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Cthulhu Gonfalon is a story about a man who woke up in another world. After a drink over his loss in a game, Sui Xiong ended up in the middle of the sea. Surprisingly, he now found out he no longer existed in a human shape but in a spirit state without any flesh. In order to survive and find a way to return to Earth, he then searched for a body to accommodate his spirit. After several confrontations with some creatures under the sea, he decided to settle for a jellyfish flesh. This Jellyfish was extraordinarily huge. With its tent**les, it caught others’ spirits to nurture its own power. In this world, Sui Xiong wasn’t only matchlessly powerful but he also had an ability to cast magic. With this gifted ability and combined with his knowledge from the civilized world on Earth, he could help a deceased person resurrect, change a person’s look, and do tons of other crazy things that he didn’t know.

As his journey to discover this world went on, he encountered many bizarre and mystic creatures along the way, who were Gods, Humans, Devil Beasts, Giant Dragons and lots of other undetermined organisms. Some of them might insanely worship him, while others hated him. Some might become his enemies. Some might end up becoming his teammates in the end. From a gamer on Earth to here, he became a God (even he himself could not verify this yet), had his own religion and even a church with a Holy Land to fight for justice.

What kind of world is this? What kind of existences might live in this world? What kind of secret this world owns? Can Sui Xiong return to Earth?

Keep on following the story to find out the answers for those questions.

Little explanation about Cthulhu: Cthulhu has been described in appearance as resembling an octopus, a dragon and a human caricature, hundreds of meters tall, with webbed human-looking arms and legs and a pair of rudimentary wings on its back. Cthulhu’s head is depicted as similar to the entirety of a gigantic octopus, with an unknown number of tent**les surrounding its supposed mouth.

Associated Names
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Banner of Heretic God
Tà thần tinh kỳ
Wicked God Gonfalon
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SimonsaysLOL rated it
July 7, 2017
Status: c12
I am personally a fan of lovecraft works and the phantasmal images of the dark world he molds, so I seriously question the legitimacy of Validtility review and his "love" of lovecraft. From what I read in the translated chapters and some of the raws I have say this novel isn't good, not terrible, just not good. The only thing it takes from Cthulhu is creature basic shape and name, has nothing to do with any kind of abyssal themes that come with a lovecraft creature, it's almost insulting.

The novel... more>> that comes to mind when reading this is "Crimson Dragon" another novel listed on novelupdates, it's not good either, really comes down to a dude who basically becomes Deathwing from WOW and does a bunch of the generic chinese MC stuff, the same is with this novel. Chinese guy becomes a already known monster and carries on in almost the same fashion as "Crimson Dragon".

If your reading this just forget the cthulhu thing and expect no relation to lovecraft and the story would be at most a 2.5/5, that's a.5 increase. Honestly I think I would have loved this story if it wasn't written as a chinese novel, if it was written in the same fashion as goblin slayer with the MC embracing his new form and would go on to bring madness and horrors to denizens of his new world and converting them, this novel would be awesome. Sadly it is a chinese novel and the derivative story writing and creation only ruins the interesting premise of becoming Cthulhu.

The MC in this is way too kind, too human, too much wanting to be human and it really hampers the story, imo would have been much better if he became the malevolent, somewhat apathetic to blight of humanity and godlike being that is Cthulhu. <<less
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piday rated it
July 20, 2017
Status: c866
No idea why the translator decided to translate the title like this. The story and the original title has nothing to do with Cthulhu or Lovecraft mytho. The MC doesn't share any similarity to Cthulhu at all, in either appearance or actions: he is a green jellyfish for god's sake. The title 邪神旌旗 is more accurately translated to "Wicked God Gonfalon". 邪神 Is tricky to translate to reflect the meaning, the second character 神 means god/deity, the first character 邪 can mean evil, but can also denote something that's not... more>> following the (social) norm which seems more like what the author intended (not quite sure how to translate that to English in a non-clunky way, but I have seen people translated 邪仙 to "Wicked Immortal" so I do that same for 邪神). 旌旗 Gonfalon is sort of like banner/flag, so one way to understand the title is "Wicked God waving a banner (to serve as an inspiration for others) ", at least that's how I interpret it.

Onto the story itself, well, while this isn't the best novel from the author, it's better than the majority of the Chinese WN here IMO. The technical aspects of writing are great*: good flow, no plot holes, show don't tell. It has consistent world building and lots of character development, not just for the main characters but also for the side characters (which there are a lot). Overall, it's a fun read, always put a smile on my face and gives a relaxing feel. Sort of like how "Release that Witch" makes me feel.

Another thing that distinguishes this story is that the MC (and a lot of the characters) is a genuine good person. I would gladly be friend with someone like the MC, while I would not want to be associated with a lot of the MC's from other WN's. There is no protagonist-centerd morality bullshit. There is actually a meme among Chinese readers that this author is filled with "positive energy", such that all of his MC's are exemplary good samaritan, in stark contrast to MC's of other WN's.

A warning though, if you don't like a story that spent a significant portion (at least 20%) on characters other than the MC, then this story is probably not for you.

* Obviously it's not up to the standards of published novels but that's what happen when you have to churn out a chapter a day with no editor to help editing. But it's still better than a lots of WN, not that it's a high bar to pass I know ;) <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
September 16, 2017
Status: c77
Honestly, I expected something else.

It was ok at first, in the ocean and all. But then almost immediately the MC left his territory and advantage, the ocean. He wanted to become a land jellyfish wtf. What we get is a giant flying jellyfish who immediately became OP, becoming a jellyfish god that fights other gods and factions, like the usual chinese novel. A good kind god, not some evil monster god.

Also, the title is misleading clickbait. The MC's name that he chose himself is Oscar. Fcking Oscar the jellyfish god.
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KnightofGlory26 rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: v1c5
Ughhh... how to put this nicely?

Well the MC accepted his fate wayyy to easily, he just accepts it as it is, not even thinking he's delusional. Also this one part annoys me:

... more>>

Why couldn't he eat the whale? he is a spirit, so even if bigger animals can sense him they can't hurt him. he also doesn't need oxygen, so what is the worst being swallowed alive do to him? also if he's that close to the whale (inside it), cant he easily just eat its soul?

Also with the little fishes, he says "as I only have two hands I can only eat two at a time", this is bull sh*t because he is now a jelly fish, and he can't leave this body. so what hands is he talking about?


anyway I might just not like it, give it a try as you may enjoy it! <<less
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Psosm rated it
January 2, 2021
Status: c239
This is the first time I hate a novel so much, this is just plain terrible, utterly terrible.

Oniisama has a better and more complete review as to how bad this novel is so check it out first.

First of all the translation is very terrible the name keeps changing, at one chapter it is Sleepless God yet at later chapter it is God of Insomnia like tf? If you dont believe me read chapter 19.

The character's personality also keep changing, at one time he's the good guy, at other time he... more>> is apathetic

he accidentally killed an entire village while only feeling a little guilt for like 2 or 5 min, that's how apathetic he is.


yet at other times again he is a hypocrite, I kind of forgot this one but basically

the MC request the king of some nation to build a portal inside their goddamn CAPITAL, the king provide a valid reason as to why they refuse to build the portal, well obviously because other can just use the portal to teleports an army duh, guess what the MC do? Revenge by destroying their nation border wall lol, which makes no f*cking sense considering how he is supposed to be the embodiment of "justice"


The story also keeps adding inconsistency I still remember how

Snow (the ice dragon) suggested and tried to help the MC be the God of Ice, which he agreed upon (she also let him know that they will fight the other Gods related to that), he also asked why Snow helped him considering that they are unfamiliar which she replied because their element matched, well guess what? The MC became a f*cking God of Theme Park, yes THEME PARK, I guess fine he have a reason as to why he chooses that, what you want to know what reason? Because some random God that I forgot the name of suggested that lol, that's how boring the story is, that God said that he will be targeted by other Gods related to that element which is a valid reason, unless HE ALREADY KNOW THAT, even if it's a valid reason this just show how much of a beta MC he is, if you don't know basically this random God just appeared out of nowhere around chapter 130-140 I forgot, but I'M REALLY SURE HE IS JUST A RANDOM GOD THAT THE MC JUST MET AND FOR SOME REASON I CAN'T FATHOM BELIEVED IN HIS ADVICE.


If you dont believe me here's the copy paste from chapter 142:


"Sui Xiong said in distress. "The territory power that I possess is not little. Technically, I could seek out many clergy posts. But taking in consideration my outlook on the life, world and values, there are not many choices left. Maybe, I will spend my time and effort on 'ice, ' seeking for such nature clergy post that would suit my needs more."

"The competition among nature clergy post is too vigorous. I do not suggest you to seek for that, " Janvier said and shook his head. "For instance, for ice. You would have to to fight against the crazy bunch from Arctic Federation, and the few that are not crazy, but mean Gods. Even if you won against them, you would still have to pass through the barrier of King of Four Elements. Unless you are willing to bow to them and swear not to chase after promotion of strong godly power, they wouldn't let you pass through that stage.

Sui Xiong let out a breath of relief. He didn't think much back then (lol the f*ck?). He thought by selecting natural phenomenon as clergy he would be able to avoid the heavy burden of power of belief. Evidently, everyone was not s*upid. Everyone wanted to fight for such free and unrestrained clergy. If he were to be promoted as God from that particular direction, it would be even more difficult than it already was!

"I have a suggestion, " Janvier said. "The theme park design is very good. I believe it will definitely receive great admiration; there might even be people that follow as an example. Why don't you just be a 'God of Theme Park.'"

"God of Theme Park? This can work?"


This can work? Haha what a f*cking joke.

Here's the copy paste from chapter 44 to show how absurd it is:


Then why would Snow approve of Sui Xiong, and why was she willing to become his adviser?

"The answer is quite simple, " the ice dragon said smiling, having now changed back to the friendly fat auntie from the grocery store. "As a member of the dragon race who is good at practicing cold magic, apart from the Dragon God in her own race, isn't a God of Ice the most suitable partner for me?"

"I may have some skills, but compared to His Majesty in my own race, my skills are almost close to nothing. The differences between my rank and his made it impossible for me to have an equal conversation with him, not to mention cooperate with him."

"There are three gods whose magic energy is in the field of cold and snow: one is a lunatic, another is a lunatic, and the last one is still a lunatic. In other words, a strong lunatic, a weaker lunatic and a much weaker lunatic. Since I am not a lunatic, I could not communicate with them, let alone cooperate with them."

Before, when Sui Xiong was reading the materials from the God of Redemption, he had read a paragraph about this. At that time, he realized that he would become a target for the Union of Extreme Cold when he was apotheosized and would set up the priesthood of Ice. To avoid being attacked and defeated, he needed to have more allies to give these lunatics a good fight.

So yes he already knows that he will be targeted by other Gods of that element. I will lower myself even more here, maybe he does it to lay low and to get more followers? Maybe he will change his Godhood to ice later? This might be a valid reason until the author add a setting to the world guess what?


Also from chapter 142


"Although it felt too idealistic, it is much more reliable than before." Sui Xiong nodded in agreement. "But, it is not that easy to change your clergy post, right?"

Janvier sighed softly and took another gulp of wine, "Yeah, it's difficult. Maybe it will require another hundred or thousand years. But, no matter how difficult it is, I have to figure out a way! We Gods are as such. You either adapt to the clergy post or change your clergy post. If you want to force yourself to hold strongly at the clergy post that is against your school of thought, there will be trouble over time.

Yep you read it right, it's really hard to change Godhood, that copy paste also show how dogsh*t the translation is like what? Clergy post? Isn't it supposed to be Priesthood? LOL. The worst part of this is that Snow doesn't even raise a damn eyebrow to this ret*rded MC's decision, comparing him to ret*rded people is kind of insulting actually so I'm really sorry to people out there with this kind of condition, really sorry can't hold back my anger here.


There might be some sense to this novel but I have no patience to understand this dogshit.

Ah I forgot you might think it's because

at earlier chapter he didn't know about the King of Four Elements and that Snow also doesn't know about it, you might also think that MC's decision is the correct one because he needs to fight king of the four elements if he is still being stubborn about being the God of Ice, which I agree but that doesn't change the fact that it's an inconsistency, I mean how the f*ck do Snow know all of those knowledge regarding Godhood when she herself isn't a God? I take this as that knowledge about Gods is at least easy to access for dragon or she at least know many things about Gods, which makes it more s*upid since if she knew all of this how can she not know about the King of the Four Elements? Why didn't she remind the MC of it? This makes no f*cking sense because hiding it will be s*upid because the MC will eventually find out about it, and this will lower the MC's trust for her. I mean even I can think of this how can she, who is supposed to be a "intelligent strategist" not think of it is, I don't know I'm just speechless.


If you think that's all you're utterly wrong, the MC is so insanely s*upid like he set a new record for me for the most s*upid MC ever, so here's the context:

So basically MC doesn't understand this world's native people thinking, so he got a brilliant idea to make a clone to experience the native's live, you might think hey that's not a bad idea! I thought so too until he f*cking put his memory from earth to that clone's body like what the f*ck? That's the most s*upid idea ever since his clone will probably still see that this world is morally wrong because well his perspective is still the same duh an outsider, an invader, I can't suspend my disbelief anymore after this, I mean I just can't.

There's another one similar to the above one except he tries to understand the noble's perspective, at this point you probably can guess it, yep he possess a dying noble's body while putting HIS f*ckING MEMORY FROM EARTH AGAIN.

After reading all of that if you still think the story is good, well I truly don't know anymore.

3/10 even with all the bad thing I said the first volume is still kind of average still not good but not as bad as volume 2, volume 2 is pure dogshit, not worth your time just avoid it entirely, don't trust those 5 star reviews, I don't know what's on their head to possibly rate it a 5.

I know I have only read up to chapter 239 but the amount of inconsistency make it not worth my time it might be better at later chapter but I have no patience to go through this dogsh*t of a novel. <<less
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watny rated it
March 28, 2018
Status: c116
This novel is great, a little simliar to tensei shitara slime datta ken.

It's about someone who got reincarnated as some kind of spirit who gets stronger by devouring the spirit of other living brings. He learns from others that he is a god and he is on a journey to build himself a nation of believers by looking for people who could join his nation to be the foundation of it.

He is not like your typical Chinese character who likes killing for no reason.

This novel has a lot of potential... more>> too bad the translator didn't have time in her busy schedule in life. Also most readers didn't want to give her chance so they post some very harsh comments, so to her it wasn't worth it.

We have to remember that In life everyone doesn't start being very good at anything, In the beginning he or she suck but as time go on they get better. <<less
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DcDragon rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c10
Excellent light novel similar to Tensei shitara slime datta ken but without the MC being slightly pig headed. Also simple summary MC dies becomes a spirt takes over jelly fish becomes similar to a slime with tent**les and eats weirdly. Ps ignore all but the first 3 sentances for a better summary than mine things below spoil the summary. Done.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
VLeeAzn rated it
June 7, 2021
Status: c130
TL;DR: If for any reason whatsoever you need further consideration to convince yourself that Webnovel website is the worst paying site to find translated novel, you can absolutely try reading this book ! (I should have known when the "translator" even failed at the most basic task of translating the novel's name).

The story reminds me a lot of [I Am the God of Games] where the MC transmigrated into another world to become a God and fights other Gods, creating his faith and fighting other gods over his believers and... more>> Holy Kingdom.

A bit off topic but : I am not very sure why [Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken] was mentioned several times, I had read both and I feel like the only thing they have in common was that they transmigrated into something not human but then MC became a God before even chapter 100; as far as I have read MC doesn't develop the slime's ability, have a system like the great sage, name people to grant them power, adopt an entire species to modify them and have women all around him (There are even further more differences that I will not cite here since I've read pretty far into [Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken] & it will spoil the manga if you haven't finished it).

So with that out of the way let me tell you why this, ladies & gents is a perfect example of why Webnovel is so bad for any novels that gets picked by it.

Honestly at first, the story could be interesting and promising comparably to [I Am the God of Games] MC gather believers and confront other Gods however I was not sure whether it was on the translator or author's part that have made the book increasingly incomprehensible and confusing to me as the story progresses.

There are sometimes huge paragraphs of text, filled with sentences that individually would mean something but put together next to each other makes no damn sense.

It truly was a bad habit of mine to start reading a book before even looking at user reviews that had resulted in me reading this pile of sh*t. It was only after I read the user reviews that I understood I was reading some machine translated garbage which was why when the thought process is all piled up together made no sense at all whatsoever.

A bit of context I had read novels translated by computers before and the term Spear/Gun are interchangeable, anyway so :

What further confirmed it for me it was the translator's fault is at one point I was reading about a character Sea Goddess then she was holding her [Wrath Spear] or whatever it was called, as the names change all the time; Believe it or not the next few chapters, the term [Spear] and [Gun] interchanges with each other all over the place, like if that makes sense to you the translator has even translated : "The Sea Goddess pulled her gun out of the ground" or something like that at one point, like L-M-A-O.

As for the names that change all the time I have just mentioned that is also something I have noticed while reading the first few chapter of this novels; The MC's name [Faceless Voice] (because his favorite character was from DotA 2) keeps CHANGING every couples of chapters into names or titles that are all just complete synonyms of each other.

After reading the bits about spear/gun confusion I finally understood why when I was reading about MC's name and titles in the past the change of its name was not the author changing MC's name or title but because the computer will translate Faceless Void into different names depending on how different the sentences are, even going so far as [Void Mask] when the computer completely fails the translation, of course the "translator" I'm going to put quotes while mentioning him now will just leave it as [Void Mask] instead of [Faceless Void].

Honestly I hope Webnovel gets some REAL translator to redo these works later because "translation" of this quality is honestly an embarrassment for company asking you to pay real money to read, it will do nothing but discourage people from reading anything that is not mainstream like [Library of Heaven's Path] or just reading anything on here in general.

And I am talking about REAL translation too on top of having REAL translators, not how they are currently mu*dering a couple of interesting books right now, for example [Death Inquisitor] that has not only been wrongly translated but renamed into a complete dumpster that is [Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death]. <<less
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omgitsaray rated it
August 7, 2019
Status: c1
First of all, Cthulhu is a made up fictionary character by an american author to resemble an octopus/dragon monster. The novel title is Evil/Wicked God Gonfalon so what does Cthulhu have anything to do with this novel? Based on this wrong title translation, how can I trust the content translation will be accurate? How do I know I'm not reading some Chinese translator guy making up his own story to pretend it's the author's work? Or he could be translating some paragraphs and skipping some, which I've caught translators on... more>> webnovel doing before... <<less
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Downery rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: c50
Pure garbage. Actually started off as you would expect from something with Cthullu in the title. Man loses his body and leaves him semi emotionless and goes around eating things and stealing power.

Sees a bunch of death which doesn't affect him because becoming a body snatching spirit has numbed his emotions.

Then encounters some enemies which he kills in a Lovecraftian way through frightening them to death with a nightmare straight from a Lovecraft Novel.

Then out of nowhere he suddenly turns into Naruto, hates killing enemies now, forgives everyone and goes... more>> around screaming he'll become the next Hokage!

Had a good start but pretty much sh*t all over the story by turning the MC from a horror jellyfish into a ret*rded, forgive everyone wimp.

Pretty much made the entire start of the story pointless after building him up to actually be Cthullu esque.

Probably why translater used Cthullu in the title at first because it actually seemed like he would be a Lovecraft jelly horror. Even the actual translation of "wicked" wouldn't make sense now. <<less
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maheusz rated it
October 5, 2017
Status: c94
There should be 3, 5 stars not four, but it goes more up than down, so I'll leave it this way. What is the story? It's a path of a jellyfish who was reincarnated from our world. And then it suddenly became OP in the world where magic and gods are commonplace. Something like Death March, but without a harem. At least at the moment I'm writing (94th chapter).

Sadly most of the surroundings (religion, culture, politics etc.) aren't really explained or are explained and then changed. I.e. author (or translator)... more>> uses the bronze, silver, gold ranks and then forgets about it completely (it's used like two - three times) in order to judge people by low, medium and advanced level. And powerhouse level. Which is pretty confusing to say the least. There is also a lot of mistakes when it comes to wording and grammar (use of eugenic instead of euphoric cracked me up), but it's readable. The worst are parts where author writes about gods - and our jellyfish Oscar position in their hierarchy. I can't say if it's a problem with writer or translator. I.e.:


It is said that the gods can't really go to the mortal realm (true gods at least) and it's really hard for them to keep avatars in there so chances of meeting one are minuscule. And no god is s*upid enough to keep the avatar out in the world just because. And yet Oscar in one of the first chapters meets Savage God who is the main (true) deity of one system... weird.

Next one - Oscar is called by many gods and other creatures as a young God. But in one of the chapters he raves about being just a spirit from earth... which means he doesn't have the powers? Or did the translator/author meant that he 'feels like' nothing changed and people demand from him that he acts like a god?

Of these kinds of inconsistencies don't matter then it's all good.


First characters are pretty one-dimensional, but the more story gets written the more they expand. In the end it's a solid novel which a comedy aspect and a rather interesting premise. The Cthulu in name is of course only for the show an publicity, but it did draw me to this place... so I'm not complaining. <<less
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Nvelist rated it
September 21, 2017
Status: c80
This is truly an amazing story, worthy to read. I don't really care about these low ratings faggots as they don't totally understand the story itself and at the same time based on its title they expected it is filled with horrors, gore, blood and darkness but in fact in this novel is the opposite. Everything is opposite from not Octopus like but a Jellyfish, his place is not unto the sea but in the land and air and his nature is not total evil like the name suggest from Lovecraft but a virtuous-justice-friendly being with extreme protection to his believers.

A God existence not sure about that of himself that unlike the other gods in the world he's transported who are basically fatten themselves (not literally) from their believers religious power he is much more a hardworking god that based of bringing justice and solidifying righteous upon the evil that contaminated the world. At first in the chapters he's mind was collective, patient and strategic but soon shifted upon becoming a God. I don't know why the author did that as he's action change into more reckless, shounen type character but still incredible. He as a Jellyfish God is talkative with so much proficient knowledge of Earth's history, tales, myths and legends that exalted to the people to his side whether its an opponent or friendly. Noting with philosophical words and also internet based off knowledge. A very powerful newbie ancient natural god who willing to not back down a fight against other Gods including Legendary Beast of Giant Dragons that is also equal power to Gods.

If anyone want to read this, read it as it really amazing. Don't listen to others low rated views. The translation need more work including the editing but still readable. This is where you find Cthulhu with a light side.
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Validtility rated it
July 6, 2017
Status: c11
I love none-human main-characters stories and I love HP lovecraft and I love chinese novels. This is like a lovebaby of the things I love, so my grading is probably very biased.

Novel: 5 star. (Cthulhu Fhtagn!)

Translation: 4-ish stars. Very rarely do you have to sit and think about how some words are missplaced or a tiny word not translated right might make you miss some context. Just giving the scentence another look will often just be enough. So, overall it's very readable.

Length: 999 chapters (?) Unless I got the... more>> auto translate of the raw page wrong, it should be 999 chapters in the raw!? Do want...! <<less
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chayken rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: Completed
The stories are getting lame and the ending is the same.

Don't expect anything since it will only bore you with everything.

I won't recommend this since only half is good, thus you may still continue reading like a piece of wood.

My rhymes sucks lol
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Mitsuo rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: c116
I've just finished c116. Truth be told the only reason I even started reading this is cause of the name. I don't usually read Chinese novels, (mostly because I can't keep up with the names) but this one (aside from it's terrible translating & nonexistent grammar) was actually pretty good. I loved the whole idea of the story and the cliche (but interesting) developments. The story seemed to lag a bit during the first few chapters but then picked up the pace (straight to fifth gear).

It seemed as... more>> if the writer forgot to write many of the explanations and there were a lot of references that didn't quite make it through the translation (maybe it's clear to the native speaker). But just when I thought I was starting to understand the story, the writer seems to make developments and explanations that contradict the previous chapters. A lot of the things I thought were important ended up getting ignored completely after a few mentions.

Eventhough I complain about all these the story as a whole has a lot of potential. The translation seems to have come to a standstill since a month ago but I hope someone pics it up. <<less
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longshot3990 rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: c43
This is a very interesting and new concept that I have never read before. It's about a person going to another world and taking over a jellyfish's body and evolves it into a god over long periods of time. Now the MC "aka" God has to learn to be and act like an ACTUAL God. He has to face other gods in the planet and learn to start a new religion and get more followers while traveling the world.

So far 10/10 very interesting story. The MC is not too OP... more>> in the mind of most of the characters although he is a God in the first place. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 29, 2022
Status: c10
it started out alright in the first few chapters, all of the sudden MC is hellbent on finding humans and maintaining humanity as if he isn't a monster... he seems to want to be accepted and learn by being a positive force and that really isn't what I expected it not only feels delusional but off putting.

i will continue to read this and update my comment and star rating if my impression of this book changes
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PoSunBanYi rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: c87

I always believe that to review a novel you at least need 30% of its content read.

Here I make a little thing where I review it before, because I'm already disappointed and there may be no chance for the novel to change my view. And may just drop it all the same later on and so- I don't wanna create a review of something I already knew and effortlessly predicted later when I can do it right away.

The authors style is already on my nerves going off track so... more>> randomly and for how long in not even narrating sense- it almost genuinely breaks 4th wall; and there you have it folks: comedy.

Even then it seemed to have creativity; like, I was hella expecting after first few chapters to have an enjoyable fan-based (Cthulhu mythos) written novel and in exchange got another "manga stylized plagiarized-cliche-ripoff-unpassionate" promising theme, developing into an utter bland, vanilla, soy and "even my breath is good against evil" all pack in one: "characters, world building, humor, plot and most important STORY TELLING".

It's aight', for thy who seeks to waste your expectations in another copy pasta manga protocol and hope for money arrive fast.

Ofc I respect "White", and I don't believe he intended for it, but I do sense he didn't put his ass off to work his novel, but a wild storm of a story that he likes. <<less
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Joesterton rated it
July 19, 2021
Status: c988
I have never written a review before but this book deserves one. This novel is fantastic and people hate on it simply because it has nothing to do with Lovecraft. It is different than almost every novel I have read before in a good way and deserves to be read.

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Lutia rated it
April 29, 2022
Status: c146
The title is misleading, it's not lovecraftian.. But rather, something heavily inspired by the Forgotten Realms setting of the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons! The structure of the god realms, the concept of "main" material plane, god spheres of influences which can move and redefine gods, level of power being influenced by the amount of believers and so on. I'm surprised no one in the reviews seemed to take note of where this novel influences came from.

The novel is essentially about a modern dude thrown into a pen and paper... more>> RPG campaign, given absurd level of godhood, trying to reform the fantasy world into his modern concepts of morality.

Mildly entertaining, but it's lacking in justifications and has too much plot armor for the protagonist even by the average web novel standard. <<less
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