Counter Attack


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“When I left you, it wasn’t because I was materialistic.”

“I know.”

“He doesn’t love me. I already broke up with him.”

“I know.”

“You knew? I didn’t know you were still so concerned about me…”

“I know because he and I are now a couple.”

This is a story about how a poor loser turned into a tall, handsome and rich guy and snatched his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend away.

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Falling In Love With A Rival
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popcornvv rated it
May 23, 2020
Status: --
This post will mainly be a response the criticisms about CJD's works since they're all quite similar.

I think Chai ji dans' works are meant for a very specific audience. If you can understand Chinese humor (which is sadly often lost in the translations), like realistic settings (as opposed to transmigration fantasy stuff), prefer fleshing out character development over plot, then you'll probably love any of her novels. Personally, I can look past illogical plot points because I enjoy reading about the characters doing ridiculous things and getting second hand embarrassment.

For... more>> the R-18 chapters.... all I can say is it's a matter of how much you have seen/can tolerate and your preferences. All of CJD's novels depict really possessive and violent MLs so if you're not into that or can't read without looking past certain things allowed only in fiction (I do not condone those things in the real world at all!!), then counterattack and many of CJD's other works are not for you.

On another note, because so little people (particularly in the western world/outside of china) don't really take CJD's works well, there is an extreme lack of good translations. Great works like Feng Mang are left unread.... Just read the raws if you can read chinese.

p.s. if you are an experienced hardcore yaoi manga reader.... we welcome you ;) <<less
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December 2, 2016
Status: --
A good story. The male started as a dumb person but after having his eyes opened harshly by the surroundings, he wised up a lot. He became as manipulative as he can be. Even managing to snag the incredibly cruel and dominant man from his ex girlfriend. I enjoy the web drama (I wish the drama got more sponsorship but yeah.. Money tight wise or not, I love the actors) and I enjoy more the novel. There were a lot of chapters translated in wattpad by AnneNoh. I think until... more>> chapter 69 two or three days ago. <<less
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darlingv rated it
June 27, 2019
Status: c197
From the other reviews, I was led to believe that the smut scenes would be very degrading and cruel. Instead, I think that although they were a little on the more adventurous side (rough and involving some bondage), the real problem lies with their relationship itself.

For me, reading up till this far feels like a rollercoaster, but not at all in a good way. The story starts out great - MC is a naive, simple-minded guy with little motivation for improving his life, but after an unforeseen breakup with his... more>> gf, starts to think more about his life and what he wants to do. At this point, if the author actually writes some real character growth, this story would probably be less of a disaster than it is. The huge problem is that MC, instead of maturing (even if by a little), seems to fall down the same path of foolishness, stubbornness and lack of communication with ML every single time! Another reviewer mentioned that MC goes from loser to Boss, but there is very little show of that. MC reads as rather lazy, lacking interest in his business and seems little more than a glorified sugar baby.

ML isn't perfect either and comes with a ton of baggage, but compared to MC, ML is a real gem. ML definitely tries very hard to love MC, even if he doesn't truly understand what love is yet. He does make certain choices that hurt MC because he's used to hurting and being hurt, but the bulk of his decisions shows care and patience for the one he loves.

All in all, I'm rather disappointed with the novel, especially since the author seems to be rather well-known for writing good angst. After 197 chapters, all I feel is tired and only wonder if love like this can really be called love at all. <<less
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Gyung rated it
July 3, 2017
Status: --
This one of my favorite, you can see the evolution of the man from the innocent man to a mastermind and how he fell in his own trap
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Andrez-ssi rated it
November 6, 2016
Status: c17
Um, this is a bit different from what I expected. The MC has some incredibly silly attitudes, like smashing his head with a brick so that his girlfriend doesn't break up with him (he did this THREE times!), and honestly, I totaly understand why she broke up with him, he's an unmotivated loser with a screw loose. By chapter 17, though, he's finally snapped out of it, so now I'm waiting for further developments. I'm not sure if his future love interest's appeared already, as there is someone he gets... more>> along with splendidly right now, but I don't think he's his love rival so maybe he'll just end up one sidedy crushing on the mc?

Oh, and chapters 13-16 seem like they're out of place: different names, different circumstances, different plot (?) and a completely different tone. Did the translator accidentally translate the wrong thing or are they supposed to show the love interest's side of the story? I don't know

Anyway, if you can tolerate a wtf protagonist who happens to be a major loser at the beginning, go ahead and read this <<less
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rhianirory rated it
January 12, 2019
Status: Completed
like a lot of other people I read this after seeing the webseries because cute as it was there was just so much that was missing/ didn't make sense to me. There is a lot of humor in the series, mostly from the MC, and a scary as hell ML who is both prone to violence and a complete S in bed and out of it.

... more>>

the hot wax on the MC's nipples still make mine hurt in sympathy every time I think about it. There's a lot of rough s*x and the ML's idea of "play" is very much a dominance and submission kind of thing


it's worth the read, if you can handle the stuff I mentioned above. This is not a light bit of Bl fluff that will leave you giddy at the end of every chapter, and like all CJD novels there's some angst involved.

on the plus side you get to watch a fat, color-blind idiot go from loser to Boss throughout the course of the story with a lot of humor along the way and there is even a little character growth for the ML as well. <<less
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July 19, 2018
Status: c116

... more>>

There are some very violent s*x scenes. The MC is in a lot of pain and humiliated. As far as I read, he didn't think about revenge.

I wish there was a tag for this. After reading about hundred chapters I have to drop it because of this. That's really frustrating. I will have to re-read FOD to clean up my mind.


I know he will counter attack in the end = he will top the ML, but I'm afraid there will be more cruel s*x scenes before I get to it.


Otherwise, if such a relationship doesn't bother you, the story is funny and the counter attack is enjoyable. <<less
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izayaYY rated it
July 9, 2019
Status: --
Counterattack starts off as a goofy cartoon sequence where WuSuoWei tries his best to save his 7yr relationship with his gf. He is very naive and innocent and his actions with the bricks just shows how much of an innocent he is. I know ppl don't get this type of humour but it is quite common to CJD's novels... remember GuHai roasting his rival alive on a firepit right in BLY room!lol... it's just imagery, metaphors... seems like CJD loves wacky imagery...

Chi, on the other hand, is a cruel, bisexual... more>> playboy and a hardcore sexual sadist. I say "hardcore" although in my opinion, he never does anything extremely harmful to Wei... not the way he treated his previous lovers before. Chi actually treats his "golden butt" with utmost care since it's so unique lol. (I think a better example of a hardcore sad*st would be Jing from HHLY)

The joy of this book is in knowing that both MCs will change when they fall for each other. Wei changes from naive idiot to become a manipulative idiot who falls into his own trap lol. Chi tries to be a more gentle and supportive lover. But more than that, they both help each other at critical moments in their lives.

I liked this book as much as "Addicted", "Advance Bravely" and "Feng Mang". It is full of funny dialogue, great sex, sweet romance and lovely snakes lol. <<less
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rinshi rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: c213

tbh, I don't quite know how to review this one, so I will keep it quite short.

The whole premise of the story is ridiculous

... more>>

the MC threatens to commit suicide (by hitting his head with a brick) every time his gf wants to break up with him. Then the gf would wait for his recovery just to go through this ridiculous act again. This rather serious topic of attempted suicide was treated in a ridiculous, frivolous manner.


But this is not where the unserious and silly tone of the novel stops. The whole plot resembles a badly written soap opera, with brainless drama with every twist and turn. There are too many inconsistencies, sudden jumps and illogical parts in this novel that are not explained


Just to give some examples from the relative beginning of the story: the MC, an engineer from an apparently famous university, quits his former job, and supposedly can only turn to a life of crime to make money. Makes a lot of sense, right? Engineers aren't really needed in society... one can't expect him to find another job in his original field.... (sarcasm off). Yes, it doesn't really make a lot of sense, and it is not explained either.

His best friend, a doctor, who he met after trying to commit suicide with a brick, does not stop him from his new career paths, and even encourages him. For example, he even gets him a job as a driver, even though the MC does not have a driver's license... A very responsible doctor, right?


However,..... I have to admit I enjoyed it. I found it weirdly entertaining and was amused. Yes, I had to turn off my brain during the whole process. Yes, I did not really like the MC, but I still kept going. It's really a guilty pleasure... and I don't know whether I should recommend it.

I guess, if you want a novel that requires ABSOLUTELY no thinking and even strongly encourages you to turn your brain off; a novel that is entertaining in its ridiculousness and silliness as well as a novel that has some pretty spicy s*x scenes (which imo are not really hardcore), then go for it.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Papercrane1 rated it
March 2, 2021
Status: Completed
It’s good. As you can see I completed it. It’s f*cking funny too because the MC is a total wump but his character kept me engaged because of his antics. ML is a lunatic but a lunatic that will not harm the MC. Loving the snake representation in this novel. I freaking love snakes. And MC does too 😊.

But fair warning about past 200 chapters when ML’s sister is present, you will notice and might be uncomfortable about the ignorance the author has about black people. Because the ML’s sister... more>> has mixed children meaning half black and half Chinese. So I’m putting good faith on the author is just ignorant and not racist and just also the fact that translation might not be 100% what the author intended. So besides that, the story itself revolving around MC and ML is great!! And I will still recommend to read it because their dynamics is fluffy and really funny.

Also, ALSO the MC is actually really awesome with the sister’s children he never made and ignorant and racist remarks which is fantastic!! And he even says that the child is really beautiful as he is. Well at east in the translation I read I’m not sure if any other translations had said anything else in that part. So that is why I’m a little hesitant to say the author is outright racist and just might be ignorant.

Still read and give it a try. <<less
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Vmin1991 rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: v1c228
Such an amazing and sexy novel!!! We have a sadistic ML (top) named Chi Cheng, he's bi and totally WHIPPED for the MC (bottom) Wu Sou Wei (who i'll call WSW or Wu in this review), a 'straight' guy who's actually not that straight when he cries for Chi's d**k.

If you liked Addicted, by the same author (Chai Jidan), you will love Counterattack too! The humor is great, the love Chi has for WSW is similar to the way Gu Hai loves BLY in Addicted, but add some BDSM to... more>> the mix. Chi is crazy and loves violent s*x (the sh*t he did to other people in the past sent them to the hospital LOL), but he actually turns down his weird violent fetishes a notch for Wu as not to hurt him (that would break Chi's heart), he even waits for WSW to be ready for his first time, but still there is a still a degree of BDSM in their relationship. Most s*x scenes are explicit and each time, the author comes up with new things, I will not spoil you too much but just so you get an idea: whips, candles, ropes..... *__* I would love to live in Chai Jidan's mind.

The only thing I 'didn't like', but it's a very minor inconvenience, it takes a while for the reader to understand if WSW really loves Chi, since he's a bit selfish and has roaming eyes compared to Chi, who would go through fire for WSW and only thinks of him. For example, WSW loves looking at women a lot and keeps thinking about marrying a woman one day, but the fool finally goes through character development at one point, it becomes clear he only has Chi in his heart too (altough I knew this already, but still, it's nice when it becomes really noticable).

I love the friendship between Wu and his bestie Shuai, I think it's one of the nicest things of the story.

Shuai and Guo are also a really fun couple :) they don't get explored as much, but enough to enjoy them and see some snippets of their story.

I read it up to chapter 228, I read translations of 2 different people, they're very good! On wattpad. I found a new translator for ch229 and upward, but it's a bit confusing and less good than the previous translations so I hope the old translators or someone else picks up from chapter 229+ : (man i'd even pay you if you can do a good job.... <<less
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Winterwoods rated it
June 26, 2018
Status: c148
The reason I started reading this novel was because of how different and unique the web series was. However, throughout the show I realized that there was so much potential but there were certain limitation from producers etc, so when I realized that it was an adaptation from a Chinese novel I was fully interested and wanted this novel to fill my expectations. AND IT DID... and then some. this novel is very funny and well thought out with the plot (shout out to my fav author). what I didnt... more>> expect were aspects that weren't implemented in the show. these created deep characters and is really good in showing their thoughts and thought processes. I continued reading this novel on wattpad because they have more chapters translated. one of my fav Chinese novels I've read so far. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 19, 2020
Status: c175
The MC really annoyed me. He acts like he has absolutely no sense. I almost dropped it in the beginning when he kept hitting himself in the head with a brick, but I persisted through because I thought he would get better. He did not. Also I don't like how he approached the male lead. I thought that he would at least have liked guy to an extent, but no. I really don't like when anyone plays with someone else's feelings to get what they want. Him and his s*upid... more>> doctor friend just got on my nerves. It was pretty funny though. I really wanted to like this story, but I hate the MC. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
joun rated it
August 4, 2019
Status: c7
From the comments, the novel turns out kind of sadistic for the MC. But I gave 5 stars just for the first 6 chapters. I feel symptahy for the ex-girlfriend and her attemps to break up while trying to stop the MC from finding....


....a brick.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 27, 2022
Status: --
Ugh this is the 3rd time I tried reading this but I still can't even get past 10 chapters. The first time was after 2 chapters then the second time as after 4 chapters. Bruh, the MC is legit a disgusting human being and I'm not talking about his looks in the beginning. Friggin threatening suicide to emotionally force a partner to stay with you is all kinds of wrong. Like I get that it's not that deep but man the reason I dropped it the first 2 times was... more>> because I couldn't even hate the exGF no matter how greedy or shallow she's painted out to be because honestly, she doesn't have to stay in a relationship and she tried breaking it off already.

The third time I tried reading this, I just took the numerous attempted suicide as crack and tried to forge through but wow the MC still remained a complete A**hole and whatever face slapping I expect was coming for the exGF, I didn't think was justified. So dropped it. Lots of other BL on my to be read list anyway. Leaving this review so I won't attempt it a 4th time unless I'm desperate for content <<less
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Nual rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorite BL novels. I started out expecting it to be purely comedic but it turns out much better than I had anticipated. Our MC (Wu suowei) is hilarious and his antics of trying to capture the ML's attention with the help of his new friend in the BL community aka. Our cute doctor is what I love so much about it. Besides the love story of our lead character's there's also a love story of the second couple equally cute.

Overall I'd reread it several times... more>> because the smut is also brilliant and I'd learnt a bit about love life in that aspect lol.

Highly recommend it if you love romance-comedy-smut. <<less
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kiraiqa89 rated it
January 12, 2021
Status: c19
Can't read this... Only lasted from Ch01-19... First few chapters, the MC was annoying as f*ck and probably ret*rded/brain dead to

keep clinging to his ex and threatening to suicide every time.

Then after he wised up from his ex, the story plot/line jumps all over the place with different characters and different things going on. Major turn off for me when there is no flow to the story. Best of luck to those who are reading this...
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
FrostyDragon rated it
December 1, 2021
Status: --
Dropped this somewhere around the middle. It's very silly and Chai Jidan isn't that good a writer, but I enjoyed the humor and the romance in the first half. The premise is dumb in a fun way - guy gets dumped and decided to get back at his ex-girlfriend by stealing her new boyfriend. The scenes where the MC gets dumped are simply hilarious, very silly slapstick humor. I liked the romance plot where the unfeeling ML slowly falls in love, and the MC does too (without realizing it). The... more>> snake was very cute and funny.

The problem is, as soon as the CP gets together, the tension in the story is gone. I just lost interest, especially when nothing much happened and the ML started to get very controlling while the MC became dumb. And the smut is kind of a horror show, but written as romantic. Maybe it was supposed to be funny, but it just... wasn't. At least in Advance Bravely the ML takes good care of the MC even in bed.

The first part was good, brainless entertainment. <<less
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May 20, 2021
Status: c223
I just can't help wondering if Wu has ever loved Chi for real or not

Chi tries his best, even if he doesn't know what love really is

But Wu... Idk I feel like he's just using Chi

But the love fights and the storyline got actually pretty good after a while, and I can say I enjoyed the story

Some parts are so illogical, but it just couldn't stop reading the novel
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December 7, 2020
Status: Completed
I'll be perfectly honest and say that my interest in Counter Attack began with my hardcore crush on the main duos actors Feng Jianyu and Wang Qing through lots of fanfiction on Wattpad (there's a historical series there that I highly recommend over this, even.)

I discovered they were in the series and so I sought out the series on YouTube, only to find myself equal parts amused and frustrated by what they didn't have in the series. If you like pretty, pretty boys and lots of b-grade acting... more>> (their scenery chewing is funny), I recommend watching the uncut version of the series.

The novel itself is a fascinating character study of a very dysfunctional relationship, and quite a bit of sociopathy that borders on psychosis, IMO. With so many of the names being close, it gets blurred often as to who is speaking and with whom? Who is sleeping together? Who are frenemies? And, I will just go on record as saying I love Chi. WSW got on my nerves more times than not--I think all that breaking bricks over his head helped loosen more brain cells than he had to begin with, and that's not much.

Oy, oy, oy--The things these boys do to each other in the name of love is disturbing and not in a good way.

Half the time I couldn't keep up with who was sleeping with whom and how all these relationships crossed because so many of them seemed to border on emotional incest. And I am not Chinese so I'm certain there were a lot of cultural connotations that were beyond me.

I'd reread it for Chi, not WSW (though the meaning of his name is hilarious to a point and oftentimes the highlight of a lot of the novel's comedic moments.) <<less
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