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Mo Yi was pulled into a survival game. He need to survive in each world till the time given by the game ends.

Before meeting Mo Yi –

Participant No. 1: fell into a trap and died.

Participant No. 2: solve the mystery and died.

Many players touching the taboos and died

After encountering Mo Yi-

Silly participant n + 1: “Big God! Big God! Save my life!”

Mo Yi: “…” He calmly solves the problem.

After traveling through the horror game, Mo Yi encountered two problems. First, everyone is stronger than him and second, he got a strange teammate.

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New Ishikawa.Reina rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: c120
This story is not without flaws, but I love the plot and the characters. The horror plot is good and not too gory (probably for some stories. And the love story is slow since the MC is cautious but the ML is very patient nonetheless.

I don't know why the rating is low. Probably, since the term "like" is subjective. I like this more than the escape from infinite chamber since I'm not fond of r*pe and stockholm syndrome. I like how there is respect and love between MC and ML.

I... more>> recommend this for those who love episodic novels and not too gory novel.

Will rerate after I finish. <<less
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New ylial rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: Completed
From all of the infinite flow horror/suspense instance, I like this the most or 2nd. The story has a lot of suspense, some are gory, some are not. This is more of a problem solving escape death room, and I love the plot. There are also twists and turns in instances. I thought I couldn't find another infinite flow novel with good plot since I've read almost all of that genre in NU. But this one doesn't have the common story instances unlike other novels.

the instance is connected to reality.


the MC is really smart (but not OP) ; he immediately figured out the ML's identity (if not, I even planned drop this). He lives to his title "smart MC", his occupation will be divulge after the 1st instance. That's also partly (not really) the reason why he is physically weak. He is described several times to have deep, unemotional eyes etc. Both MC and ML didn't have memories. ML relied on his instinct that's why he followed the MC There are more past stories to unfold between MC and ML.

Since the MC is not OP, in instance 4, and the ML isn't there, the suspense is much greater. You can really observe the increase of instance difficulty.

Probably a little contradictory to me.

MC get scared and sweated his back whenever he encountered near death experience yet others (other chara and ML) keep saying that the MC isn't afraid of death. Also, the MC keep traversing dangerous situations and shows excitement but when he will be killed he's afraid

I wish the story won't go downhill.
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zara rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: --
I have read this novel before, the story is based on survival. The MC is pretty calm type. It seems like ML feel in love with MC on first site, but think they have some past, which MC don't remember (I forgot the details)

The translating quality is ok I guess, but some parts are little difficult to understand but I can manage as I got experience with mtling ^^
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