Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration


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Jiang Li takes a meal and gains the status [Satiety].

[Satiety: Restores 1 Stamina per minute. Duration: ∞] He no longer has to eat.

He sticks a talisman on himself and gains the status [Armored Horse Divine Travel].

[Armored Horse Divine Travel: Increase movement speed by 1000%. Duration: ∞] Taking pills, gaining spiritual qi, refining the body, nurturing the soul, and increasing life expectancy…

He only needs one pill for the status to take effect for the rest of his life.

Those crippling secret techniques that boost power for three seconds but result in three-year feebleness? They are now the most powerful and most amazing techniques!

Waiting for a thousand years to comprehend the Dao after using one enlightenment pill? No, he is comprehending the Dao every day!

He is Jiang Li, a Prince Charming who can turn an instant into eternity →_→…

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Pavilion rated it
February 5, 2023
Status: c719
Unlike how it may seem at first, this is actually pretty decent story. If it weren't for some inconsistencies and slight amount of deus ex machina from the author it would be pretty solid 4, 5 out of 5 stars cultivation story. Pretty unbelievable, right? I mean a modern QI story reaching this kind of standard? That was what I thought as well. Wild stuff.

So what made my rating drop to a very generous 4 then (realistically it's more like 4- or 3, 75) ? Like I wrote earlier, the... more>> deus ex. The main character in this story is unfortunately not very well fleshed out, or rather 'completely portrayed' for the reader. Sometimes the author just "reveals" some really weird ass pulls just to resolve uncontrollable fights or situations in the story by introducing new techniques or some past experiences that the readers are simply clueless about- because they didn't happen before in the story. It's pretty shitty and lazy writing. This can be tolerated to a point because it opens slightly larger path for the story narrative and gives more creative freedom for the author, especially since this is basically Xianxia rooted in humor and parody. But I still feel like it was taken way too far.

About the inconsistencies then. I don't know if it's the translation (which is surprisingly fine otherwise btw, just pointing that out now) but in the book a lot of things are just getting messed up. Names becoming slightly different, power realms sometimes just combine- a lot of weird small stuff like that. I don't think it's too nitpicky to ask not to combine Nascent Soul realm to an Essence Soul cultivator, and even if they meant the same thing originally just stick with that then and don't go creating new terms.

Yeah, anyway, there's a lot to like about this story too. Somehow I only ended up listing the bad stuff, that's kinda mb. If there's any TL;DR to be taken away from my review here it's that don't be fooled by this shitty mass-produced-ass sounding name for the book- it's actually pretty enjoyable read and I do recommend giving it a try. <<less
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DivineDragon rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: c300
Haven't read this novel in a while, however I do think this novel doesn't deserve the 3.3 rating normally reserved for sh*t tier novels. In reality, I would rate this 4.5 stars where I am up to.


  • MC system and subsequent powerups are unique and interesting
  • Characters aren't ret*rded
  • MC doesn't straight up power level and cheat through 5 levels in 100 chapters
  • Actual plot

  • At my point of the story (chapter 300) MC doesn't use his system nearly as much in the beginning
  • Although the MC doesn't straight up cheat his way through cultivation, making the powerups seem satisfying, its too slow for the current pace as he isn't even a

    Golden Core Realm

    Yet he is the leader of his backwater region of sect alliance while dealing with enemies many realms above him.
That is all I can think of since I read this novel like half a year ago. Give it a try if you don't have better novels to read, this is better than 90% of the other sh*t out there
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August 21, 2023
Status: c130
I haven't read this for weeks now, so some of what I said might be wrong. I will start.

This novel for me is decent, the MC jiang li is likable and really priority is to become strong. For me that's really good mentality that MC have.


The MC doesn't have a woman rven though it's already 130 chapter


The pacing is really slow that it's making me bored sometimes. I only read this now, like when I don't have anything to read.


Someone spoil me that Jiang li left the sect about 200 chapter, in which really demotivated me on continuing this. It's really slow.


About the system, it may be called OP but the MC still have to train, which I found better than most system.
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ImmortalMaou_sama rated it
July 15, 2023
Status: Completed
Amazing novel. One of the best I have read. This is the story of Jiang Li, our MC is a smart and very sarcastic person with a rediculously overpowered cheat. It's a fast paced so there isn't a moment where it will feel dull, things keeps on happening. And MC's growth is also very fast, if I say that he gets a power up or a new ability every 10-20 chapter, I wouldn't be wrong.

About the World,
One of the best world building I have seen in a xianxia... more>> novel. Minor spoiler you will find out in first couple of chapters, but the Great Cultivation World was destroyed. Our MC has been transmigrated to a world which has just started walking on the path of Cultivation again after a few thousand years. Their is a whole mystery surrounding this new world. What happened? Why was the world destroyed? What happened to all those powerful Immortals and Gods of the past? You will find yourself finding the answer to these questions along with the MC step by step as he becames stronger.

About the Plot,
Not much in terms of Plot. As with other novels, MC finds himself facing challenges after challenges, each of which resulting in him getting something good out of it. You won't get much time to appreciate the plot because in few chapters MC will figure out a way out of the current problem. Then onto the next challenge. The main plot of the novel is to figure out why the world ended and all the challanges MCs will face while figuring this out.

Kingdom Building,
One of the rare novel where MC's build his own Clan/Sect/Kingdom. He doesn't really establish a kingdom, rather a City, but it's a Cultivator City, so over the top size are given. I have always liked Kingdom Building in novels, and this novel is really good at that. Sadly this novel treats Kingdom Building as a secondary aspect, so most of the time you will only get hints of what's happening in his City. But even the bits and pieces you get from time to time are fun to read.

MC and his cheat,
Jiang Li is smart, sarcastic and really really smug guy. His cheat is also rediculously overpowered and he takes complete advantage of that. He is so overpowered that not only can he fight above his level but by the second half of the novel, MC is basically unkillable. And I don't mean that as he is powerful, he can just stand infront of his enemies and let them hit him and they still won't be able to kill him, he may not win, but he definitely won't lose. Also he isn't your typical hot blooded xianxia MC who are proud who will rather break then bow or MCs who let their enemies live, leaving them a possibility of comeback. If you becomes Jiang Li's enemy, he will use whatever means to weaken you, nothing is off limit and when he finally defeats you, then you either die or in his words "leave the darkness and join the light" - basically he will use various method to control your life and death or even brainwash you, and this is how he has turned lots of his enemies into his "friends".

About the ending,
Disappointing but understandable ending. The final Villian (s) are disappointing. Without going into any spoiler, we get a smart evil villian, he shaped the world for a long time, his fight against MC had meaning, but he lost easily. Then we got another villian, who was very powerful, but their was no emotional attachment to him. Although the fight was very cool but story wise this big bad was disappointing.
The abrupt ending was understandable, by the end of the novel, MC is at the peak of the world, there are no more challenges, no one opposes him, no one can oppose him. He is The One and Only Ruler of the Whole World. Nobody is at his level, nobody is at even 3-4 level below him. I can understand why author couldn't find anything else to write without making the story become dull and had to end this novel. Although, It would have been great if there were some side stories chapters at the end.

Still one of the best xianxia novel I have read. If you want to read a fast paced novel with an overpowered cheat and a smart MC, give this a try. <<less
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GianCarpio rated it
July 3, 2023
Status: c300
This novel is an empty shell of a good novel.

We see that the MC gets 1000% boost in speed but we never really know what his speed is. We just know he is fast.

We see that the MC get more enlightenment but we dont see the calculations of how much faster he can cultivate now, actually it stays the same even if he gets more enlightenment meaning that the status is completely meaningless.

We also see that the MC has some qi increasing status but theres no in track of how... more>> much faster he is cultivating.

Theres so much status but we aren’t really keeping up with what they are and they are just left in the backround to accumulate and rot.

there is no measure of any kind (distance, speed, time) that it feels like you have to use imaginations to think of how fast they are so its just bland and constant no matter what realm he is in and it will never feel like his capabilities are getting bigger <<less
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heminasti rated it
July 3, 2023
Status: c904
There are almost no lulls, the MC blasts his way into godhood. Interesting depictions of powers and conflicts. Has some faults, but really one of the best of these novels I've read.
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Aiix1 rated it
June 24, 2023
Status: Completed
After completing this novel I give 5/5, there is no it gets to this chapter before it's go, throughout the whole journey is was a fun read. As the guy said top tier novel, just the start has some same stuff as the warlock magus book, but it wasn't written badly at all.
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ZeroIn rated it
June 1, 2023
Status: Completed
Update June 8, 2023 - Completed

Firstly, I want to apologize to the author for my rude comments below. This is a Must-read novel.

The novel is one of the best I have read, and the special statue becomes extremely useful as the story goes on, unlike other novels I have read. The MC is truly unlike all others in this novel, and his specialness is very useful especially later on in the novel.

Smart MC. Uniquely OP with his statuses and is truly one of a kind throughout the whole novel. His... more>> uniqueness has no explanation and no limit, which is great and leaves the reader much more fulfilled.

Think of the MC's power as a glitch; it was not given to him; it is just there and has no need for a back story like in other novels, which is the best.

Update June 1, 2023 - c390 (2 STAR REVIEW)

I hope the author can buy a brain and then write a novel.

The novel becomes tr*sh around 350. NO NEED TO READ!

I am at 390 chapters, and the author seems to have forgotten the 10X speed of MC and the buffs. All the buffs are useless, and now they don't matter, and somehow he keeps getting beaten by someone only 2 levels higher. While having 10x the speed and 2x the strength with just his body and many other buffs, which should make him x100. I hate authors like these who tr*sh good novels by making the MC weak and forgetting all the buffs.


MC spent 100x effort to make a solid foundation, which is useless when fighting.

Having dragons' blood, which gives him twice the strength and many other buffs, is almost 50x, but it is still useless.

MC has a 10x buff on his speed, yet people only 2 levels above him are so fast he can't touch them. = Useless buff again.

Others are way stronger than MC, while MC has all the buffs. How does this make sense?

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