Confronting the Poison Lotus


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The so-called poison lotus flower can be pure and kind, or it can be ruthless and poisonous, domineering yet indifferent. It’s whiter than white lotus in front of the white lotus and more malicious than the evil woman in front of her. Adaptable and charming, loved by everyone.

She would rather offend the world than let the world offend her. A good man, she must have had, anyone who doesn’t let her have him is tr*sh. Towards other women, she always appears warm on the surface, but deep down, she carries deep-seated resentment. She sees herself as innocent and pitiful, yet she remains strong in the face of adversity, seeking revenge.

She believes it’s justified to retaliate against those who hurt her, but it’s unacceptable for others to harm her. Any woman who is more beautiful, has a higher status, or is more talented than her, and any man who looks down on her or ignores her, deserves no mercy.

Li Xia only knows that her father’s new family has a white lotus as a mistress, but she doesn’t know there’s also a daughter of a poison lotus flower. Reborn into this life, Li Xia wants to stay away from the poison lotus, cherish life, and her life goal is to manage her deceased mother’s business and take care of her comatose sister’s son.

Unfortunately, there are many despicable people and despicable things in the world, so let’s confront them.

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