Come To My Office After Work


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Ji Lianxing has liked her female boss for five years, but unfortunately, she heard that the boss is married and even has children.

So she never disturbed her, nor did she hope for any interaction between them.

On her 24th birthday, Ji Lianxing made the craziest decision of her life.

Just didn’t expect that, when the door opened, the enchanting and breathtaking woman she saw was actually her usually high-and-mighty boss!

Scared, Ji Lianxing turned and ran away.

One minute later, she received a message from her boss:

“Why are you running away?”

Ji Lianxing was trembling, but still replied: “Going out to buy water, buy water…”

“Come back.”

Since that day, Ji Lianxing found that her boss seemed to be somewhat different.

“Come to my office tonight.”

Not to discuss business matters.

“Come to my office tonight.”

She invited her to sit in a hotel.

“Come to my office tonight.”

This situation continued for a week, and Ji Lianxing couldn’t help but ask that question:

“Ms. Jiang, aren’t you already married? You even have children. Maybe it’s not appropriate to continue like this.”

Jiang Shu: “Married? Who said that?”

Oh, turns out she’s not married.

“If you have anything else, you can come to my office tonight and ask me.”

Office: What did I do wrong?

[Reading Guide] 1. Originally wanted to say it’s like a crematorium, but I’m not sure if this text should be classified as a crematorium or reconciliation. Anyway, you’ll know when you read it.

2. Discussion of the plot is okay, don’t target the author, peace+and+love.

3. CP is a seemingly cold boss with a quirky taste X an employee who seems weak but is not easy to deal with.

4. As usual, update every other day.

4. Synopsis screenshot date: 2021.1.12.

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