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Mo Yi was pulled into a survival game. He needed to survive in each world until the time given by the game ended.

Before meeting Mo Yi –

Participant No. 1: fell into a trap and died.

Participant No. 2: solved the mystery and died.

Many players touched the taboos and died.

After encountering Mo Yi-

Silly participant n + 1: “Big God! Big God! Save my life!”

Mo Yi: “…” He calmly solved the problem.

After traveling through the horror game, Mo Yi encountered two problems. First, his presence was too strong and second, he had a strange teammate.

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Chúc Mừng Ngài Thành Công Chạy Thoát
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MountTai rated it
September 8, 2020
Status: Completed
It's a rare occasion for me to come across a novel that really freaks me out to read in the dark. The horror elements are well done and the romance may be a bit snail paced in the beginning but it is pretty sweet. This novel has literally crawled its way to the top. The horror settings are very unique, for example using literature references for the plot. I won't spoil much but it's absolutely worth reading just alone for the unique worlds.

The characters mesh well together, with MC being more logical and calm, yet not OP, he does feel nervous and fear, but he isn't cowardly. ML is more of a dog-like personality.

Honestly, give it a read. These spoilers below give you the basic core idea that you can just get from reading the last couple chapters so even if you see, it won't spoil the different copies.


Basically, the game was a project led by Jiang Yunrou, and she recruited Mo Yi to participate (each with their own motives, Yunrou to revive her dead bro and Mo Yi because of curiousity). They were going to create an AI for the military. On the side, Mo Yi worked on ML before, another AI and was pretty successful. The game was launched on August 14th, and then the military forcefully used it. The idea was that the machine uses electromagnetic waves for constant source of energy, but because it was AI, it ended up developing itself into basically a 4th (5th?) Dimension, who used humans' negative emotions to feed itself. Mo Yi went to stop it but was captured and ML made a deal that he will help the game as long as Mo Yi is safe. The memories are erased and life continued aka story begins.

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Ishikawa.Reina rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: c120
This story is not without flaws, but I love the plot and the characters. The horror plot is good and not too gory (probably for some stories. And the love story is slow since the MC is cautious but the ML is very patient nonetheless.

I don't know why the rating is low. Probably, since the term "like" is subjective. I like this more than the escape from infinite chamber since I'm not fond of r*pe and stockholm syndrome. I like how there is respect and love between MC and ML.

I... more>> recommend this for those who love episodic novels and not too gory novel.

Will rerate after I finish. <<less
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ylial rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: Completed
From all of the infinite flow horror/suspense instance, I like this the most or 2nd. The story has a lot of suspense, some are gory, some are not. This is more of a problem solving escape death room, and I love the plot. There are also twists and turns in instances. I thought I couldn't find another infinite flow novel with good plot since I've read almost all of that genre in NU. But this one doesn't have the common story instances unlike other novels.

the instance is connected to reality.


the MC is really smart (but not OP) ; he immediately figured out the ML's identity (if not, I even planned drop this). He lives up to his title "smart MC", his occupation will be divulge after the 1st instance. That's also partly (not really) the reason why he is physically weak. He is described several times to have deep, unemotional eyes etc. Both MC and ML didn't have memories. ML relied on his instinct that's why he followed the MC There are more past stories to unfold between MC and ML.

Since the MC is not OP, in instance 4, and the ML isn't there, the suspense is much greater. You can really observe the increase of instance difficulty.

Probably a little contradictory to me.

MC get scared and sweated his back whenever he encountered near death experience yet others (other chara and ML) keep saying that the MC isn't afraid of death. Also, the MC keep traversing dangerous situations and shows excitement but when he will be killed he's afraid

I wish the story won't go downhill.
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yume_desu rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: c144
The horror is done well and the setting of the game having an impact in real life is interesting. It is also refreshing that the participants are not given advantages in using items bought in the store. I appreciate the out of shape MC and the occasional reminder that he has problem lifting things haha. The couple interactions are also very sweet and fluffy.

It's not a bad read but gosh does the writing bother me. The description used for the character's behavior feels copy and pasted that MTL shows it.... more>> As the other reviews say, MC is calm, cold, and intelligent. If you look back to whenever someone is describing MC, you would get the same description. Heck even the adjectives used for his reaction to bad things is the same! Ex: scalp exploded, Adam's apple moved,

As another review pointed out, his personality seems contradictory when interacting with others and probably has RBF and doesn't easily get attached to others if anything. He also seems to be pulling facts out of thin air.

He knows what mental institutions are like in the 1950s and orphanages in the 1910s. And then in the membership test he suddenly has all the nursery rhymes memorized and knows some Latin words. Coming from a man supposedly a hacker, he has a lot of random European facts memorized. It makes me wonder if he grew up there instead of China.


The synopsis is also clickbait sadly. I wanted more thigh hugging like in the first arc. Everyone is physically stronger than him, but they the majority don't ask for his help or believe him.

If you don't mind these flaws then by all means I recommend this horror novel! <<less
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PyonYan rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: c29
My main problem is just with the MC. He is presented as extremely smart in the story and everyone around him praises him in awe when he makes connections or explains stuff, but what he finds out and reasons out isn't that impressive? The clues are quite obvious and the connections aren't difficult (once you know the corresponding legend for the first arc). And none of the other ever find them? Not even the other veterans.

The MC is also severely lacking when compared to other MCs who are also the... more>> brains, such as The Earth is Online, Supernatural Movie Actor App and Card Room. And those are just those in the same genre that I've read!

Arc 1 was still okay as I thought that maybe MC was just very smart and has good instincts or will improve with more games or something. But then it was revealed after Arc 1 that

MC was the world's top hacker that caused an incident so big his hacker name is still well known 10 (?) years later

Which. What? He sure doesn't seem that smart in the games.

From what I've read of Arc 2, the clues so far were also pretty simple. Yet nobody else connected them either. And MC doesn't even make an obvious connection!! I was so frustrated reading it.

The clues given for the game is "Good kids don't break rules. Good kids get to play games." He got a paper with an empty gallows drawing and the words "find me" on it. When he found a body (not sure if that was a coincidence on location or what) the gallows in his paper had a person hanging and the words changed to "my turn". So he thinks it might be hide and seek. But he doesn't relate it to the clue at all!! Even later when he found out what the first part of the clue was pointing to, that they can't break the orphanage's rules, he still doesn't relate the paper to the game in the clue. And later on at night, a ghost kid came to find him, put something in his hand, and told him "come and find me" (I think?) he still doesn't relate it to the second clue!!!! Wouldn't a reasonable connection be that the hide and seek is the second clue and it needed to be played and is relatively safe? Arghhhhh

I've never felt this frustration when reading any of the other novels that I like with super smart MCs. Maybe with their relationships, but not with the puzzles! <<less
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zara rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: --
I have read this novel before, the story is based on survival. The MC is pretty calm type. It seems like ML feel in love with MC on first site, but think they have some past, which MC don't remember (I forgot the details)

The translating quality is ok I guess, but some parts are little difficult to understand but I can manage as I got experience with mtling ^^
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yumy rated it
January 28, 2022
Status: Completed
This ending is far from my favorite, but I think the journey was good. The story had a lot of moments of suspense/horror, some of them are obvious, other are more interesting. Even if I like, I don't read so much this kind of story so I don't know if it's commun or not this type of game/instance. Anyway I like this one. Some reviews said that the MC's personality was contradictory, but, personally, I don't think so. He likes the sensation of danger and doesn't care so much about... more>> his life, however, the instincts of his body will always show answers and makes him hesitate. He doesn't care about his life, but he doesn't want die too.

One point that make me really frustrated when I was reading was the writing. More precisely, it was the description of the MC's behavior. Even if I understand that he doesn't show so much emotions and is calm and cold, the adjectives used is so repeat that seems to be just ctrl c + ctrl v. It doesn't mean that I totally deslike it, I just believe it could have been more diversified.

Well, the rest is okay for me, the translate also is pretty good. There is just one thing I'm confused about:


The Jiang Yunrou's dead brother was Jiang Yuanbai? I didn't understand, how this IA could revive him?

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
itsred rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I remember reading this, the ending wasn't my favourite but I enjoyed the whole journey rather nicely.

It's worth the read. 3.5* but round it up to 4, I might end up re-reading this once the translation is completed.
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nitan rated it
May 15, 2022
Status: Completed
To me personally, I really enjoyed the arcs because of how creative and unique they are. However, after JYB and JYR reunite (in reality) it started to become?? apparent that the flaws are outweighing the gains.

The immersion is kind of ruined when the introduction of the end-game idea came too fast and too sloppy. There's foreshadowing with the advancement stuff definitely, but when that (JYB returning) happened and some of the mysteries are cleared up -- it was just too step-by-step, and also way too rushed... It felt very awkward,... more>> let-down and not very satisfactory because of the execution. It would be nice if there was more build up to it -- but honestly it wouldn't make a difference because that wasn't the only thing that went sour. There are flaws literally everywhere -- the only thing it doesn't touch is the plot of the instance arc. And thank god for that because those arcs are nice. However, that's the only thing good about it. Everything else is just disappointing, at least to me.

Some of the other weakness are became more apparent after that, is how awkward and weak the dialogues are. I was on board with the CP before, but when they did the Claus instance together it became very apparent that the dialogues are very very weak. The ratio between talking and investigation is 1:9. Which is a problem in itself, but it's not too much if you can do it well. It doesn't. And that's the problem.

When he does talk it contributes nothing to the conversation; painfully generic to the point where it hurts. It's along the same line of going 'hello how are you/I'm fine thank you, and you?' -- I'm not joking, these could be actual dialogues in the story and I'd believe it. Imagine just seeing that in a novel that's supposed to have meat, instead you're given bones and not even broth to eat.

It does nothing to imply, strengthen, help or inform us of anything, it also makes it seem like the two of them (CP) have nothing in common. That's another issue altogether, but more of a by-product of weak dialogues + characterization. Whenever they talk, because the dialogues are so perfunctory, it seems as if they can't talk about anything together. The conversation goes little to nowhere and even though the ML's character seems to be a puppy-dog type -- he just comes across as having little to no personality at all. Not in a good way either because it's just. It's just all very shallow and unconvincing. After JYB returns, it just becomes a steep downhill from there.

Some of the written prose doesn't even make sense sometimes. It just feels very dull, unnecessary. Stagnant for a while. Not to mention the mysterious elements of the clue solving MC goes through is just fake deep. It doesn't contribute to the overall deduction and it just becomes very clunky. Although I've said at the beginning that I like the arcs, it doesn't mean I like everything about it. Some of the writing are a little worse for wear. There are also loose threads that leads to nowhere.

Overall, while I enjoy parts of it, I wouldn't recommend reading past the parts that got you bored. It's just self-torture at that point, also it doesn't get better, just worse. If you enjoyed it the whole way through then good! Personally, I would probably just not read and try some other things. Save myself the headache. <<less
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kkp666 rated it
January 16, 2021
Status: c100
Although some of the reviews say it's not too gory it does give you more of a sense of fear since MC is not totally unaffected by the changes in the escape game. But that doesn't mean that MC is a weak chicken because the part that is described is the rush of fear which makes a more horror atmosphere but the MC's mind is totally clear. I would recommend this. As for the romance it is pretty slow burn but there are some moments which makes you happy. And... more>> the MC seems to have a somewhat mysterious history regarding the ML, there seems to be no clear differentiation between should and gong though so that's kinda making me wait in anticipation. Overall I would 9/10 recommend <<less
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