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Youth Wei Qian, orphaned at thirteen or fourteen, struggles through life with a half-sister. He picks up a street child who shamelessly latches onto him and gives him the name Xiaoyuan.

Wei Qian dreams of rising above the crop. He is someone who values money over his own life. In the earlier part of his life, he battles against many obstacles, with his number one mission being to make a name for himself. Finally, when he achieves some success and thinks that he’s seeing the light of daybreak in life, Xiaoyuan suddenly goes crazy.

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Big Brother
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Kana Ranka
New Kana Ranka rated it
March 29, 2024
Status: Completed
Ah, one of the masterpieces of the author of Priest. The theme is indeed Slide of Life but the content is not only daily activities but concerns many "cruel" fates.

Da Ge (大哥) is about family, friendship and people depend on each other. It's about accepting yourself and learning to let it go. Love more powerful than water, deeper than blood even if you have to beat out the world.

"I can continue to love you. If that women loves you more than I do. I can keep silent for a lifetime.... more>> Of course it will hurt. But I can turn that pain into a type of cultivation." - Wei ZhiYuan

"What kind of cultivation?" - Wei Qian

"Of course. I'll cultivation for you a life of happiness and peace." - Wei ZhiYuan <<less
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New yellauraya rated it
March 26, 2024
Status: Completed
➺ 4.5/5 🌟

This is Priest and her love for creating pseudo-in*est, homos*xual 'forbidden love' story. This is the second novel of her with that theme, the first one being Sha Po Lang/Stars of Chaos (which by the way one of my favorite danmei, among Priest's works or even danmei as a whole). Might not be main conflict of the plot but the element is there, hanging overhead, reminding us from time to time.

Actually, I find Wei Zhiyuan/Xiao Yuan, the ML of this book, quite resembling Chang Geng from SPL in... more>> various different aspects and I want to list them all. For one, they both fell head over heels with the male figure who adopted and raised them from childhood, the person who pulled them out of the quagmire and helped them escape their childhood traumas. They also both love so deeply and so dangerously. Even the idea of being harmed in some ways would crossed their mind just to see if the person they loved would care and worry about them. They have this strong sense of possessiveness inside of them that they tried to control, repressing their feelings to the point of affecting them emotionally and mentally. They have this menacing aura around them despite being so calm and almost indifferent and behind their composed facade is hiding a wild beast ready to pounce their beloved. Yes, they are crazy in love. They also have this coquettish way of provoking the person they loved after they laid bare of their feelings, and sometimes almost in a shameless way. But also, they have this adorable childness in them even as an adult, that's hard to resist. Both sticky and clingy.

Although Wei Qian and Gu Yun are not alike, they have some similarities as well. That's their natural indulgence and care for Xiao Yuan and Chang Geng. But their way of showing it is quite different. Gu Yun have this mischievous sarcasm, almost laid-back and carefree attitude, and the way he indulged Chang Geng is like coaxing a child. While they both have innate sarcasm in them, Wei Qian has a more poisonous tongue. He's leaning towards tough love. Maybe because of his upbringing, he has a hard time showing positive emotions. He's usually closed off, even within his family, and have this firm facade all the time. Becoming the pillar of the family at the age of 12, he couldn't show his weakness or else, he and his siblings wouldn't survive. He's simply not good with words, but he shows it through actions, albeit sometimes in a rough way. That's why his way of indulging Xiao Yun is by spitting fire.

Both Wei Qian and Xiao Yuan are interesting characters. They have this strong sibling dynamic but the transition from being adopted brothers to a more ambiguous relationship is, in a narrative perspective, done seamlessly. In the characters' perspective though, the changes are slow but steady, and quite angsty. I mentioned that the conflict stemming from the pseudo-in*est/homosexuality is not the main conflict because although this is a BL story, the huge part of this story is more of a slice of life, focusing more on the progression of their little family from childhood to adulthood. This is more about overcoming a hard life with little help and hope that things will get better. Even though Xiao Yuan discovered his romantic feelings very early on, it was more one-sided and naturally the development of the romance is practically nonexistent and only until Wei Qian discovered Xiao Yuan's sexuality that the romance part slowly started. That was basically more than halfway through the story.

I devoured this story without wasting any crumbs! Dage hasn't been on my radar for a long time not until I watched some clips of the adaptation ALMOST EVERYWHERE. I was about to watch the series but I learned that it's ongoing so I stopped myself and decided to wait until it's done. That's when I found out that it was an adaptation of Dage and I have this relentless itch inside me, telling me to start the novel, to the point that I was willing to read an MTL. In the end, I found a better translation and I'm so glad that I finally started this novel. I've never been so happy to ignore my initial TBR because this novel did something to my little heart. I am aware that this novel has its own flaws and I acknowledged that, but this just made me feel things. I am not giving this a full 5 stars, but this still successfully became one of my favorites. I know it's a torture to start an ongoing series and wait every week for a single episode, but it's also a torture to wait until it's complete. I badly want to start watching! <<less
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saphire8626 rated it
February 3, 2023
Status: Completed
A very very good book and simplicity at its best honestly. This book is about a small, dysfunctional family of 3: Wei Qian, his younger sister (I forgot her name coz I read this in June I think), and an orphaned/homeless boy whom he takes in as a younger brother, Wei Zhiyuan. This is a 'level-up' story as Wei Qian struggles to bring up the other two when they have no adults to rely on or money.

In typical priest fashion, Wei Zhiyuan is the rather besotted/obsessed/possessive love interest/secondary main character... more>> (see Chang Geng) and Wei Qian is a hardy, tough and mature character (a bit like Lin Jingheng from Can Ci Pin/The Defective. I enjoyed the emotional intensity of the romance, but honestly the Wei Qian and Wei Zhiyuan feel like a familial relationship.

Priest's writing and the themes both shine here. It's literally a kid trying to bring up two other kids and doing odd jobs and stuff like that, but I couldn't stop reading. Firstly, 'levelling up' and domestic narratives are very satisfying when Wei Qian's efforts pay off, and also when all three start to really function and feel like a family. Secondly, the characterizations of both characters are very strong and you really feel like you went through the years with them. Thirdly, I LOVE family- and relationship-centric narratives (think stuff like Minari, Shoplifters (but less depressing), cdramas like Go Ahead, and books like The Time Never Back. It was so comforting and satisfying to read on all levels!! I was spellbound by this small character/family drama.

So, yeah, really enjoyed this. <<less
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JenChen510 rated it
January 29, 2021
Status: c1
I am so happy to know that someone pick this story up to translate. It is really worth reading. There may be less romantic scenes than you expected in a BL novel, but there are meaningful lessons about dreams and determination, family love, brotherhood,... and also an realistic insight into lives of people from the bottom of the society. The plots are well-developed. To conclude, what I can say is that IT IS WORTH READING. Support you and thank you so much for the translation 😘😘
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Xheni rated it
March 25, 2024
Status: Completed
I just finished this story and it had been so long since I found something good to read as I am a picky reader and I have a very hard to satisfy taste. I found out about this story as I’m currently watching the series “Unknown” and this is the original story. I fell in love with the series and I was impatient waiting for the other episodes so I searched for the book. I finished this b4 the series and of course the cdrama is amazing but the original... more>> one is so much better. I love this more because the story isn’t going as fast as the series and I really wanted to see those young moments of Wei Zhiyuan fighting for his Wei Qian. Also this story is more romantic than the series. I still love the series too but I wished they showed more of their moments. Thank you for making my heart beat while reading it. Truly amazing!!! <<less
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