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A 23 year old middle school graduate. Having cut ties with his parents, his hobbies include drinking, tobacco, and gambling. That kind of man is raising a child.

“Fine by me, I’ll do it”

The man set forth on becoming a splendid parent from the very bottom, his second life starts. In that process, learning the the warmth of a family, slowly he becomes an upright human but . . . . . . such extreme doting, besides himself everyone is drawing away, you know?

This is a story of a man who lives at the base of society but through raising a child he worries, struggles, and has a romantic comedy. All while keeping his eyes on becoming a splendid parent.

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12/18/16 Rokudenashi Translations c9
12/16/16 Rokudenashi Translations c8
12/12/16 Rokudenashi Translations c7
12/12/16 Rokudenashi Translations c6
12/11/16 Rokudenashi Translations c5
12/11/16 Rokudenashi Translations c4
12/10/16 Rokudenashi Translations c3
09/24/16 Rokudenashi Translations c2
09/24/16 Rokudenashi Translations c1
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Zyst rated it
December 14, 2016
Status: c7
A slice of life type novel, the setting is quite familiar. For some reason or another our main character ends up having to raise a little girl. This is one of my favorite Slice of Life tropes, so the rating is a bit higher than it should be. If we supported decimal points this would be around a 3.5 star novel, if you aren't specifically a fan of this trope, it's more around 3 stars. The problem I found with the novel is that the main character switches gears just... more>> too fast into "Papa mode". There's no real character development, it's a single event which essentially causes him to decide to turn his entire life around. Misaki herself also has the same problem. She also enters "daughter mode" too quickly after being essentially abandoned and abused throughout her youth. There's no real trust issues, they just connect.

Putting that aside the story has some heartwarming moments, fun misunderstanding shenanigans, and the novel has a nice pace. Although I do feel it lacks a bit of leisure and feels rushed in trying to tell its story. If you are a fan of the trope there isn't much out there that scratches this specific itch, so I'd recommend reading it. If you aren't specifically a fan there are better options in the genre out there that you should check out first. <<less
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