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Three years after the appearance of dungeons in the modern era, the world has adopted and started to research as well as farm the dungeons. One day the ordinary, 28-years-old researcher, Yoshimura Keigo, comes in contact with dungeons for the first time.

This encounter changes his life dramatically. Curious about his newfound skill, he decides to resign from his company and live by earning money in dungeons.

But will it really go as easily as he wishes? Follow this story which combines hard science fiction with fantasy in a modern world setting, and find out!

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D Genesis, 3 Years after Dungeon Appeared
D Genesis Dungeon ga Dekite 3 Nen
Dジェネシス ダンジョンが出来て3年
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12 Reviews

Aug 14, 2021
Status: c56
Great writing, but the author has a tendency of being a smart aleck at times. I am majoring in engineering, and when the author started talking about magnetic fields, I had to pull up my notes just to fully comprehend that sh*t. Like bruh, it's a novel not a textbook.
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May 29, 2021
Status: c45
I'm enjoying this considerably. It's not high literature, but the characters are interesting and the cast being composed of actual adults is nice.

I'm not totally without complaint, though. The cast of pretty women is too large, and too many of them show interest in the protagonist. It honestly just feels out of place in this story... Although they are cute.
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Aug 08, 2021
Status: c56 part1
A pleasant read. Not the best in the world but still good to read. Will rate it at 4.5. This is more a slow life novel than a hero flick. It take place in our world (and I mean ours since there are references about famous people like Obama and others) but with the difference that some years ago dungeons started to pop up around the planet. There are the usual Japanese WN tropes that could be annoying (and also I find them such) like the MC is... more>> the usual office worker that thanks to a fortune event becomes OP and almost side character is a female that love the MC but at least here there aren't so annoying because the author plays with them well. The OP part is just a pretext for the MC and his friends to study how the powers of the divers work (the dungeons are new and nobody know how they work) and not a mean to "be the best in the world and get all the chicks". The best part of the novel are the interactions between the MC and the other characters. They are funny and full of modern day reference. All in all of you want to read something not so serious this is a good read. <<less
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Apr 19, 2021
Status: c165
EDIT at c165:

I feel like I got baited. It's now a mediocre series that has meaningless filler (they talk about progress and methodology in determining new prime numbers for a chapter). Authors choices in storytelling took out a lot from our characters likability and main premise that I liked is now completely gone. Story took a dive from harder science fiction/fantasy to soft.

Warning heavy spoilers:

... more>>

Our characters started working on growing food in dungeons, since stuff in dungeon resets. They succeeded in this experiment and found out infinitely respawning wheat. Great, end of world hunger right? Nope, they are concerned about screwing up "grain futures" so kept this on the down low and working on patenting the process. They solved the world hunger and sitting on it to not disturb the stock market.

And no it's not like they have moral or philosophical issues on releasing information as long as it benefits them. Since they released party feature of dungeon cards which includes untrackable telepathy between party members. Which immediately caused people to cheat in exams.

Oh and that cute early part where they experimented on which chemical would work on slimes? That was a fluke. No chemical works on slimes like that. That chemical only worked because they believed it would work. (Which makes zero sense btw because the way they learn this is when they used another chemical very similar to the one they used earlier. So by all means that chemical should also work because they should expect and therefore believe it should work. So yeah this story is in a "Clap your hands if you believe" universe now.).

If you have mining skill enemies start dropping stuff. But here is the catch a floor of dungeon drops whatever first person with mining gets forever. So if first guy gets iron everyone else gets iron forever. If first guy gets random gem then that floor drops random gem. How is that determined? Well it's somewhere between what you want/what you expect/what were you thinking.

They got summon hellhounds. These dogs can make pull people into shadowverse and faint them without any long term damage, switch places between each other inside and outside dungeon instantly, can keep spare clothes inside their shadowverse so that they can apparate away Keigo inside let them change clothes and get out. They can stop high velocity bullets. So what I am saying is they are not really hellhounds, they are plot whatever you need cards.


Original review at c38 was rated 5 stars

This is a light hearted series about a researcher and early days of dungeon exploring in a modern setting. You know about those novels that start 10 years after dungeon gates where a research firm with all the tools and methods to quantify new explorers/hunters? In a way this novel is how those types of companies come about. So far it's mostly following protagonists meticulous (though sometimes ill advised) methods of codifying dungeon system using his newfound ability and exploiting the advantages of being the first to discover aspects of the system.

It's a fun slice of life to read to distract yourself if you are into that kind of story. May come off as a slow, boring series that nothing really happens to some people or too vanilla and not enough grimdark for some others. <<less
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Aug 09, 2021
Status: c56.1
I like the story of this series. Not too much hot blooded MC like many monster fantasy series. The story is slow, but if you like light story with good comedy to read then you must read this series
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Aug 22, 2021
Status: c57
A great story. I love the interactions between the two protagonists. It's a bit conversation-heavy, but their talks come across as casual and light-hearted at times, detailed and scientific at other times. The progress of the story itself is not as fast-paced as a regular adventure story, but it's not as slow as standard slice-of-life stories either. The biggest selling point for me are the many references across all cultures, and the in-depth scientific stuff appearing here and there, which you don't see often in fantasy stories.
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Apr 04, 2021
Status: c34
I find this quite enjoyable, even if it’s blatantly absurd at times.

Thus far it seems to very much be about figuring out the game mechanics that have descended on the world with the advent of dungeons. That said it has yet to veer away from any of the standard dungeon novel tropes.

The closest thing I can think to compare it to would be The Simulacrum web novel from RRL. It doesn’t seem to be trying to avoid the tropes but it’s very much aware of them.
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May 23, 2021
Status: c45
On the principle, it's not a bad story, my issue with this is that there's too much dialogue and nothing much else.

So if you dislike dialogues for several chapter in a row (like ch. 43.44.45) don't read this.
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Jun 09, 2023
Status: v3
It's started hopeful, then I left with a sad feeling that it could be more.

I first binge-read the manga (30 chapters in a day) then decided to read the novel and decided sadly that I cannot - even for the intrigue of the plots and what will come next - stomach the main characters and their logic. Well, everyone has different tastes, but I'll listed what ticked mine.

Plus points:

... more>> + dungeon diving in modern setting! (Gets insta love from me)

+ earning money from dungeon diving (also, my kind of favorite story. I wanna hear the coins jingle and jangle, guys!)

+ item box (yes, it has its own points, I'm obsessed by the item box feature)

+ MC is smart, nerdy researcher guy! And he becames OP! Unique POV! Oh and he also have an equally clever friend, and together they deduce how to beat the dungeon with the power of SCIENCE! It's astounding how they researching how the dungeon works, compiling all the data, concocting theories after theories that will makes you exclaim "Oh my god! This is SO gonna revolutionize the world!"

Minus points:

- The main characters and their logic

-"you're awesome guys! You totally rock, dude!" - is seemingly the expected default reaction for whatever the MC does.

Case in point:

story started when MC get OP power that makes him to became #1 in the entire world, tell his friend and they decided they don't want to be conspicuous and then proceeds to do EVERYTHING that makes them conspicuous, even when they don't really need to. Seriously, I would even call it being attention whore. How else you can explain the orb auction?

fact known throughout the world = The skill orb from dungeon will vanish in less than 24 hours after obtained and very rare to appear (about 3 orbs in a year)

MC = *gasps* I had acquired skills that can makes it not SO! But I don't want to be conspicuous!

*proceeds to create auction website with 3 days duration, selling 4 of them, and with timer that shows it recently acquired* LIKE OMGAWWWWD IT'S SO AWESOME, IT'S REVOLUTIONAIREEEE WHO IS THIS GUY????

MC = *eheh* I will throw false hints in my conversation with the buyers so my skill doesn't get found out and I still want to be inconspicuous by the way.

MC's friend = let's do this again next month

MC = okie dokie.

Like, whyyyyyy??? You're not in dire need of money and you don't want the fame. Why are you continuing with these actions that will makes you stand out? But author said 'okay, moving on, now I planned to make new fiasco with otherworld language skill orb' so get on with the program.

MC = okay, so we got request to get this certain orb. And I think it will makes us even conspicuous if we can accomplish that, still, we're going to do this for SCIENCE right? *Companion nods* okay, I'm not going to say if we can acquire a certain skill orb that every country in the world searching for? But IF we did, how much we'll get for it?

govt = uh, nothing because I'm a cheapskate?

MC = f*** you. I'll find that orb and auction it then.

I kinda guessed it that the correct action here is for us to applaud and root for MC for giving middle finger to the govt, just like other various NPC's who facepalmed when they hear the exchange. But instead, we are staring in confusion for the illogicality. Like, Why? Why are you choosing to leapt into trouble and became even more conspicuous? Author is like =

so I can give this cool and dangerous action scene that makes everyone goes "OH THAT'S SO SICKENINGLY AWESOME! WHO ARE THESE GUYS, REALLY?" - okay, next one!

Despite having so much question unanswered (like, can't other country just pressured MC for acquiring another orb? Again? He definitely knows where to get one), but author seemingly doesn't want his MC to be harassed like that, so we get to next problem asap. In which, MC and his friend in one of his REVOLUTIONAIRE BREAKTHROUGH THAT ROCKS ENTIRE WORLD creates serious problem. And of course MC and friend have impending solution, that, an NPC said 'will makes them savior of the society, but of course they wouldn't want to be called that.' and I had decide to quit it altogether. I just cannot stomach it anymore.

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Shabu suki
Mar 11, 2023
Status: v3c1
I'm reading the published version. Personally, enjoy this novel. It gives the vibe of how a real human would react to the appearance of dungeons and skill orbs. But when the writer starts going through the technical terms sometimes even I who work in the tech field need to start looking back to what I learned during college lol. I mean sometimes it's so technical like how the government going to handle student verification by starting talking about what should be thrown into the API view so that another party... more>> could use that data to do the query. It might be confusing for someone who never understands these terms. Also, love the email joke. Everyone who has to start checking their email in the morning might get the same frustrating writer mentioned in the story. <<less
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Feb 13, 2022
Status: c82p2
Beginning of web novel: 2/5 stars

After the beginning: 4/5 stars

Overall (as far as I've read) : 3/5 stars

Why make this distinction? Because, the author has a tendency to push things through without making it realistic or logical, especially at the beginning.

For example: ... more>>

Near the end of an early chapter, the Main Character does a bit of foreshadowing, something like "There was no way we could have known the consequences of our actions, nor could anyone else." (something along those lines, not verbatim) Yet, for anyone with average intelligence, to think of the consequences of the actions they took would have been simple. Not complicated at all, really. Yet, the author expects us to believe that the two protagonists are geniuses. If they had just sold one water magic orb for 80 million, they'd have the funds they needed without drawing any unnecessary attention and they'd have time to power level safely and then do whatever plans they wanted once they were strong enough. Instead, they went the roundabout way and earned much more, but revealed themselves to everyone important. Next, the author expects us to believe that the Japanese government, and all other governments aren't going to break laws to go after the "technology" that allows orbs to be saved indefinitely. All because the protagonists say "it was luck, a coincidence" during the skill orb handover. In the real world, after the sale of the first skill orbs, they'd have found themselves confined in a dimly lit room with interrogators, whether they were from the Japanese government or any other interested government. The author downplays the consequences and expects us to just believe it.


There are many other examples of either dumb or s*upid thoughts and actions by the protagonists, especially early in the series, and the consequences of their actions were way too light compared to how it would actually play out in reality. It only really got serious later on, once the protagonists somehow magically had the thought that their actions may lead to deadly consequences, so they finally decided to take their own safety into account.

Anyway, there are many problems with the reality of situations, logic of the characters, etc., especially early in the series. Luckily, it becomes less frequent later on.

Next problem, the author has a tendency to ramble or go off on tangents for multiple paragraphs, sometimes even chapters, with either barely related topics, and sometimes unrelated topics. It was quite annoying in the beginning and I almost dropped the series early on. Maybe I've gotten used to it now, as it hasn't bothered me as much lately.

At the end of some chapters, there are cliffhangers. Then, the next chapter, things aren't explained until later, making it quite infuriating to read. Sometimes, obvious details you'd expect the author to write or at least mention off hand are excluded. Whereas, pointless information and knowledge is always inserted.

As a quick example:

The protagonists are supposed to be researchers. Yet, later, when they start seriously dungeon diving, they seem to skip checking skill orb selections for every monster. But for some reason, the author loves to insert needlessly detailed explainations everywhere, like exactly where some character is, is going and which direction they decide to turn and on and on.


Despite these problems and other minor ones, there is a reason why I had to compromise and give 3/5 stars overall. The series goes in a different direction than many other portal/dungeon stories. Though it does get a little silly how many different cookie jars the protagonists seem to put their hands in, especially some of which that you'd expect to already be developed or researched by others, yet apparently hasn't been, so of course it's up to our genius protagonists to do it all themselves.

IMO this series is a late bloomer. It gets better, but you've got to keep suspending your disbelief over and over. <<less
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Jan 06, 2024
Status: v5
Just finished v5 last week and I am looking forward to where this is going quite a bit. I cannot wait to continue the story in v6. I know the WN is has been on hiatus for years, I hope that the remaining 2 LN volumes are not the end of the story.

edit: just noticed that the author posted an update in November on Syosetu for the first time in 2 years and he said volume 8 was released. So that is awesome.

Some of the low rating reviews seem to... more>> focus on the supposedly smart people not being smart such as the orb auctions and not researching enough.

After 5 volumes it has only been less than 4 months in story. I do admit that there was some shortsightedness about the scale of the effect, but also our 2 MC were researchers for a dungeon adjacent company, i.e. Normals. I personally think a few issues like not realizing the government would lock them in country, is perfectly acceptable for the plot.


At this point they have revealed the storage to the JDA, and this obviously cemented assumptions in the government minds about how the auctions are possible. Sure the entire world does not know yet, but the JDA does. Even if their assumptions are wrong since Making and Vault are the keys.


Another user was complaining about how the various world governments were not just going balls to the walls after them. Most governments move slow barring a clear and present immediate danger. So aside from

Russia clearly went active hostile before the appraisal announcement

, it is not a surprise to me at all that nothing overt has happened in only 3.5 months. Actually less than that since the first auction and even less (2 weeks) since the Snowden like data leak went live. <<less
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