Come Here, Tyrant!


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“I am not getting married.”

Annie Mill Dsev was the first declarant of non-marriage in the Empire.

Recognized by everyone, she dreams of a golden solo life.

Meanwhile, she was assigned to be the love coach of the tyrant Ejed Jean Porcaus like fate!

“I’ll help you so that Your Majesty can capture the heart of your beloved Lady.”

When the embarrassed Ejed tried to refuse, Annie said in a way that she knew everything.

“Shh. You don’t have to hide it now. Your Majesty has been in love with someone for a long time, right?”

“That’s right…”

Nothing else.

Ejed, who had a confused expression, reluctantly confirmed.
Annie, who took a breath, continued.

“I’ll do my best to help you get along with her.”

[Unbeknownst to Annie, who has been indifferent to relationships, Ejed has been in love with Annie for seven years.]

A breathtaking romantic comedy of two people!

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이리 와요, 폭군님!
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New HentMas rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: c21
I really really really dislike when authors push the common sense of a world to the breaking point to portray a missunderstanding...

An emperor that is OOOH SO FLUSTERED all the time that whenever he wants to say something he says the most innocuous things in the most unfanthomable way only for the people around him to think "He's angry!! he's gonna kill someone!!!" (he literally communicates IN ONE WORD, never says anything else and leaves everyone to think whatever they want... even if he realizes they didn't understand... "it's fiiine"... more>> yeah... no, just because the author forces it, it doesn't mean it's fine.)

It's dumb... and forced... and I don't find it funny... how can he be a competent ruler (as the author portrays him) a blood thirsty tyrant (as his subjects think about him) and a GENIUS TACTICIAN (again as the author portrays him) if he only says ONE WORD and everyone does whatever they think he wanted out of that word!?!?!?

This breaks me so much out of the world that I grit my teeth everytime it happens...

Funnily enough, it happens only a few times because most of the time he just doesn't talk at all...

All we see is their train of thought and simple actions and interactions about everyone involved

There can be whole chapters where we don't see anyone doing anything or saying anything, (or just a short 3 sentence conversation) and everything else is a stream of consciousness.

The author "tells us" a lot in this chapters, but we're not "shown" much.

anyway, my gripe with the worldbuilding aside and the technique of the author, the characters are charismatic enough to keep reading.

I do think they are good, it's just that the author forces the humor too much, which ends up falling flat.

I genuinely want to move on to them interacting with each other directly because THEY HAVEN'T.

I'll give this 3 stars because it's and OK story. <<less
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