Dangerous Barbarism


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Eloise, the beautiful princess of the Delane kingdom.

Iz, who was Eloise’s maid and prisoner of war.

She is forced to marry the king of the desert instead of a princess who is forced into a marriage of convenience with a barbarian.

Barca, a desert king with blue eyes that looks colder than ice.

“Are you the one who came here to be my wife?”

Fearing that she might die if he finds out that she is a fake princess, Iz desperately tries to hide the secret. However, she is gradually fascinated by him, who is always by her side when no one is there.

Barca’s voice, which she secretly heard when she thought she wanted to live her life pretending to be a princess, stabbed Iz’s heart.

“Did you think I really cared about the fake princess?”

* * *


Her body, which had been stretched out by the night wind, moved weakly. Iz noticed that she was back under him.

“Why, why… Again….”

This beastly occlusal was just over. But you’re trying to do it again? The maids never said this. I just need to hold it in once. They said it would be over….

“What do you mean why?”

Barca pushed his pen*s back little by little.

“I’m just trying to feed you again because you’re eating so deliciously.”

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위험한 야만
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Shadowwy rated it
November 10, 2023
Status: Completed
Rather well-written story, but the ML spends all his time r*ping the MC and treating her like a sl*ve, despite the fact that he grows fond of her fairly quickly... if that's not your cup of tea, pass!
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ogata Moto
Ogata Moto rated it
December 23, 2023
Status: side story
This is one of the series that I read or wait for updates. This was finish actually, I love regretful male lead and if you are one then read this.

It may seems like barca is bad but he change and fall in love as the story goes on. I love that it was quite painful. I just like stuff like this with character development.

The translator have a good eye for finding good stories, trust me you all. I just hope the translator will translate more smut and regretful male lead... more>> that is written by author Snow white. Cause basically, Snow white is good with this kind of genre. I hope too that the translator will try to translate novel that have a plain cover. Just lettering and moon in the cover. I am not sure if it is moonlight publishing stuff? I saw it from Celina is Pregnant.

Yeah, I recommend this. 10 over 10. Painful but the best. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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