Could You Not Tease Me?


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This is the story of a Gong who was reborn to the time before he lost his shou, where he started to tease his shou crazily… This story will be written from the shou’s POV.

The F1’s God of racing, Winston, lost his one and only important rival, Hunter. No matter how many skillful opponents appeared before him one after another, he still remained as the solitary ruler.

But one day, when Winston woke up, he found himself back to the time Hunter was only 18-years-old.

Winston, “Are you willing to rule over the Kingdom of speed with me and be my only King?

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Anh Đừng Có Quyến Rũ Tôi
Can You Not Hit on Me?
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January 17, 2020
Status: Completed
Hihi, translator here. This is a new novel that I've picked up, didn't realised that this page has been up before and that's why the name is a little different and not quite sure about the low ratings either. Hope you all would look past the old ratings (I noticed the summary on here before was some MTL) and give this novel a go. This is a danmei which I really enjoy and I hope you guys will too :)
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Doodoodoo rated it
March 15, 2020
Status: Completed
MTL-ed the whole story

It's a cute HE story about how Winston captures Hunter. Story seems to be more of Hunter's POV. The story is about F1, so many scenes take place in different countries. No face slapping.

The special point about this story is the unique capturing techniques, romantic poetry/words, and the reasoning of every character. For every plot point in the story, everything is explained sooner or later.

No hateful characters in the story, except for a minor cannon fodder in the story. Misunderstandings between characters also get resolved very quickly... more>> within a few chapters.


Hunter had a creepy stalker that harmed his friend and stalked him throughout the various countries as the stalker thought that the friend was Hunter's lover. He got caught by the police in the end anyway.


The F1 racers all surprisingly get along well and some of them will actually invite each other to celebration parties.


Owen/Irving, the name may not be accurate since it's MTL. He's a major character that is an interesting friend to Hunter. He teaches Hunter some seduction techniques to use on Winston. He, along with Ciel/Shir is one of the major racing rival to beat in the series of F1 races throughout the different countries.


The relationship between Winston and Hunter starts off with Winston flirting with Hunter while Hunter thinks that Winston is just jokingly flirting with him.


The funny thing is, because Hunter thinks that Winston is just joking, he will also flirt back sometimes, but Winston will just come up with a stronger line and Hunter becomes so cutely shy again.

As the story progresses, Hunter gets jealous over Winston but doesn't realise that he likes Winston already. At some point, he realises that he like Winston but doesn't realise that Winston likes him, so he starts getting advice from Owen/Irving on how to seduce Winston.


Winston uses a lot of flirty techniques and romantic lines/poetry to Hunter and also does a lot of romantic gestures in the various countries they travel to. The techniques also have a story to them because


In the last few chapters, it turns out that in Wiinston's first life with Hunter, Hunter once talked about an ideal honeymoon/what he would do for his future girlfriend/wife and so after Wiinston was reborn, Wiinston did all of the things that Hunter said he would for his future girlfriend/wife.

It's not obvious if Hunter and Wiinston ever got together in their previous life but author hinted that Hunter bought a ring before, but Wiinston never knew who the ring was meant for. Seems like Hunter may have liked Wiinston in his previous life but they didn't get together?

Edit: Wrong name, corrected to Wiinston

Some funny parts are how Hunter becomes well-known as a good racer and is also friendly with Winston, so his manager keeps worrying that Winston's team will poach Hunter to his team.


Hunter is very into playboy girls, like specifically girls with rabbit ears, the other F1 racers will invite him to parties and they will say that there are girls there. Hunter will then ask Winston along, and Winston will reject him but at the same time make the other racers either cancel it or make it more PG or make sure that the girls are actually cross dressing guys.

When the party is cancelled, he will take Hunter out on a date and just do so many romantic things.

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January 31, 2020
Status: --
Writing this because there don't seem to be a lot of reviews so far.

This is a second chances novel where the Winston (1) tries to make the Hunter's (0) life better after traveling back into the past prior to Hunter's untimely death. First chapter is in Winston's POV but following chapters are in Hunter's. So far, Hunter seems to be the young, rebellious type, and Winston is the cold prince type. Only 4 chapters out so far, but translation quality is excellent and the MC/ML have a lot of chemistry.
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linolino rated it
July 31, 2022
Status: --
This novel literally glamorizes the s*xual harassment of the adolescent love interest Hunter.

The premise of the story is as follows (no spoilers, because this is literally mentioned in the summary) : Winston and Hunter are lovers, Hunter dies. Winston travels back in time when Hunter is 18 years old and still lives. A time where Hunter literally has never interacted with Winston.

In order win over his former dead lover, Winston's first interaction after time traveling is to touch Hunter's c*otch in order to pull up his pant's zipper. Even... more>> though Winston yearns for his former lover; Winston is literally a complete stranger to Hunter.

Winston's "flirting" is overbearing and straight up s*xual harassment! He asks Hunter about his handcuff and whip preferences and keeps telling Hunter "I want to f*ck you." Again, Hunter is neither friends nor lovers with Winston in this timeline and Hunter is literally an 18-year-old being harassed by a grown-ass adult.

The gong's behavior is not denounced in any way in the novel. On the contrary, the bevavior is interpreted as a joke by Hunter and gong is portrayed as poor little meow meow who just wants to be ~reunited with his former lover uguu T^T~ <<less
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Morfzine rated it
June 5, 2022
Status: Completed
Honestly first time reading this, my expectation is low. Because I have read author's other works and while it's pretty good, I am not exactly a fan of their romance/ characterization writing. Maybe I will read their sports novels in the future rather than the fantasy one in the future cuz this one actually suits my taste (or didn't overstep any of my trigger point). The problem I had with their writing is, romancing in a not suitable situation nor location. Followed by the seemingly reckless and un-responsible action caused... more>> by both of the lead (because of their feeling for each other). While in modern, peaceful world setting, I don't really mind those things cuz there's not much harm possible that's caused by said action. But in a middle of fight/war/pursuit ? Bruhh. Sorry but I gotta pour out all of my thought on that novel for a minute (yeah it's 'full-time doctor' for those who knows, spoiler ahead btw)

Just some basic explanation :


If you haven't read this, it has sentinel-guide setting, omegaverse but based on power type and has no fixed gender norm. Some said sentinels are more omega like cuz of their high sensitivity, some prefer guide to be more submissive cuz of their sort of 'healing' type of power. And for the breeding part, it also has many variety of setting. There's the one where it just ABO but with power included (for example sentinel are the 'alpha', or guide is the 'alpha'. They can imp**gnate and all of those sh*ts. While their opposite gender can get pregnant but some authors write it as 'if the one pregnant is a boy, then the fertilized egg had to be put on artificial womb for a successful birth' while the others write just write it as normal woman pregnancy).

There's also the setting where sentinel and guide combine their power and then boom, they have a 'soon to be baby' that they can give birth wherever and whenever. In this case, guide are seen to be lower than average human because of some spoiler reason. And they had separate gender system with regular woman-man gender + 'man' that can get pregnant (idk if there's women that imp**gnate cuz there is a pair of husband and wife there where's the husband choose to get pregnant him self cuz he don't want to hinder his wife career. But it can be that they took the wife egg cell and husband's sperm and fertilized it outside, then put it in the husband's womb ?). I really-REALLY loved this setting (sentinel-guide), but bummed cuz there just too little that write this setting as for now.


Finally spoilers :


mpreg ? Concentration camp ? Dystopian society with weird gender discrimination ? A plain in sight in*est between son and biological father ? Nah that not it, I can read those with peaceful mind. It even excited me if written with the right plot twist or good writing in general. And the author actually manage to serve all of the above beautifully. BUT, boy oh boy why did you do the permanent mark in a pursuit, and while the shou still haven't finished his education ? I mean, it's consensual but cmon, that was obviously a very reckless move.

Especially as permanent mark will increase your dependency to each other to point it will caused death to one of the party if the required amount of contact is unfulfilled. Yeah the shou might be free from his father touch but tbh, don't you think he has many way to deal with that ? Severing a permanent mark seems easy to me with his authority. Not to mention severing their connection will cause the gong death, weakening the president power emotionally, and making his son more obedient, 4 bird with one stone baby ! And what do you know, gong is a secret agent and has to go to a long mission after they had a healthy and frequent s*x life when it's not really needed to keep their mind sane cuz regular contact work just find but nope, gotta increase the risk higher baby.

I'm clenching my ass here in a rope bridge where the two of them swing said rope bridge because it's romantic, and I think 'there definitely a accidental pregnancy scenario' and well it happen. Gong is also dying there cuz no contact with MC and the concentration camp capture MC because of his guide identity. While they preparing to sever their mark, surprise - surprise, MC is pregnant so they can't do it because a possible baby guide is more beneficial to the 'country'. So yeah, gong is saved by pregnancy, great. Tbh I just laughed my ass in this part rather than touched. Just imagine isabella scene in the promised neverland but she has an actually husband and said husband is saved cuz of their uncared child.

The next part that kept me from going, ok so shou gave birth to the babies right (and ofc it's a twin). Three days after that he had s*x with his gong, 3 DAYS AFTER GIVING BIRTH, WHOOHO. Oh yeah and after that they go on a mission together. And don't really feel their attention or care to their just born children, cuz it's just dogfood after that, that I see, not parental love. In conclusion I think the shou and gong think with their d*cks or heart if you want to be romantic, and I don't really appreciate that in a story where one mistakes can kick you to hell. Also the kinda child neglection, at least psychologically in that range of time, I can't accept that. Because it feels like their children born just to be their father shield and cultivate both of the leads feeling further. While it might be the author purpose to write this 'free-spirited' pair in opposite to the 'logical' side pair. It might take a long time for me to pick this novel again, a shame because I really like the story.


Back to this novel (sorry for the long unrelated rambling, I will delete it if said novel appears in this site asdfghk). You gotta appreciate the male lead 'flirting' here, it's very 'unique' compared to other possessive gongs or gongs in general. So first time, Winston tried the straight ball method, which doesn't work cuz he said 'i want to f*ck you' too many times that Hunter just think it's just his cold joke. So he tried a new method, taking him to bars (with sexy females) even requesting the 'employees' to 'dance' or 'serve' him but no touching, and sometimes no striping either (except collar/tie/ribbon). Like he even do a striptease + pole dance himself LMAO, so that Hunter will always remember him when going to yet another 'party'.

You can't blame Hunter though, he just grow up (not even legal enough to drink in America). And he's really curious about adult's world and the bunny girls that he always see in playboy magazine lol. Then came Winston always telling him directly and euphemistically that he wants to f*ck him. Can't blame Winston either, well for me I don't really mind un-consensual stuffs in a made up story. But he's not crazy at first, pretty normal or patient in his first life, even not minding them just becoming 'besties forever' for the rest of their life. But Hunter death just broke him + his friend extreme suggestion makes him don't wanna let go of him (Hunter) anymore.

He doesn't even mind if MC have an affair. Well obviously he will be very sad (and mad) but everything he will give as long as MC is alive and well. He's not restricting MC from seeing beautiful females either (but of course he will get jealous). Just like how some girl will still like seeing handsome guy even though they had a boyfriend already, it rarely end up on cheating especially if said handsome guy/girl is some kind of performer (from actors, celebrity, to pole dancer) (and I'm not saying you can't express your uncomfortable-ness to your significant other when they going to a strip club or glancing at beautiful person lol). At first he will 'allow' it as long MC brought him (more like Winston taking him to the bars that he owned lol) but when they officially boyfriends, he even grant him his long awaited dream :


It's ok guys, Hunter finally got his bunnies girls party ! Winston is the one that arranged or at least partially with other racers. And he let Hunter enjoy it without him (Winston) policing him (Hunter). With actual half naked women imagine wow~ though in that point of time Hunter's feels like there none that can match Winston sexiness (while pole dancing and strip teasing especially)


The thing I like the most in this novel is, how there's no feeling where it's like the ML 'cultivating' MC. Like, in novel where the male lead are very rich + talented + educated + experienced there a lot of story where ML will do stuff that feels like he 'kept' or 'raised' MC. Or at least help MC in a crisis with his sh*t tons of money. All of Winston's money wasted on Hunter probably just investing multiple bars and clubs (maybe even submarine too in the future hehe) to keep track on him and make him happy LMAO. It is obvious Hunter will succeed with or without Winston, as mentioned by the first life flashback.

Even the tactics that Winston told to him at the beginning of the second life are known or even summarized by Hunter himself in the first life. And Hunter's talent is clearly more powerful than Winston's, he's smart too as seen where he can completely remember the poems that ML told to him just one, just not very interested to use it on academic stuffs. Not that I care about power imbalance, I just prefer my protagonist has power comparable to his partner or even stronger than them to satisfy my ego lol.

Side characters is amusing, there no moral restriction in s*xual department cuz they are westerner so that very fresh to see in danmei. Side cp (or just brotherhood ?) has open ending which is interesting, and it doesn't interfere with main cp so that's good. I personally think Owen's bride running away because she don't want to lied to him anymore is BULLSH*T. But whether him and Ciel will actually date is a hard question, but they will definitely spend the rest of their life together. I also got to mention that Author writing especially in flirting and love words is up there. It's just that I can't appreciate it, but yeah it does feels different than average quality romance. The only thing bugging me is :

    1. Blu, his brother. Is he a biological brother or just childhood friend ?
    2. Why does Blu has no screentime (like we only see him in texting) despite his pretty important role in Hunter's life ?
    3. Is 'Hunter' his first name or last name ? If it's a last name, didn't western still prefer calling given name than family name except if it's in business/official occasion ? It just feels weird if what they call each other every time is actually a family name
    5. No Hunter winning the championship scene : (
    6. No public proposal from Winston scene either :0 (haha, I'm expecting that too much, guess it's pretty cliche but it just feels right for them. Even though I usually cringed at said scene in other novel I've read)
    7. Is Hunter's dad mu*dered, got into an accident, or just missing from his trip to buy booze ?
    8. Bruhh I want to know Winston family, well obviously they part aristocats or at least very rich too cuz Winston can study at Eton collage but I need details (or did his parent dead too? There's zero mention of them in the main story at least)
    9. No side story of their life after they both retired (I want to see them adopt kids/dogs/cats and just fishing in the backyard or something similar)
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Killgore rated it
January 28, 2021
Status: c35
Good novel with good translation and story. I loved the premise which was the reason I jumped into this.


Good characters. Well thought plot. Has elements of sports in them and shows Hunter as a straight guy who is slightly getting bend. Their decisions throughout the novel are all understandable and clear. The refreshing part is that we get to read from the Shou's pov full well knowing that the Gong is reborn and loves the shou. Loved the straighforward Winston who says that he wants to have s*x with Hunter... more>> every few chapters but Hunter thinks its a joke and how Winston acts wayy too OOC in front of Hunter. Winston who also flirts by saying poetic sentences which are received by the dense hunter who think that Winston will never be gay are also very cute.


The ML (Winston) is kinda overbearing. Although we know that he is reborn and doesn't want Hunter to leave again in his life, his methods to do so are a bit questionable. He constantly switched characters and puts Hunter in difficult positions. Hunter who has no friends get to rely on him more and more which makes him happy that he is the only one in Hunter's life. He is too obsessed and it's like laying out a well thought out trap - luring Hunter in, Step by step.

When I read I tend to kinda put myself in the positions experienced by the pov of whom I am reading so when I get to the parts where Winston acts all dominant and kinda possessive and manipulative - I feel suffocated.

This just confirms the fact that the book is amazing that it could make me feel like that but because of this, I kinda dropped the novel as of now. Maybe when they start updating, I will have a look. <<less
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someonewithemptyhands rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: --
one of the best sport danmei novels. I really love it. MC and ML both are adorable. MC is really cute . I like their interaction. I really feel excited in their matches and I wanted to read more about their previous life and when Winston lost hunter.

i think in sport movies or animes or novels most important thing is that they'll raise your interest in that sport and I think this novel was a success in this matter. But after all I dont understand the reason for time return,... more>> I wish author write a reason for that too. And I wanted more hot scene It was too little, the most things that I like about this author style is that you dont need to read useless and annoying misunderstood and lack of communication, its very enjoyable for me

i recommend it to you. Really recommend it. And dont worry for uncomplete translation I MTL many novels and MTL version for this novel is very good and realizable. Ofcourse translator work is very good too.

so dont wait and go and read this amazing novel now <<less
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damnmei rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: c65
The tags say Male Yandere so not sure why people are complaining about the ML acting crazy about with the MC. If you're not into yandere characters then move along y'all, he's not going to be the doting and wholesome love interest that you want, he's obsessed with MC and he does very little to hide it!! I found the ML pretty compelling, he's clearly struggling from the past life having never confessed his feelings and watched the man he loves die. I think he's justified in being a little... more>> crazy for that one.

MC also clearly has feelings for ML from the get go, he's just confused about his sexuality and also in so much denial that he can't even begin admitting it to himself, much less take ML seriously. It's the trauma from his childhood for me!! Honestly I'm really enjoying their interactions, there's some dub-con so beware of that, but ML's obsession is clearly not completely unrequited and MC is out here fantasizing about the ML as well so it doesn't feel non-con at the very least.

ML also never forces himself on MC after they start dating either, he's surprisingly respectful and it's kind of funny because he's lowkey manipulating MC to be the first to crack and jump him lol <<less
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kieralol rated it
December 4, 2022
Status: Completed
if he wasn’t slick thinking of kidnapping, raping and assaulting him this book would have high praises from me. I just sort of tried to skip by the parts that were morally questionable because other wise this was a good story. It was slow burn but only because one was not in touch w his feelings at all

it was an alright read
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Hualian bae
Hualian bae rated it
January 13, 2022
Status: prologue

"Hey, do you like being gentle or rough?"

Do you like leather whip or handcuffs?"

... more>> "I'm going to lock you in my cabin."




a fellow comrade wrote below that ML felt so overbearing...i dont agree with that... just from the first chapter I felt how much sad our ML was... the way he leaned on to mc's tomb...i will never forget that imagery ah... ANDDDD

everything our ML did and said after he travelled back was what MY DARLING HUNTER DID FOR WINSTON... mtl was hard to read but in the extras it was clearly there AND I CRIED😭😭😭😭 AFTER READING THE WHOLE THING I FEEL LIKE MLS POSSESSIVENESS IS JUSTIFIED... he is terrified that our MC will slip through his hands once againnnn

one time ML said the previous life incidents to our MC in a round about way and its so heartbreakig like OUR ML LITERALLY THOUGHT HE WAS DREAMING WHEN THE CALL CAME SAYING THAT MC GOT INTO AN ACCIDENT... it was not clear in the mtl I got this image of our ML going back to sleep afer the call thinking it was dream and when he wakes up in the morning he realises that it was actually true and hunter got into an accident... just imagine the emotions 😭😭😭😭 and he lives in that sad bubble for 5 years without knowing his own feelings or even what hunter felt for him coz they didnt confirm their relationship... for them they were each other's life support and only one who understands each other the best...i felt so sad when I read that parts because it FELT SO REAL😭😭 *throws hands* I will read againnn after the translator finishes the story ah

😭😭 and he regrets that he didnt think of our MC like a lover in their past life BUT IN THEIR PREVIOUS LIFE CLEARLY I REPEAT IT WAS SUPER CLEAR that OUR MC was the one WHO CHASED OUR ML my gosh *tears up*

"Then I will catch you on the next lap."

"then I will wait for you in the next curve"

OH MY GOSH😭😭 THE WHOLE STORY IS SO ROMANTIC if you pay attention to little little details 😭😭😭😭

YOU GUYS JUST HAVE TO READ IT AH FROM THE FIRST MEETING THEIR s*xual TENSION IS OVER THE ROOF!! LIKE YOU WILL FEEL LIKE YOU ARE RACING... ITS THAT FEELING I dunno know how to describe it but u will definitely feel it and get addicted...😍😍 all the poems and every little detail in this story has a hugee meaning behind it...






winston and hunter you will be remembered 😘😘 LOVE IT!! <<less
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anajuik rated it
December 29, 2023
Status: idk
Guys, no words can even allow you to fathom how much I enjoyed reading this. This was the bomb, and it got me through basically the first semester of freshman year (even though that's really s*upid to say). I did drop it before finals, though, for I was busy studying. I never picked it back up since I forgot where I was at in the plot, but this story was WILD, to say the least...

First off, our Hunter is absolutely adorable, and he cannot comprehend Winston loving him.

Secondly, Winston was... more>> the best character in the whole story, and no one can change my mind.

Lastly, since I cannot remember the entire plot, I cannot really describe the story; however, Winston is a FRICKING BEAST.


Like, literally, the poor boy thought he was getting manhandled by some lady cuz he was blindfolded...


That sh*t was crazy, man. Anyway, 9/10 story, but I'll give it 5 stars cuz I get a mental picture of that (the scene in the spoiler) when I think of this story. :) <<less
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Reandayo rated it
June 28, 2020
Status: c13
I'm so bored and gave this novel a chance, but couldn't believe it's making me addicted!

... more>>

I thought the ML will really lock the MC up and never gave him chance to actually taste his previous life glory, but thank god he's not that petty and this story is not shitty


it's an actually unique plotline and story, y'know, I'm sick with CEO ML or school life settings that now their jobs are so attractive to me, as Donald said, racers are giving off dangerous and sexy vibe!!!

thanks for the translator to have picked this up, hopefully we can still read 'till it end. <<less
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holachica rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: --
4.5 stars but I rounded it up.

Good, sweet novel. Has some very questionable moments though--but those aside, the ML is pretty nice and respectful. Although it'd have been nice if we got a deeper glimpse into Winston's past life, and I wish he'd have told Hunter about it too. A decent read.
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dumpling834 rated it
May 22, 2020
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this novel very much and actually started translated for fun with a friend, but didn't notice that it was already being translated. I am very happy that it got picked up (and the translation is of very good quality too) !!

If you enjoy Yuri on Ice, you will definitely enjoy this novel I feel :)

Basically it's a story where Winston returns to the past, but instead of following his POV, we see it from Hunter's POV (which I find very unique). I don't want to spoil anything,... more>> but it's a really sweet, funny and memorable novel ! <<less
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OceanMagix rated it
April 17, 2022
Status: Completed
i still remember this novel very much even after reading it via mtl years ago.

unique in the way the rebirth ML chases the MC, it captivated me to submerge myself into their story. Although sometimes the mtl'd names can be quite frustrating to figure out.

basically. In the previous life, the MC and ML became good friends and there was hint that the ML became romantically interested in the MC.

but it was only in the second life that did we see the ML start pursuing the MC in this interesting story... more>> of theirs.

And one of my favourite point about it is how the author wove poems and song into their story.


Actucally, I'm not sure if most of you know that there's also another novel (极速悖论 direct translated as 'Speed Paradox') which is based on the first timeline but the protagonist is base on the MC's best friend sister.

which is also related to the first chapter of this novel.

honestly, reading that story also gave me a different insight to this story and other characters. Basically. I'd recommend to try it :)

p. S. I've read some of the other comment spoiler and there may be a slight bit off. But i'll let yourself figure out the truth ;) <<less
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sippingowl rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: c28
so far so good.

well at first I thought that this novel is completely translated and so I started to read this. And so, I gave a silent scream when I realized it too late.

surprisingly, the novel got me hooked even if I don't understand a thing about racing. It's the characters that made me want to stay.

hoping to read more of the cp's road to victory.

will be changing this review once the translation is finished.
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