Command Sousa Skill de, Isekai no Subete wo Kage kara Shihaishitemita


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Yuuki Hideaki was in the middle of job hunting. However one day, while on his way to a company for an interview, he was suddenly sent to a different world. In front of him was a silver-haired peerless beautiful girl.

She was a shinigami. Her job was to cull souls, and to send them to a different world as regulation. He who still had life span left but got culled, was arranged to receive a privilege after reincarnating as an apology, and obtained 『the Command ability to manipulate the structure of the world』.

He will freely use his Command Manipulation to rewrite each and every thing, and aim to become the god of the different world in his new life.

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With My Command Manipulation Skill, I Will Completely Rule the Different World from the Shadows
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Date Group Release
07/09/16 nadenadeshitai v2c15
07/09/16 nadenadeshitai v2c14
07/08/16 nadenadeshitai v2c13
06/28/16 nadenadeshitai v2c12
06/26/16 nadenadeshitai v2c11
06/26/16 nadenadeshitai v1c10
06/26/16 nadenadeshitai v1c9
06/25/16 nadenadeshitai v1c8
06/24/16 nadenadeshitai v1c7
06/23/16 nadenadeshitai v1c6
06/22/16 nadenadeshitai v1c5
06/19/16 nadenadeshitai v1c4
06/19/16 nadenadeshitai v1c3
05/29/16 nadenadeshitai v1c2
05/21/16 nadenadeshitai v1c1
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Oni Girl
Oni Girl rated it
June 19, 2016
Status: v1c3
A very interesting story! The most amazing part is that unlike other reincarnation novels, the MC is thrown in battle directly.
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Framee rated it
July 10, 2016
Status: v2c15
*may change in the future*

Reincarnated stuff with spice of r-15, not that flawless but it was good. MC got command control over people emotion and way of thinking. In fight his ability can calculate enemy mecha movement pattern and pretty broken I think, if used correctly that mean he can't be touched and never missing his attack at the same time. The ero stuff? Well its straight harem with little plot.

Good thing is MC is mr. Moral, if not this wn would be 18 (LOL).

Everything just started, stars might get... more>> lower or stay as 4. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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