Crying in the Night, Unseen


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A story between a middle-aged woman and a hot young man.

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06/14/18 Ainushi Translations c5
06/14/18 Ainushi Translations c4 part3
06/14/18 Ainushi Translations c4 part2
06/13/18 Ainushi Translations c4 part1
06/13/18 Ainushi Translations c3 part3
03/14/18 Ainushi Translations c3 part2
03/14/18 Ainushi Translations c3 part1
11/23/17 Ainushi Translations c2 part3
09/23/17 Ainushi Translations c2 part2
09/02/17 Ainushi Translations c2 part1
11/27/16 konobuta c1
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March 24, 2018
Status: --
I won't lie. The description make me think this is a smut novel. (Maybe I just have a dirty mind)

There might be or there might not be any 18+ scene in the future, but so far I am satisfied with the story. I love how strong the main character was, and how she could control her emotion even when it's really hard for her. The male character was adorable too. The story is simple, but the character are 3 dimensional. I hope there'll be more josei like this being... more>> translated. <<less
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June 13, 2018
Status: c8
I give 4 stars bcause it has so much more potential in it. I wished aurhor developed this story more... I wish.

His story is good. Cute, heartwarming... Not for ones who wish for heart throbbing or some angst-fluffy-sweettroller coaster plots.

this story has proper portion of parts where u wanna cry so hard, smile from its cuteness, laugh a bit from its silliness. Oh I wish it's not this short. I love how MC deal with herinner turmoil, staying strong but still human. I love how the ML progressfrom being curious--caring--tehn... more>> falling for MC. <<less
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