Crush On Me


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A sudden ‘realization’ renders this little debater speechless.

Qian Wei has been a member of the debate team for two years and has participated in a total of three debates.

The first time around, he was so nervous that when he stood up, streaks of light flooded his vision, and he wasn’t even able to get a single word out.

The second time around, he was so ‘intimidated’ by his opponent that when the other debater glanced at him, his brain short-circuited and his speech was interrupted.

The third time…

The third time around, he was so excited he was given the title: “Most Excited Debater.”

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Do You Have A Crush On Me?
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04/08/21 muyurei oneshot
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Undying Winter
Undying Winter rated it
October 8, 2021
Status: oneshot
❝ The words look very beautiful...
Those hands writing them look very beautiful, too...
The voice was also... the nicest voice... ❜❜
Qian Wei began to think dreamily again and again, his pen hanging in the air, unable to write down anything.


S t o r y : 🍓ഒ
*Insert car salesman voice* Do you currently feel like you're not in the mood to engage in a long, complicated novel with an extremely angsty storyline, and just want some treat for your eyes? If yes, then I assure you that this oneshot is EXACTLY what you might be looking for.

It has to be the cutest oneshot—no, the cutest piece of work I've ever read in my whole life. The story is nothing out of ordinary but that's actually what I liked the most about it since there are very few danmeis that radiate nothing but pure happiness, and this is one of them.

This is perfect on its own and I wouldn't really take anything away from it, however, I wish I could bribe the author with chocolates to make them add few more chapters instead of leaving it as a oneshot because I wanted more dog food... The author wrote such adorable interactions between the main couple but didn't show enough of them. QAQ


C h a r a c t e r s : 🍓ഒ
Honestly, they were the most surprising thing about this oneshot because I can't believe that in just a few lines, the author made them appear so life-like with all the vivid descriptions of their mannerisms (like how you could tell the MC had anxiety and it was shown so naturally through his actions that you can even find yourself relating to him).

Despite this work being way too short and the focus being on only the main characters - Qian Wei and Gu Yanyi, they didn't felt one-dimensional at all. They had their own habits, they had own personality, they had their own characteristics, and their own mannerisms + their relationship (not sure if they ended up in one, but I'd like to believe they did because they both seemed to have a crush on each other) was really healthy, reading their sweet interactions was akin to eating a piece of candy.


In Short: If you've a few minutes to spare, do yourself a favour and read it. You won't regret anything!
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Shortk rated it
April 12, 2022
Status: --
Thanks for the translation, but how can a one shot feel even shorter than it is.

It was pretty cute until I realized it dodged its own resolution and ending with a vagueness?? Lol what happened man. If the author legitimately ended, it would have at least been a 4 damn. It really feels like the author played themselves.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Little Cloud
Little Cloud rated it
January 15, 2023
Status: --
A good reading experience. Though the story was short, the flow was nice and it gave me a kinda reminiscence of my crush back then.. Actually having a crush is really a collection of too many emotions and the author was very capable to bring all of them out in this short story. I really loved this.

Highly recommend!
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