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NOTE: This story was originally written in 2011 but its serialization went on a five year haitus. After returning the author began to re-write the series with its updated name, Legend of Ravaging Dynasties.


The Odin Mainland is separated into four counties, in each lives a group of soul masters protecting their county with their soul powers. The most powerful seven of them are known as Noble Lords. The story begins in the water origin, the Aslan Empire.

Qi Ling has been a bus boy in an inn since young and subconsciously tamed a legendary soul beast Cang Xue Zhi Ya in a battle between soul masters. Yin Chen came on orders of the Silver Priests to take him in as his disciple. With his help, Qi Ling heads to the Grave of the Souls to seek his soul weapon, yet as he couldn’t sit still like how his lord instructed him, he enters the Grave of the Souls with Tianshu Youhua and Guishen Lianquan.

After his risky adventure in the Grave of the Souls, he was scolded by his lord. At the very same time, another conspiracy that has long been in the works within the Aslan Empire is gradually revealing itself.

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Legend of Ravaging Dynasties
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Legend of Ravaging Dynasties (Alternate Story)
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01/12/17 zhuanji c17 part2
07/30/16 zhuanji c17 part1
07/02/16 zhuanji c16 part3
06/30/16 zhuanji c16 part2
05/16/16 zhuanji c16 part1
02/25/16 zhuanji c15 part2
02/01/16 zhuanji c15 part1
01/24/16 zhuanji c14 part3
01/16/16 zhuanji c14 part2
11/21/15 zhuanji c14 part1
11/09/15 zhuanji c13 part2
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10/15/15 zhuanji c11
10/13/15 zhuanji c10 part2
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December 15, 2016
Status: c15 part2
Everything was amazing. Even though there are plenty of typographical errors, its fine. For an avid fan of the story, it no longer matters. Everything will just be common sense. However, I'm facing a big dilemma. I cannot access this particular part of the chapter, and I think this is where I can find the revelations I've been waiting for. I do really hope to read it the soonest time possible. And if there are still sequels of the story to follow, I'm very much willing to wait. Thank you.
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September 14, 2017
Status: v1c8
GJM has created a strange MC. A total dufus, more like all brawn little brain one comes across at gyms (see first chapter description). Tone deef, impervious to other people during interactions, more a dim bulb and has little respect / manors towards his teacher / Lord.

another thing which really stuck me is how writing creates visuals, almost as if frames are written in (as) text. As GJM also happens to be a film director one has to wonder if he had movie making in mind while writing... more>> it. Its possible he decided to make movie once he had the story. <<less
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