in your heart you feel that you are human. <<less
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ToboeRain rated it
August 27, 2018
Status: c382
Don't let the reviews turn you off this novel give it a chance and if you don't enjoy it just put it down and find a new one. Has a great spin on the post-apocalyptic lifestyle. Honestly I highly recommend reading and sticking with this novel, its a hit or miss it seems with others, but you can not win them all and as avid readers know it's worth giving most books a chance, there is always a hidden gem out there.
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Kichi rated it
July 27, 2018
Status: c338
The first 100 chapter are very boring, I admit it, but after the protagonist reach the city, the plot began to get even more deep, while trying to get stronger he ignored many times the warnings written in the book and because of that, he is now in the body of a red bug. And manage to see how is humanity
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