CtG – Zero kara Sodateru Dennou Shoujo


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In VRMMO -CtG- (Cradle to the Glaive), Kasugai Yuu has <married> Mifa, a girl he has just met. After that, their daughter Haruha is born and grown!? Moreover…

“I’ve come, daddy!”


In the real world, the real Haruha, along with the real Mifa – Kugimiya Miharu – suddenly appeared! The truth is, Haruha is a <new human> created in secret!! Living under the same roof, Yuu and Miharu are stuck with caring for Haruha both in game and in life, the one who controls the fate of humanity!?

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CtG ─ゼロから育てる電脳少女─
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Date Group Release
04/01/19 Terminus Translation v3c1 part5
04/01/18 Terminus Translation v3c1 part4
09/24/17 Terminus Translation v3c1 part3
03/14/17 Terminus Translation v3c1 part2
12/11/16 Terminus Translation v3c1 part1
12/04/16 Terminus Translation v3 prologue
11/01/16 Terminus Translation v2 epilogue
07/01/16 Terminus Translation v2c3
01/01/16 Terminus Translation v2c2 part9-13
09/26/15 Terminus Translation v2c2 part8
08/16/15 Terminus Translation v2c2 part3-7
08/03/15 Terminus Translation v2c2 part2
07/26/15 Terminus Translation v2c2 part1
07/18/15 Terminus Translation v2c1
07/09/15 Terminus Translation v2 prologue
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GeminiWarrior rated it
September 16, 2016
Status: v2
One of the best I've read so far. Ignore the Sao comparisons cuz they're to few and it's really only guy, girl, child in a game - and everything else is different! Your only reminded of Sao at maybe the first-and half of second chapter and everything else is it's own original idea; that I personally find amazingly irresistible, I can't put it down! First book finished! Romance triangle, surprises and a little bittersweet sadness, try it out.
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Maleandar rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
Love the story... fun and entertaining. Sadly seems the Translator dropped it, hoping someone picks it up.

MC is playing a game his mom helped to develop. Mom dies and leaves the MC alone in the world. MC decides to play the game his mom made and experience EVERYTHING in the game no matter how small or big it is. It is his way of getting in touch with his mothers feelings. Along the way he meets a girl and suddenly an event pops up and say it is a special... more>> one time event for them to get married in game. Wanting to experience everything he thinks sure why not and marries the girl, who also thinks what the heck why not. A few days later, Girl shows up with baby in game. WTF right?? hehe this is where the fun begins........ btw baby is OPAF (OPAF = over powered as f*ck) as is the MC. Got you wondering now eh? Have fun reading Dad and daughter OP’ness. 5/5 <<less
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LivingCorpse rated it
December 3, 2016
Status: v2 epilogue
It's good, though the main characters design surely does remind you of a "certain" VRMMORPG genre novel. But aside from that it's a very different Novel.

While the synopsis might make this just like an ordinary slice of life novel with a Virtual Reality twist. It's actually more than that. The emotional conflict of the main character, the awkwardness of forced relationship, the underlying grand scheme behind it all. It was wonderfully written alongside the daily life that the character has, but not necessarily complicated and not feel forced.

Instead of focusing... more>> on the game, it focuses on the social relationship and the morals of the main character. Which is pretty unusual for this particular genre. But it feels fresh in its on way. But that's why, people who is looking for something with more action or adventure should not have a high hopes for this Light Novel. <<less
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Cao The Tai
Cao The Tai rated it
December 17, 2016
Status: v3c1 part1
+Yeah! I am really like this light novel as well as hard work of translator. To be honest, English is not my mother language but I could enjoy the story well so I said translation was a good work, you may agreed with me after reading it. Story about family, dad, mom & child, especially Sweety child like Haruha, made my heart warm. How they-chars grow more through raising child, co. Op to protect her then get answer for their problems, relationships that is good and worth to read. Well,... more>> VR game world was attractive as always when come with normal life of main char and challenge from plans behin the scence, that all make your heart beat speed increase and you curious to see they break through all.
+One thing more are illustration, he I loved them, yes!
+Maybe there are some sentences I can not understand intermediately but yeah like hell I care a little bit of that issue, I am not a English user from beginning! So I recommend this interesting light novel.
+9/10 score! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sgrey rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: v3c1 part4
This story is not what it seems from the description. I think it's partially the fault of the bad translation. The English is chunky and incoherent quite often. Another problem here is that the story itself doesn't have a good "flow". It's really underdeveloped. The characters are not developed well, the interactions are bad and we have classical beta MC. I was hoping for some cute child caring, but there is practically none of that. Maybe if the translation is fixed it might be better?

Overall I found this story just... more>> boring and underdeveloped. It definitely had potential, but it was not realized. I also found that reading this novel is a chore for myself. <<less
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MdragonWYL rated it
September 2, 2017
Status: v3c1 part1
Like the plot and the story world. ... more>>

As of now I am a bit disappointed, not sure it is the right word and I am not a harem fan, but I can accept the story, just the part where haruha have no blood relation with miharu makes me somewhat disappointed and it was stated that, that another girl DNA was used plus the MC to create haruha as they have ancestor that have achieve something in their life, seems a bit like the author literally stating that using people with good heritage will have better children? No? And not compatible with hadzar???
And it seems a bit forced the author used this scenario to add female character into the story, using another female DNA without any agreements sign then afterwards creating the mess of having the female to claim that haruha is her biological daughter, as of now I have no way of knowing what happen next but I can guess a few scenario. I can only hope that the author won't write himself into a corner.

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