Daomu Biji: Moving Forward Through the Flowery Night; The End Comes Without A Sound


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Black Glasses and Xie Yuchen head to Russia to investigate a mysterious floating corpse in an Orthodox Church. In the midst of it all, they are recruited to help protect a Russian family from a deadly attack by a feng shui master.

Associated Names
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Huā yè qián xíng wúshēng luòmù
Tread Through Flowers and the Night as the Curtains Silently Fall
花夜前行 无声落幕
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8oni rated it
May 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I have no idea why people rate this so low. I means, the story is creepy aka unsettling but I love that kind of story so here, take this 5* from me dear author and thank you so much translator for picking this up, the translation is awesome <3
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