Cultivation Bigshots Are All Cats


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Ye Jingxing has become a waste son of the Ye family. He awakened the wood-type single spirit root, which was rarely seen in thousands of years, but the ability only works on catnip, and it has remained in the Qi training period.

Not only was he kicked out of the house, but he also became a joke in the entire cultivation world.

As the former cat house owner, Ye Jingxing was not discouraged, he “rebuilt the cat house” while picking up kittens.

It was only later that Ye Jingxing discovered that the orange cat who came to him every day to eat and drink was actually His Majesty the current emperor.

Du Jie’s injured clown cat turned out to be Lord Demon King. The puppet demon emperor turned out to be a foolish beauty who sheds tears every day.

The lion cat, who was arrogant and refused to brush his hair, turned out to be the number one sword cultivator today.

The cat with different pupils that Tian Tian and Xiu Mao, the lion cat love, turned out to be the master of the first sword cultivator. …

And the little cat, who is coquettish and cute every day, makes him *rua—turned out to be the ancient great demon Shen Qiyao who has been dormant for thousands of years? !

*Note : Rua is an internet slang. It is usually just a mood word without meaning, and it can also mean stroking, fondling or rubbing.

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reia.krr rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Pure fluff story and not much substance. There’s not much plot and it’s mostly about collecting powerful cats. No actual villains and there’s only one part where the ML suffers but it’s resolved pretty fast and tbh I didn’t care much about it.

Read for a bunch of cute cats but don’t expect an actual plot.
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nitan rated it
January 25, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a novel full of cats. Assume that the entire cultivation world is cat-dominant, all the important people are cats. Although it's not said, it can make you feel a little better about the progression of this novel. I hypnotized myself to think about it this way and also that it's kind of gary stu (full of quirky 'coincidences'!) -- thus I get to enjoy it!

As a cat-control, this novel is very satisfying to read. Enjoyed a story about petting, picking up, and feeding kittens. Very nice! Around chapter uhh... more>> 100? I started to feel like it's dragging it's feet. There's not really a plot to follow so far into the story, just short 'things to do' so it may feel directionless. Don't worry about it, if you do continue reading (no judging if you drop) -- things will eventually pick up. Besides looking forward to collecting all the kitties (looking at the blurb for guidance) -- there's also the mysteries of MC's powers. His family background and world background. But generally, it's a very loose novel about cats. You get your full amount of fluff, so it's really not a bad deal!

The romance is pretty great. Of course there's the two identity crisis thing, but the MC and ML are straight forward awkward people who once they understand their own hearts, will confess and be together (around ch120-ish?). Identity reveal is around ch140, but it's not dog-blooded dramatic dont worry!! It's still the MC and ML... the power dynamic between the two eventually becomes chad MC and virgin awkward loser boy ML... it's really cute, please trust me on this one lol

Btw, this novel is very forgiving to the 'villains' -- the antagonists sometimes turn into allies really fast. Like whiplash fast, it makes me feel kind of aggrieved?? Like I was getting pretty mad, but there's no way to dispel this breath. People pick on him, do him wrong, but we're not supposed to get mad at them because it's already been resolved. I'm not consoled!!

Also isn't it cool how there's the forum in a xianxia novel?? Isn't it cool how it's a smooth sailing novel with this kind of setting?? I find it very comfortable..

Overall, although the novel is quite long and may not be full of adventures... It's still a very nice novel for cat-people to read.. very reliable, I'd recommend if you have the patience or want something to calm your mind, enjoy your time. It feels like playing in the kiddies pool. The water is shallow, but it's still being in water and having fun by yourself. Enjoy! <<less
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January 24, 2023
Status: c7
Quite frankly my dear I'm just here for the cats, there are so many cats and I wanna pet them all! The plot is cute and adorable But the cats are better.

So if you're expecting anything deep, Don't.

Just except A lot of adorable cats.
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