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“…Will I get thrown in jail?”

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02/25/20 Snowy Codex oneshot
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New dday0425 rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: oneshot
This is not my cup of tea. (;;;・_・) I don't mind the MC's rambling on and on and all that confusion, but the fact that all he said

is just a story made up by himself.

I'm speechless. Nevertheless, since it's a one shot, it's okay to read to kill some times I guess?
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laexdream rated it
February 26, 2020
Status: Completed
It's very cute, and was slightly rambly and confusing at first. But was a very good read. The author and translator did a very good job! I could pretty much visualize the scene in my head as I read it.
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Mystic Wonders
Mystic Wonders rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: Completed
A short, enticing delight to read.

An interesting story written in a witty, cryptic and intriguing exchange of dialogue between the characters.
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zutyreye rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: --
It’s a little confusing, but okay. All of the 1 ratings probably because it was otherwise rated too highly rather than from something really offensive.
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