Dare ga Tame?


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This story divided into two one shots and main novel.

What are the speculation of the surrounding people as they watched over the Villainous lady (Crow) and the Heroine (Dove)—

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For Whose Sake?
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JuuHachi rated it
December 13, 2019
Status: c15
When I started reading this all sorts of uncomfortable feelings prop out of me. Even though Siera (MC) didn't elaborate on the hurt she felt from not finding a home with the family she was born with, to a certain extent, I understood that pain. We were the same after all and then reading Rachel's (MC Older Sis) POV eased my pain since I was happy to see her being unable to remove her guilt for the rest of her life.

This isn't the kind of fluffy happy novel that was... more>> commonly translated back in 2017 here in NU. Unlike other otoge themed novels, this one was more realistic in the portrayal of the pain that comes from not being loved and liked by the same people who're supposed to do so. That kind of pain isn't something that could be forgiven easily, its the type that leaves scars that would never fade and sometimes open up again. Because of the way the author wrote this, there would be undeniable an uncomfortable part in your heart when reading this, a sense of helplessness that doesn't seem to get better.

To be frank, I've forgotten what this story was about up until it finally updated and it brought back the pent up feelings I've always had back in 2017, remembering it brought back the pain that has dulled with time. Somehow by chance, the ending to this story aligned with what I had come to learn while I grappled and am grappling with the circumstances of how I grew up and the environment that surrounded me.

Before today, I thought that Sierra's happiness had washed away all the pain and hurt and I felt that it was so unrealistic and I envied and wanted that for my own. Now though, just like how Sierra found her closure in regards to the abuse she suffered, I am finding my own. In the end, Sierra was able to finally come into terms about what happened to her and found her answer. It was short and sweet but utterly mundane and it was precisely because it was mundane that we, like Sierra, forget about it.

In these trying times, there is some sort of bittersweet feeling in this novel. It does not shy away from the pain and the regrets and the guilt that can never be resolved, but the author provides a closure to those feelings where others wouldn't or even gloss it over. For a 15 chapter novel, this is well written, with different POVs that hints about the story of what happened between Sierra and Rachel and their circumstances.

Dare Ga Tame isn't the typical feel good story about a supposed villain finding a happy ending. It is about two sisters and what it means to heal from a pain while finding yourself. Dare Ga Tame perfectly addresses the aftermath of growing up depressed and later on finding yourself on a better place while not knowing who you are.


The story begins with the unspoken question posed by the Author and asked by Sierra, "For who's sake?" and we get our answer in the end,

"For myself."

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famine rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: Completed
This story started nicely with the accompanienment of the others pov... but idk since the second part when describing the aftermath, I felt it becoming clumsy. There seems to be something more but it wasn't actually written or translated well.

... more>>

In the true end, I am happy for Seira as she, despite worrying if her decisions so far was still somehow guided by the game, choose to stay since from the experiences until now... I think she want a place in which she belong. She doubted the genuine-ity of her feelings for Nouva at first, whether it was a guide from the game too. But she accepted. I take that as she might have decided to accept both her feelings and situation altogether, in the end.

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DOHere rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: c15
The only reason I read this overused reincarnated villainess cliche is to pass the time and have fun. If you can't write a good original novel at least make it funny or fluffy. This novel doesn't have much for itself
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earlgreyt rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: --
Hm, I think this story tries to express some deeper thoughts and meanings about fate/destiny and the meaning of freedom, but it's not done in a very detailed or thorough manner.

Though I thought the translation was pretty good, the flow of the story felt very scattered to me and the author drops a lot of scene changes and exposition, making the timeline and context of the situation confusing at times.

I think the ending was the best part, but it's also the part that made me feel the most conflicted.

... more>>

The MC questioned whether all of her decisions were part of the destiny written in the game. She wanted to run away/leave the country because she wanted freedom from the nudges/choices and events that had happened in the game. So in a way, she obeyed the "rules" of the game to spread bad rumors about her older sister in order to become kicked "outside" the boundaries of the game.

But then she finds out that her actions leaving the country and meeting some new characters who were written for her... was still part of the game, except she had no knowledge of it. This gave her an unprecedented crisis where she questioned whether all of her unknowing decisions would forever put her inside the destiny written for her.

In the end, even though she does like the ML created by the game, she chooses not to go with him, thereby breaking out of the plot within the game.

It was a very interesting choice, because if you think about it, the ultimate freedom from an "otome dating game" is to... not date anyone by the end. However, the ultimate "happy ending" for most novels, even if it is only a small side plot, is the achievement of a successful love story.

These two ideas of success become at odds with each other, and this is the conflict that the MC experiences.

Which leads me to question, what determines "real" happiness?

One of the MC's goals when she left the country was to see the ocean and go to places she's never seen before. So I'm sure that if she had agreed to go with the ML to travel the world, she would have been very happy. But would that happiness been "not genuine" because it was a part of some predestiny determined by the game?

The MC seemed to think so.

Which is why in the end, the MC decided not to go travel the world with the ML.

But this outcome made the ending of the story very lukewarm, because the protagonist doesn't make any positive decisions that showed her personality or agency. Rather, she makes a lot of negative decisions (aka, decisions where she rejected all options) and stayed in the same place.

In storytelling, such an ending that diminishes the character's potential can usually be considered "unsatisfactory".

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