Cursed Sword Master


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An ever-righteous sword-lover was your ordinary high schooler, Fujinomiya Soujirou. On a certain evening, he had his life cut short when he was stabbed by a robber in his home.

However, in the mysterious space Soujirou appeared in afterwards, there was a certain being that introduced itself as a [God] of a world. This [God] asked if Soujirou was interested in living a bit longer.

At that moment, together with his beloved katana, Soujirou consented to living in another world.

However, when it concerned getting the cheat ability commonly bestowed by an otherworld God– he was simply told, “there aren’t any cheats.” Sent to the other world, he was able to bring with him the talking sword, [Hotarumaru/Little Firefly], and the sword that took his life, [Sakura]. In addition, the only thing the [God] chose to bestow him was a button down shirt and parachute pants.

And so, in this other world, Soujirou was given a job called [Cursed Sword Master].

The [Cursed Sword Master], one who has the ability to bring out the personality of a sword.

Soujirou with his beloved swords in another world were able to meet with a beautiful girl named Sistina, who held the unique job of [Acolyte] a type of combat priest-maid.

He aims to raise a harem of katanas, while hunting monsters for his daily necessities.

Though Soujirou fights, he also enjoys having a relaxing time building an onsen, capitalizing on creating new items taken from the vast knowledge of Earth’s many light novels, starting up a new organization, and daring to try developing new and convenient items.

Being taught myriads of things by his swords, Soujirou, an otherworldly traveller without a cheat ability, learns about his own power gradually through fighting.

Doing nothing. Looking forward to the time when that life is possible. Setting that goal, interacting with the townspeople and going to the tower. Though he tries to live normally while fighting, he gets dragged into problem after problem, or ends up doing bandit subjugation and getting involved with a troublesome self-proclaimed rival. Even with all that, he seems to enjoy living his newfound everyday life in the other world.

Associated Names
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Makenshi no Maken Niyoru Maken no Tame no Harem Life
The Cursed Sword Master’S Harem Life: By The Sword, For The Sword, Cursed Sword Master
The Habitual Swordsman's Cursed Sword Have Become Magical Swords Leading to Harem Life
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Boogle rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: v1c13
It's more shounen then seinin at the moment. (Sure it's a bit ecchi but nothing explicit)

The MC is kind of dumb and also really passive so far (mostly his companions decided what they'll do) but he has a unique outlook on killing which make him interesting.

So far, it doesn't have many cliches YET, add the top notch TN it deserves a 5 atm.
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Titan LLS
Titan LLS rated it
October 14, 2020
Status: --
This guy has a revolting personality. To the point where I could easily see him as a villain character with a backstory. That the MC should eventually end up killing in a blown-out battle over differences in philosophies.

Unfortunately, he is the main character of this story. I don't want to read an iseakai story about Dexter with loose morals WTF!? Seriously I was so turned off when they started recounting how he died. Then he refers to the people who he has killed as "Things" don't get me wrong I... more>> am not saying that he is wrong or right. It is not even a debate about morality. Rather on the sheer repulsiveness, at the fact that he somehow is able to calmly evaluate the people who he kills as "Things" instead of people. Something is broken in this MC, and not in an intriguing kind of way that makes him a compelling character. It is in the kind of way that makes you wonder how on earth this guy has made it in society? That if he is not more a villain than anyone he will kill. This guy more than killing to save potential lives is killing just because he finds people (Thing) repulsive that I simply cannot abide. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bthnccklr rated it
July 10, 2021
Status: prologue part1
common sense is tr*shed for sake of mc's sexual life. MC and girls' dialogues doesnt make sense, it is weird. You can understand that it is written by a virgin, excited, extremely ametour author. In early chapters MC kills in cold blood and when bandit/thief is women; they have "special circumstances". well what about bandits that you killed in cold blood? Author doest these cliche and cheap trickts to entertain himself while MC "earn" another harem member who s*upidly in love and devoted themselfves to MC. And another thing, in... more>> tower chapter, MC scares to fight and motivated from "if monsters dont killed, then they overflow to town". when he became the savior? the hero? never acted like this but motivated from that? Author just bullshitting around. and that "wise" katana, isnt wise at all...

wont worth your time <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sir Laffsalot
Sir Laffsalot rated it
November 23, 2020
Status: v1c12 part3
There is nothing at all that makes this seinen - so I think it was mislabled. Yeah, they had sex, but nothing graphic to make it seinen (yep, there's s*x in shounen, and this story read the exact same way as in shounen - nothing to write home about, nor would make your grandmother blush). It reads like shounen. EVERYTHING is copy cat from EVERY other shounen out there, other than how it starts off. Yep, it's nothing but cliches, old over-used ones at that.

The only good thing going for... more>> this story, is the translating. Again, LNT rocks when it comes to TLing and editing. But yeah, having to dump it here because I was nauseated over reading the same thing as I did just 5 minutes ago, and 5 minutes before that, and 5 minutes before that (they were all shounen, btw). I'm totally frikkin bored out of my frikkin mind. Booted from my reading lists and sent to my disposal, or, "Deleted Because Too s*upid and Nauseating to Read" list. So, only 1 star from me (really wish I could do 1/2 star). <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bigstew rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: c202
well, dont know why people r rating this so low, the author at least wrote/finished the wn, I believe the ln is more detailed and more story is included, this author like many just used the wn to hash out directions to go when writing the ln, ... more>>

should mtl the wn, its actually well done for a free version for fans, havent read this groups version but hopefully they will get to the end, for the wn will tell u the MC gets sexual with current and when they find out how to have more swords brought over but is still random, leaving out some stuff the MC gets more swords, more problems, gets stronger along with his swords leveling up, some cliche later with wolves being trained ninja style by one of the swords, with the ending of the wn being a good conclusion but leaving things unanswered in that version, MC forms superteam with others to conquer the dungeon which the author hints at early on indicading that the wn is just a free version for fans as he wrote the ln, conquers dungeon, little firefly becomes god sword, they meet a god who explains some things and asks him to join their realm but says no cause his girls couldnt come and wants to live out his days with them at their house, also finds who was sending swords and also that person seems to have the entire collection but unlikely more swords will come unless that person changes their mind

if that doesnt work for u u can hope more of the manga gets a trans but the manga version leaves out important info the wn covered <<less
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