Coming Kingly Son-in-Law: Don’t Provoke the First Daughter


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Falling from a bridge and drowned, Gu Qiang traveled into the future and saw that her future-self was pierced by an arrow, shot by the man she loved the most.

She became an Empress, but her son was murdered and her family was exterminated. They couldn’t die in peace!

When she woke up from what seemed like a vivid dream that foretold the future, she swore to change her fate!

To reverse the course of events, she fought against her hypocrite sister and the cunning Emperor. Nothing could stand in her way!

Will she succeed in rewriting the story of her life, or will she succumb to fate and experience the same tragedy again?

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Dizzcity rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: c46
As transmigration-into-the-past stories go, this one is pretty good. Standard tropes of face-slapping, palace intrigue, and trying to deal with harmful relatives. This one has an interesting twist of being able to communicate with her future self via diary, allowing for constant adjustments as new challenges pop up. The characters are cliche but serviceable, the romance is progressing at a reasonable pace, and there are kingdom-wide events that affect the lead character, which is good training for a future empress. There's also some decent mystery and conspiracies to uncover. I... more>> would put it at an above-average novel of its genre for now, with potential for greatness if the author builds the world and develops the character interactions well. Roughly about 3.5 stars - I'll give it a 4 for now, but it could swing either way with time. <<less
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